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Coast to Coast
Fri 3rd Apr 2015 to Sun 5th Apr 2015
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : 7
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Coast to Coast - Sunrise to Sunset (Britney's Return)

Friday 3rd April 2015 to Sunday 5th April 2015

Peter and Kerry have organised a run starting at sunrise on Sat 4th April from Johnshaven on the east coast of Scotland to finish at sunset (also on Sat 4th) on the west coast of Skye. 

The plan is to leave Inverness on Friday 3rd in the afternoon and stay overnight in Johnshaven to catch the sunrise on Saturday morning and then head to Skye where there will also be an overnight stay.

Please note that those who do not wish an overnight stay can join us at any point on the journey.

Friday 3rd April
Travel from Inverness to Grantown on Spey. From there we head to Johnshaven via the Lecht and the Cairn O' Mount.

The evening meal is booked for the Anchor Hotel which Peter assures us is one of the best restaurants in the area.Stay locally in or around Johnshaven. We have already booked three rooms in the Anchor Hotel but there is other accommodation still available (see There is also a camping option if required.

Saturday 4th April
See the sunrise over the sea at Johnshaven harbour (yes the sun has been booked for appearance throughout the weekend) then have a hearty breakfast before leaving for our “Coast to Coast Challenge”.

The drive will take us via some brilliant MX-5 roads, past some historic places, distilleries, reservoirs, lochs, the list goes on…

There will be a lunch stop in Pitlochry (11.00am)at a restaurant that serves some good grub throughout the day (burgers at 11am for example) then onwards to the Dalwhinnie Distillery (1.00pm) for a (hopefully) interesting tour. (if you really don’t want to do this tour and transport allows, you can stay back for an hours shopping in Pitlochry)

From Dalwhinnie we will be heading almost non-stop to Broadford on Isle of Skye to make up for lost time after Bobbie & Chuck spend too long shopping for whisky and go over our scheduled departure time .
We would stop to check in to the hotel at Broadford and get a quick coffee before continuing through the Isle of Skye. (We have booked 5 rooms at the Dunollie Hotel in Broadford, so if you require to stay overnight please book your room through At time of writing the room was £85 B&B)
We will then be heading up the North East Coast to Staffin then back round to Uig where we would be looking to stop for our evening meal.
From here we would be travelling to the final destination at Milovaig, where if we have done a good enough job of planning and nobody upsets the schedule (for example Chuck trying to follow his sat nav instead of following me) we will arrive in time to watch the sunset over the sea and complete the “Coast to Coast Challenge”
Once it gets dark, we head on a leisurely drive back to the hotel for a well deserved beer/gin and tonic/whisky/diet coke/wine.

Sunday 5th April
First thing on Sunday morning, for those who hadn’t quite had enough driving, I will be leading an expedition through Staffin to Uig through the “low” road and back via the “high” road which will take in over 120 miles and will take a few hours, but you will then be ready for a well deserved big breakfast with the rest of the gang in Broadford.
After breakfast and a somewhat late departure, we take a leisurely drive to Applecross to meet up with the Central MX-5 crowd (who are on their easter weekend tour around Ullapool) for lunch at the Applecros Inn, which we all know and love.
We will tag along with Central MX-5’s which will take us to Lochcarron and Achnasheen before we say our goodbyes to them and continue on to Inverness to say our own farewells.

Attending so far: 6 Cars

2 Peter and Kerry (Friday to Sunday room booked Skye)
4 Charles and Gillian (Friday to Sunday rooms booked    Johnshaven and Skye)
6 Bobby and Debbie (Friday to Sunday rooms booked Johnshaven and Skye)
8 Andy and Dorothy (Saturday and Sunday room booked Skye)
9 Wendy (Friday to Sunday rooms booked Johnshaven and Skye)
11 Eric and Rachael (Friday & Saturday room booked Johnshaven)

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Your Comments
3rd Apr 2015 13:21 :: Frankie & Brian
We will be joining you for the run tomorrow....daytrippersRus

6th Apr 2015 11:31 :: Chuck and Gill
Wow - these Easter weekend trips are really something special. It was a weekend that just kept getting better as it went along.... Many thanks to everybody who came along and contributed so much to the weekend, but special thanks to Peter & Kerry who came up with the idea and arranged the whole event. Also special mention for Eric & Rachael who came along for their first run with us. We hope to see you back with us very soon.

6th Apr 2015 23:12 :: Debbie & Bobby
What a brilliant weekend...A big  thanks to Peter & Kerry for organising it,..we had excellent time with excellent food,company....tops down 99.9% brill !!!

6th Apr 2015 23:47 :: Andy & Dorothy
What a great weekend ..It had it all Drones , whiskey great roads ..., nice to get back to Applecross and to meet new members , good to see blue skys on the return leg .Thanks to Peter & Kerry and also to Bob providing the departing ice cream again lovely , even the ice cream man was more cheerful .see you all soon

7th Apr 2015 01:16 :: Eric & Rachael
Had a great weekend, and its a big thank you to all you good people who made us feel very welcome on our 1st trip, look forward to the next one, thx to Pete & Kerry for the route, great roads.

7th Apr 2015 06:28 :: Britney
Hello all, my first post here and just want to say how happy I was to meet all of you at the weekend. The whole weekend was absolutely brilliant.

It was a bit strange being told that I don’t look good naked, I think I am lovely, but admittedly looking at photos of my predecessor I can understand where this is coming from. Hopefully my two seat covers (Peter & Kerry) take notice and book me in for some modifications soon.

I should also mention that I wasn’t happy having everyone else looking at my bum the whole weekend (even if it is lovely), it would have been nice to see some others, but hopefully next time. Wendy’s bum was much the same as mine, only a different colour, so that was a nice treat on the cruise up to Dalwhinnie. Speaking about bums, I didn’t really enjoy scraping mine on one of the bumps over by Forter Castle, but that is the risk you run having a low centre of gravity like me. To be honest I would rather be lower and sportier – Zoom Zoom.

One good thing about leading the convoy was that I really got to have some fun, it was the first time I got to warm up my tyres, but then I was showing less than 1,000miles on my clock when I was taken out the garage on Friday. It was a shame Peter kept putting on the brakes spoiling my fun, but OMG how much I enjoyed myself.

I feel that I missed out some of the banter by not being invited to meal times, but then again, not one of you know what we all got up to in the carparks when you weren’t looking. It is just a same that once we are parked up, we don’t always get to see a nice view because of all this Health and Safety reverse parking nonsense – GIVE US A NICE VIEW OF A LOCH OR A HILL ONCE IN A WHILE!!!

I enjoyed getting a little bit dirty too, but only because I know I get to go home for a bath, however I was not impressed when I was taken to a grotty jet wash, but then when I ended up wearing those magnet things it seemed worth while.

I’m very much looking forward to the next trip, and the next time we do the “Coast to Coast Challenge” I will not be giving up. None of this whisky stops / toilet stops etc. I will leave the seat covers behind if necessary.

On one last point though, my sister was called Britney and I don’t want to be called Britney too, so please, oh please, convince Peter to give me another name…… (suggestions welcome).

Britney (for now) XXX

7th Apr 2015 18:07 :: Peter P Smith
Well folks, that is some of my photos uploaded here and the trip report is being edited. It was a brilliant weekend and I hope you all enjoyed it at least half as much as I did. Thank you all for supporting me on my first ever trip as the organiser,I am now planning the next one so watch this space! Peter (and Kerry)

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