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Roller Bowl
Sat 10th Jan 2015 to Sat 10th Jan 2015
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : Unknown
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Hi 5’s go Bowling and yes, Eating.
Fifteen members of the club battled the winter elements on Saturday for a social evening of bowling and supper. Indeed the weather was such that not a MX-5 was in sight (well they don’t like the snow much – do they?).  We met up at Rollerbowl in Inverness, and it should be noted that Frankie & Brian were not the last to arrive (were they Bob?). We split into three lanes and got on with the serious business of bowling. Discussion around the lanes centred on the recent festivities and a competition to see who still had electricity after the recent storms!
After two games, the winner was Brian –closely followed by Bobby. Special mention to Muriel who had the highest score after the first game – but must have been sabotaged by her fellow competitors as her score fell by the wayside in the second game. Last year’s wooden spoon winner Frankie did much better this year and finished mid-order. Wendy has the dubious honour of wooden spoon this year.
The top 6 were:-

Brian    228
Bobby  219
Andy      216
Jimmy    215
Greg      211
Douglas  191

A quick relocation to Fairways for supper and something we do enjoy – eating and drinking! Around the table we agreed that after the success of the 2014 Christmas party at the Newton we should do that again this year. Wendy also proposed that the post party breakfast should be taken in Onesies this year! Another point of much discussion was the CB beta testing currently underway by Ali, Charles & Bobby. It was proposed that individuals CB identities (‘handles’) should be nominated by the club for that particular individual. Consequently :-

Bobby  -  Bling Bling
Wendy  - Posh
Andy    - One Eyed Jack
Dorothy -The Hairdryer
Brian      -The Rat Catcher
Debbie  - Duracell

We invite suggestions for the rest of the gang.
The weather dictated that it wasn’t an evening to loiter so we all headed off into the snow, with the next outing to be karting at Lhanbryde on Sunday February 8th.

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Your Comments
11th Jan 2015 12:23 :: Wendy
Great night good company as always same Bobby was late though but it meant brian and Frankie wasn't the lad to arive is that the reason I had all that snow to drive through on the way home trust everyone had their electric back and you are all cosy again x

11th Jan 2015 19:07 :: Chuck and Gill
Great night. Good to catch up with everyone again. Hope you all got home safely, looking forward to seeing you all again in February.

11th Jan 2015 19:26 :: Jimmy
I understand that 9 of Brian's points came from a shot from Jill.

11th Jan 2015 23:47 :: Andy & Dorothy
So close ... maybe next year :) a great night and  banter , glad every got their power back on , a big 10-4 from us

13th Jan 2015 20:15 :: Greg and Jean
Super evening with good company. Thoroughly enjoyed the bowling and the meal afterwards.

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