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The Kelpies and Chips
Sun 22nd Mar 2015
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 23
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The Kelpies and Chips Run

Maximum numbers now reached, this event is now closed.

Sunday 22nd March 2015


Meet at 10:30 for the Kelpies Tour


Meet at 12:30 for a 13:00 departure (Run Only)

Meeting point

Falkirk Football Stadium
4 Stadium Way

The Kelpies

We have provisionally booked a tour of the Kelpies for 1100 hrs but we have to be there at least 15 minutes before. The tour can take 30 people but maybe push to 34, so first come first served. Group rates are £3.95 each or £2.95 for the over 60's, payable on the day. The tour lasts around 45 minutes.

Could members please state if they are participating in the tour or run and meal only.

We will be starting the run from the car park at Falkirk Football Stadium at 1230 for a 1300 start. This is for people who do not want to visit the Kelpies. The car park at the Kelpies can get very busy. I think refreshments are available at the Kelpies. Members can also visit the Kelpies without taking part in the tour.

The chip shop is booked for 1600 hrs. Maria has also done a document showing all the sculptures we will be visiting on the run.

Event Organisers: Maria and Jim

A raffle will be held with the proceeds this year going to.


Smalls For All and Bosom Buds

Donations of pants and prizes are always welcome.

Maximum numbers now reached, this event is now closed.

Members attending Kelpie Tour and Run:

02 - Maria & Jim
04 - Moira & Gordon
06 - Dawn & Steven
08 - Irene & Ian
10 - Janet & Wattie
12 - Marcia & Raymond
13 - Angus
14 - Dave
16 - Anne & Bill
18 - Sandra & Eddie
20 - Donna & Billy
22 - Jeanette & Gordon
24 - Dinaz & Mino

Members attending the Run only:

02 - Jean & Ronnie
04 - Lesley & Robert
05 - Craig
06 - Chris
08 - Susan & Jill
10 - Heather & Marshall
11 - Liam
12 - Scott
14 - Deborah & Chis
16 - Dot & Martin

Attending meal only:

02 Mags & Dave


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2 - Google Map of Route

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Your Comments
22nd Mar 2015 19:27 :: Dave
nice run, enjoyed the kelpies.

22nd Mar 2015 19:55 :: Jim and Maria
Thanks to all who attended todays run and great to see so many new members. Did not expect to see 23 cars today and we eventually all reached Benny T's.

22nd Mar 2015 20:16 :: Ronnie & Jean Elrick
Good wee run thanks for organising it

22nd Mar 2015 20:47 :: Ian and Irene
Great day out, Kelpie tour really interesting, run and fish and chips good fun. Thanks Jim and Maria for organising.

22nd Mar 2015 22:44 :: Marshall
great run out today sets the year off let's hope we the rest of the year goes so well great to see old friends and so pleased so many newer members were there. All looks promising for the coming season

23rd Mar 2015 09:29 :: Raymond & marcia
great run, really enjoyed the Kelpies, many thanks to Maria & Jim for organising it. Good to see so many new members, hope they can join us again on other runs.

23rd Mar 2015 17:10 :: Wattie97
Kelpie tour was super. we really enjoyed it and the tour guide was excellent.
Run and fish and chips were a perfect start to the new season. Well done Fordies.

23rd Mar 2015 18:47 :: Steven & Dawn
Big thank you to Maria & Jim for providing a really informative & enjoyable day. It was great to meet up & don't feel like newbies anymore. Would also like to say thanks to Sandra & Eddie for your company & banter during the meal. I laughed all the way home

23rd Mar 2015 21:46 :: Susan
Big thanks from Jill and me for yesterday. Nice wee scoot round my home turf. Great to see so many new clubmates along :-)

23rd Mar 2015 23:27 :: Robert craig
Good day, even managed a wee run ourselves with some strays.
See you all soon
Lesley and robert

26th Mar 2015 14:50 :: Billy and Donna
We had a great time, uploaded a coupe of images today finally! Can't wait for the next run.

30th Mar 2015 18:26 :: Liam
Absolutely brilliant run, enjoyed it and the company :) I have a favour to ask, can whoever took the above photos send me the pics of mine (white mark 1) to me via email? brilliant pics!

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