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Lanarkshire Lanes and Beyond
Sun 16th Aug 2015
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 17
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Lanarkshire Lanes and Beyond

Sunday 16th August 2015

It was a sunny Sunday morning when the crowds began to gather in the Abington Services car park.
Pre-run entertainment was provided by members of the Austin Healey Owners club showing off their restored classics before heading off to Northumberland.
A sneak preview of the new (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) Bentley SUV was had by interested parties, much to the annoyance of the test driver, who made a sharp exit when he saw our cameras.

A total of 17 MX5's from various eras were assembled for our run through South Lanarkshire and the Borders.
Many well kent faces and a couple of welcome new ones too.

After the briefing we set off along the A73 for a couple of miles before turning off on to an excellent single track for the run over towards Rigside, with the magnificent Tinto Hill presiding over us on our right.
Over the A70 we headed down through Douglas Water in an almost circular route back out to the main road.
From there we took the road through Carmichael, with beautiful views down the valley to the right.
After a short blast along the A73, we turned right and headed through the village of Petitnain, on our way to Carstairs Junction.
From there we headed past the "state hospital" or "home" as its known to some of our unhinged members.
Onwards to Carnwath where we were briefly joined by a blue Mark 2, whose occupants were on their way to the classic car show in Biggar.
Through Carnwath, we took the main back roads through Elsrickle, then across the A702 and onwards to Broughton. (One member at the back of the group made an impromptu "technical stop" in Broughton but soon caught back up).
From Broughton we headed past Stobo and on to Peebles, where we stopped for a well needed comfort break.
17 MX5's crammed into the middle of the car park together was a sight to behold and drew a few admiring glances from the general public.
From Peebles, it was back on to the back roads, through Cardrona and Traquair til we reached the burnt out Gordon Arms and the A708.
A short hop down past St Mary's Loch and we turned off on to the favoured route past the Talla and Megget reservoirs and the stunning scenery they provide.
At Tweedsmuir, it was back on to the main road, as we ran down through the Devil's Beeftub before turning off through Greenhillstairs and over the M74. From here it was a quick blast up the old M74 back to Abington Village for lunch.
All 17 cars making it safely from start to lunch.

An excellent feast was provided in the form of an "eat all you can" carvery at the Abington Hotel.
After lunch we had our raffle and raised just over £100, many thanks to all involved in arranging this and providing the prizes. (The author scoring a nice bottle of red this time).

Note : I spoke with the hotel manager before we left and he has thanked us for our custom and hopes we can drop by another time.

After lunch it was time for a wee hour back in the saddle for anyone who fancied.
A few folks decided to head home at this point as it was getting too close to their bed-times.

9 cars headed off down through Leadhills and Wanlockhead and through the Mennock pass. The good pace being interrupted for a few miles by a sunday driver in a Jag, not realising there was a queue behind him.
At Mennock, Raymond and Alan took their cars and pillions up towards the Ayrshire wastelands, leaving 7 of us alone to finish the run.

Down the A76 for a few miles then it was back on to the MX5 roads of the Dalveen pass, which was dispatched in a timely fashion, before we rejoined the old motorway back to Abington Services.

A full day, 155 MX5 miles, with the roofs down in glorious weather is just what the doctor ordered for the first summer's day of August.

Back at Abington and already I'm being volunteered to do the same again next year.

Many thanks to all who attended my wee run.
It was good to welcome the new faces to the runs along with the well lived in ones.

Cheers for now


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Your Comments
16th Aug 2015 18:37 :: Margaret & David
Thanks Chirs for organising and excellent run, good roads, nice weather, good food.  Great to see everyone again and meet the new members.  See you all on the October run

16th Aug 2015 18:49 :: alan
Thanks chris for a fab day .brilliant roads and great company.

16th Aug 2015 18:57 :: Ian and Irene
Thanks Chris for a great day out,

16th Aug 2015 19:02 :: Karine & Hugh
Thanks Chris, brilliant run and yet again I'm discovering fantastic new roads. Great to see everyone, see you all in October. Sunshine and dry roads it doesn't get any better.

16th Aug 2015 19:07 :: Dave
Great day, thanks for the organisation.

16th Aug 2015 20:43 :: Robert craig
Thanks Chris for organising another good day

16th Aug 2015 20:58 :: Drew & Ali
Great run Chris, super roads and I was stuffed after 3 course lunch. Hope second half was as good. Thanks all for coming and Chris for arranging.

16th Aug 2015 21:21 :: Marcia & Raymond
Thanks Chris for organising the day out with a great selection of roads & a nice lunch. Nice to see such a large turn out and none got lost!

16th Aug 2015 21:23 :: Chris K
Thanks to everybody who came on my wee run today.
Really enjoyed the day out with great company.
Full report to be posted shortly.

Chris K

16th Aug 2015 22:48 :: Susan
Thanks for organising a great run Chris! Love those roads :-) Fab to see everyone, and Stuart learned of some roads he'd never been on. Big thumbs up all round!

17th Aug 2015 05:54 :: Angus
Thanks for a great day out

17th Aug 2015 07:57 :: Steven & Dawn
Brilliant day out on some fantastic roads. Lovely lunch, good company & great weather. Once again Mr Kelly delivers. Cheers Chris. (still smiling) Same time next year ?

17th Aug 2015 15:38 :: Jim and Maria
Well done Chris for organising a great day out, sunshine all the way and good company to enjoy it in.

18th Aug 2015 14:46 :: Wattie97
Thanks Chris for a super day out. Roads were fab lunch was perfect and as always company was spot on. Looking forward to next years run.

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