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Sat 5th Dec 2015
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : Unknown
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Your Comments
6th Dec 2015 14:20 :: Bobbie & Richard
Great night last night guys. Thanks for organising it.  Unfortunately we got home to find that we were burgled last night. Gutted!

6th Dec 2015 16:50 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Excellent lunch and company, pity we couldn\'t have stayed longer to enjoy the fun.

To Bobbie and Richard, so sorry to hear about the burglary. Hope the police catch the culprits.

6th Dec 2015 19:36 :: Ali & Drew
Thanks everyone for a great xmas lunch and evening. It's the people who make it!!
See you all in the new year and have a lovely christmas

6th Dec 2015 20:00 :: Raymond & marcia
A great end for Centrals 2015 mx5 calendar.  Great company, great food really good weekend.
Have a good Xmas & new year everyone x
Sorry to read about Bobbie & Richard being burgled, I hope they catch the culprits.

6th Dec 2015 20:07 :: Wattie97
Super day and evening with our MX5 crowd. Meal and staff were excellent as was the company.
Hope you all have a great Christmas and happy new year.
Bobbie and Richard so sorry to hear your news. Hope the culprits are caught soon.

6th Dec 2015 22:03 :: Jim and Maria
A great way to end 2015, super company and hotel looked after us well. Sorry to hear Bobbie and Richard's news, cannot imagine coming home to that.

7th Dec 2015 09:45 :: Hugh & Karine
Great Xmas lunch, good food, good company.
Sorry to hear that Bobbie & Richard were burgled, horrible to come home to.

7th Dec 2015 16:31 :: Susan
Had a lovely time, and glad I stayed over (despite the hassle overnight!). I actually shared the lift with Vivienne, the owner, when I was leaving and had a good chat with her. She was concerned about people leaving with a bad impression. I assured her we'd been delighted with the hotel, staff, meals and service, and that we realise there's only so much they can do re troublemakers. She was planning on contacting those clients today. Sorry to hear about your burglary Bobbie and Richard :-(

8th Dec 2015 07:55 :: Margaret & David
Excellent and enjoyable company (as always) along with good food.
Happy Christmas and New Year to all see you in January.

Sorry to hear about Bobbie & Richards burglary, hope everyting gets sorted.

8th Dec 2015 20:23 :: Dave
Had a great day.

Sorry to hear your news Richard, hopefully they didnt get the MX5 keys.

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