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Central - 24th Jun 2018
Moffat Classic Car Rally

Tayside - 24th Jun 2018
Inveraray by Paul & Fiona

Grampian - 24th Jun 2018
Snow Gates 200

Highland - 21st Jun 2018
Mid Summer Run

Past Events
Central - 7th Jun 2018
Mini run - cancelled

Tayside - 3rd Jun 2018
2018 MX5 Gathering

Grampian - 13th Jun 2018
Monthly Pub Meet

Highland - 17th Jun 2018
Tain Car Show


Gathering 2018 Update
26th May 2018
Region :
One week to go and the weather forecast is looking excellent for the day, some further details:

The Club Events Coordinator spoke with the Braemar show ground team in the last couple of days and everything is good to go. They are happy after the recent run of good weather with the state of the grass and ground and for us to go ahead.

We will be able to bring some cars down on to the main arena, but some care will be needed and there is some building work going on for a new pavilion, but this should not impinge on our day.

The Glenshee catering team are primed also, a call has been made to the Braemar butcher who will be preparing some venison for us this week.

Some of what is in place -

-  There will be Moss UK MX-5 vouchers to give away as prizes and will hopefully also have some MX5parts goodies and vouchers coming too also to give away as prizes to Club Members participating in any organised events..

-  The Club shop and tent will be present with a range of Club Regalia for members.

-  There will be some free gifts for Club Members arranged, come along with your membership card to the desk.

-  There will also be a new Membership deal for owners to sign up on the day with a show discounts and a welcome gift.

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