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East Fortune Run
Sun 26th Apr 2015
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 17
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The East Fortune Run

Sunday 26th April 2015

It was a bright sunny morning when we set off from Dunfermline at 9am to meet up with the other members at Happenden Services on the M74 for our 10:30 start run to The Museum of Flight at East Fortune.
A total of 17 cars took part in the run with 7 starting even earlier at Strathaven and joining at Happenden. The weather was good until we approached the services, when dark clouds appeared and we ran into rain. Parking up we went for a coffee and a chat to some earlier arrivals. Very soon the rest of the group arrived from Strathaven and joined us. Three new members were on their first run - Ian with wife Brenda, and Ed, driving a green Mk2 and Mk1 respectively and all were warmly greeted to the club.

We set off in bright sunshine, roofs down all the way, heading to Biggar via Wiston. At Biggar we turned off towards Broughton and a stop at Peebles. After a car park chat we headed off again towards Innerleithen where Gordon and Moira joined us. Moving on we passed through Gilston and Haddington before the short final run to East Fortune. According to radio traffic some drivers who shall be nameless seemed to have difficulty negotiating the roundabout under the A1.
The weather and roads were great and Angus, who had organised the run, kept up a spirited performance the whole way.

A yellow Mk2 joined us on the entry to the airfield driven by Jon, a long time member and we had a quick chat with him. Parking up at the airfield, we got out of the cars and immediately looked in the boot for fleeces and jackets as, although the sky was blue, the wind blowing over the exposed site made it feel much cooler. The guys manning the ticket area thought a bus of OAPs had turned up due to the appearance of a long queue and everyone asking for concession rates. Alan who did not qualify (along with several others also) managed to get a group of ten together to get a group discount and he was pretty pleased with himself and his negotiation skills. Some people made directly to the cafe for refreshments while others headed to the Concorde experience.

This was my first visit and although some hangers were shut for refit and others had exhibits crammed in, it was still an interesting tour round and Concorde was very impressive. I managed to crash the R34 airship on the simulator. However Ian and Irene managed to land it safely with coaching from us. I had good chats with a few of the hanger stewards who assured me that the site would be even better next year once current improvement projects are completed. A good day out with my grandsons maybe.

While in a hanger, the roof rattled with hailstones from a passing squall but it quickly passed and we continued our tour round. By mid afternoon drivers started to drift off home having had a great day out on superb roads.

Thanks again to Angus for organising the trip.

Report By: Drew


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Your Comments
26th Apr 2015 17:46 :: Jon
Hi Guys - Hope you had a nice day at East Fortune. It was good to "catch up" with you!  Cheers... Jon (the Yellow one)

26th Apr 2015 18:31 :: alan
Brilliant day and fab roads. a huge thanks to Angus for organising it.

26th Apr 2015 20:16 :: Dave
Great day, really enjoyed the cross country run. Thanks.

26th Apr 2015 20:52 :: Drew & Ali
Thanks Angus for a great day out.

26th Apr 2015 21:17 :: Steven & Dawn
Yet another excellent run around the countryside. Not even the hail stones at the start  could dampen the day. Big thank you to Angus for organising & leading the way. Would also like to say big thanks to Dave for teaching me the art of drain hole cleaning 😄

26th Apr 2015 22:31 :: kevham
I guess it was you guys I passed on the A70 as I was on my way to Kames in my white Mk2.....

27th Apr 2015 08:10 :: Susan
Great run yesterday on fab roads to a really interesting venue. Thanks Angus!

27th Apr 2015 15:56 :: Drew
Run report added

27th Apr 2015 18:35 :: Raymond & marcia
Many thanks to Angus for organising the run , we really enjoyed the roads & museum of Flight.

27th Apr 2015 19:21 :: Jim and Maria
A great day out organised by Angus, well done. Run and venue were very enjoyable.

27th Apr 2015 19:21 :: Wattie97
Big thanks to Angus for organising this run and visit to the Air Museum.
Another great day out with MX5 cronies.
Wattie &Janet. 8808

28th Apr 2015 10:32 :: Margaret &David
Thanks for organising the run Angus, great roads and 4 seasons in 1day.  Enjoyed the museum will be good to visit again  when fully open.  Good to meet with old friends and new members, see you all soon.

29th Apr 2015 07:40 :: Ian & Irene
Many thanks Angus for a great run and a very interesting venue.

30th Apr 2015 06:53 :: penny&harry
Hi thanks so mush for a great car run...We really enjoyed it . I think harry might even come again !!
Look forward to seeing you all soon x

30th Apr 2015 18:38 :: Marshall
great run , can't believe it stayed dry well done Angus for that, and Alan I owe you six quid don't worry I've not forgotten and I'm sure you haven't too, will pay you back at next run with interest(a cup o coffee). See you all soon

30th Apr 2015 21:53 :: alan
marshall id love the cup of coffee but its penny you owe six quid to.  alan

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