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The Cowal Peninsula Run
Sun 26th Jul 2015
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 14
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Cowal Peninsula Run

Sunday 26th July 2015

After seeing the weather forecast for our run round the Cowal Peninsula - at least 25mm of heavy rain - we left with some trepidation early on Sunday, for our rendezvous point at Caulders Garden Centre at Erskine Hospital. Surprisingly it was dry all the way from Fife. Expecting to be first there, how wrong I was, there were at least 6 MX-5s in the car park and Ali and I found our fellow members tucking into rolls , scones and coffee in the cafe. Soon after the others arrived, and we ended up with 14 cars and 24 eager participants.

We welcomed Anne and Tom on their first run in their very smart grey 3.5. They had bought it on impulse (their second MX-5) after going to Peebles to buy Anne a pair of shoes and came back home with the car instead. Never mind Tom - I am sure the Jimmy Choo shoes would have depreciated more quickly.
Hugh also had a friend Colin along as Karine couldnít make it. I hope you all enjoyed your first run.

After the pre-run chat, getting menu choices for lunch and handing out route directions, we set off at 11am with roofs down (it was still dry and looking OK at this point) heading for the Erskine Bridge and Loch Lomond. The route would take us via the narrow winding road through Glen Fruin to Faslane and a slight diversion through Garelochhead (Ali relived a not so great holiday experience there in her youth) and on to the great A814 to Arrocher. We then headed on the A83 to the Rest and Be Thankful viewpoint for a short stop, and down the B828 towards Lochgoilhead and met several convoys of cars, vans and buses coming the other way. Drimsynie Holiday lodges at Lochgoilhead must have been getting rid of their weekend guests.
It did make for interesting congestion at the single track passing places with 14 MX-5s not really all wanting to back up.

Onwards  via the B839 and our lunch stop at the Creggans Inn at Strachur. We had the restaurant area to ourselves and the staff were very slick in getting our lunch served and I hope everyone enjoyed their food choices. After lunch we had our raffle which raised a further £110 for our chosen charities, Bosom Buds and Smalls For All. Thanks everyone for your contribution of prises and buying tickets.
Following the raffle Raymond and Marcia distributed ferry tickets which they had pre-purchased. This was a saving of over half if they had been bought on board. They had several tickets left but I was assured not to worry as they would use them in the future. Thanks again for doing this, everyone appreciated the saving.

We then set off, again with roofs down, towards Otter Ferry but the forecast wet weather caught up with us and there was a quick stop for roofs up. It was wet, but still not as bad as had been forecast. The good thing about wet weather was that it kept the volume of oncoming traffic down which helped as we were on single track roads with passing places. The stretch from Otter Ferry to Tighnabruaich was probably in the poorest condition but once we got on the road from Clachan of Glendaruel to Dunoon the surface improved greatly, and although still mostly single track allowed for a more spirited run especially as the surface was reasonably dry and smooth with just the odd light rain.

We arrived at Hunters Quay ferry terminal to be met with a fairly busy ferry queue and had to wait for a couple of ferries. It was again raining at this point and time was wearing on so it was decided that the last part of the run from Gourock via Loch Thom, Greenock, Bridge of Weir and Houston would be cancelled and we would end the run at the Cardwell Garden Centre outside Gourock for a final coffee and chat before making our way home. We all managed to get on board the same ferry and I got into conversation with a bus passenger who was admiring the cars and he turned out to be an American from Maryland who was on a cruise ship docked at Greenock. He was a Miata owner (an 06 plate GT) which he used daily and was very interested to hear about our club and what we got up to.

I hope everyone enjoyed the drive, lunch and friendly conversation. The weather turned out not nearly as bad as forecast and I look forward to seeing you all at future events. Thanks for attending and your company.

Report by: Drew

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Your Comments
26th Jul 2015 18:52 :: Hugh
Thanks to Raymond and Marcia for organising the run and ferry tickets. Great roads and lovely lunch at Creggans Inn, great to see everyone, looking forward to the next run.

26th Jul 2015 19:40 :: Tom and Anne
Hi everyone.  Just wanted to thank you all for making us feel very welcome on todays run. Look forward to seeing you all again soon.  Thanks again.

26th Jul 2015 20:20 :: Marcia & Raymond
Sorry Hugh but the praise for the run goes to Drew & Ali for organising a great selection of roads and lovely lunch.  Great turnout and the weather not as bad as forecast.

26th Jul 2015 20:30 :: Robert craig
Thanks Ali and Drew, great day and great roads with great people.😀

26th Jul 2015 21:17 :: Hugh
Apologies, thanks to Ali and Drew, it would help if I read the pre run information properly.

27th Jul 2015 11:03 :: Wattie97
Big thanks to  Ali & Drew for a great day out. Quite a bit of laughter at the lunch stop which proves all were having a good time.
Raffle again did well which is all thanks to the members. Looking forward to the next outing.

27th Jul 2015 12:38 :: Chris
A great day out with excellent company. Some good MX5 roads too.
Thanks to Ali & Drew for organising and to Marcia & Raymond for the ferry tickets.
See you all soon.

27th Jul 2015 12:58 :: Drew & Ali
Thanks everyone for a lovely day out.
Company great. Even weather was better than expected. Report added.

27th Jul 2015 14:44 :: Margaret & David
Great run and company, thanks to Ali & Drew for organising, Marcia & Raymond for arranging the tickets and everyone for attending, hope to see you all soon.

27th Jul 2015 16:50 :: Steven & Dawn
Thanks to Ali & Drew for organising a great run out, thanks to Marcia & Raymond for the ferry tickets. We would also like to say a big thank you to the members for making it a really enjoyable day out 😀👏👏

27th Jul 2015 18:22 :: Jim and Maria
Thanks to Drew and Ali for organising a great day out. Also to Raymond and Marcia for pre buying the tickets, saved us a lot of time and hassle. Members also made it an enjoyable day

27th Jul 2015 21:41 :: Dave
Thanks for a great day and good company.

27th Jul 2015 21:59 :: Carol & Evan
Many thanks to Ali & Drew for organising a great day out on my old motor biking roads. Thanks to Ali for the commentary and Drew for getting my best side! Also thanks to Marcia & Raymond for pre buying the tickets, and the rest of the members for a most enjoyable day out.

28th Jul 2015 21:22 :: Willie and Linda
Thanks to Drew and Ali for a most enjoyable day  over great roads -some known -some new. Thanks to Raymond and Marcia for organizing the tickets Also the rest of the company for an enjoyable day out See you all soon.

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