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The Lindisfarne Run
Sun 7th Jun 2015
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 15
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The Lindisfarne Run

Sunday 7th June 2015


On a dry, windy (but not as windy as last year) Sunday morning, 15 cars met up at Tesco, Eskbank for a run down to Lindisfarne for the annual barbecue/picnic and rounders match with our English neighbours from Tyne Tees Region. We were joined by new members Dorothy and Brian from Helensburgh and Wendy and Sandy from Kincardine in their very smart Mk 3.75 and Mk 1 respectively. I loved the newly covered tartan seats and door cards Sandy!
We set off on time but had to make an unscheduled stop at Carfraemill to give Gill and Allan a replacement radio as his had jammed on transmit just after leaving Eskbank. The conversation (mainly from Gill to Allan it must be said) was heard the whole way. Good job you weren't talking about the rest of us Gill!!!

The sun continued to shine as we passed through the picturesque borders villages of Swinton and Norham and onwards to Berwick before the final approach down the A1 to Holy Island. The causeway was slightly covered with seawater and sand but again not as bad as last year so we all ploughed through it to arrive at the carpark just before midday.
Tyne Tees had arrived 10 minutes before us and had started to set up camp. They were slightly disappointed with their turnout this year (8 cars) but it didn't stop us all enjoying ourselves.

We got the event tent out and gathered a number of bodies to get it erected and firmly tied down before it blew away. After this, the barbecues were fired up. The wind again gave us some problems trying to get them going. Luckily I had brought along my kitchen blowtorch and got our one going reasonably quickly, but looking at the competition, they were still having problems, so we had to lend the torch otherwise they would have been eating raw sausages.

Lunch was enjoyed (apart from Heather and nephews as Marshall had left the food bag at home). Not a good move Marshall, especially as it was Heatherís birthday. However we managed to eke out supplies so they didn't go hungry. Heather didn't forget to bring along birthday champagne and shared it out with non drivers.

Lunch over, it was time for the rounders. As we outnumbered the English, we thought it only fair to lend them some of our team members and so those born south of the border assumed english nationality again - don't worry Dave and Graham, you will still be allowed along on our future runs.

After agreeing new rules to try to prevent the number of lost balls from previous years England batted first and were soon all out with no home runs made even though our fielding quality was somewhat mixed. We batted next and our performance was similar. The effort put in by Steven to hit the ball was a sight to behold. When he eventually did hit the  ball it went behind and was caught by the wicket keeper??? and he was out.
Allan also put in a sterling performance even though he had strained hamstrings from  the previous dayís football.
Apologies, but I have forgotten who got our runs (was it Allan and Susan???) but we did get 2 runs (one legal and one a bit illegal) to retain the virtual trophy for the second year.

A quick tidy up of the site, tent dismantling, a walk into the village for some, toilet stops for most and it was time to say our farewells, agree to meet up next year and make our ways homewards.

It was a super day out and I definitely felt the effects of the sun on my forehead that evening. Thanks to everyone who came along and making it so.
It is now Monday and I will have to get the pressure washer out to clear off the salt on the underside and clean up our pride and joy.
See you all on upcoming runs.

Report By: Drew Ness

A short video of the day

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Your Comments
7th Jun 2015 20:57 :: Bryan & Dorothy
Thanks for a great run, so pleased the tide was nearly out and sorry we missed the rounders. Total mileage 384 every mile great fun, thanks again.

7th Jun 2015 22:56 :: Dave
Great day out, thanks.  Sorry I was batting for the other side today :-)

8th Jun 2015 15:24 :: Sandy Cowan
Wendy and I realy enjoyed our first day out in the MX5 in the company of lovely people.
Running was exhilarating for a first-timer and we  certainly learned a few things about the car!
We'll be back!

8th Jun 2015 18:24 :: Jim and Maria
Thank you to all the members who made yesterday's run a great day out. Well done again to all our rounders team who once again rose to the challenge.

8th Jun 2015 21:45 :: Susan
Fab day out yesterday and proud to be on the winning team -again! :-) Thanks as always to the organisers.

9th Jun 2015 10:31 :: Ali & Drew
Thanks everyone for a great day out. Finally managed to write a short report after washing salt off.

9th Jun 2015 20:25 :: Marcia & Raymond
Fair winds blowing but a great day out none the less.
Many thanks to Jim & Drew for organsing the event & to our hosts south of the border.

9th Jun 2015 22:26 :: Marshall
great day thanks to all who organised , heather has just about forgiven me for forgetting her food, but Aaron had a big lunch for his late shift

10th Jun 2015 08:36 :: allan &gill
thanks again for a great day lots of laughs sorry about the radio jam lol we never talk about friends haha could hardly move on Monday see you all soon

10th Jun 2015 18:35 :: Chris K
Another cracking run and a great day out.
Big thanks to the organisers :)

14th Jun 2015 19:35 :: Ian
A short video of the day has now been added.

22nd Jun 2015 19:25 :: Eddie Telford
Belatedly uploaded some images from the great "Victory At Lindisfarne" Well done by all the Team even Steven.
Also added a couple of "Buddy" at Bamburgh and The Lake District.

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