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No Dams, No Chippie Run
Sun 16th Nov 2014 to Sun 16th Nov 2014
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : 13
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No Dam Chippie Run

Sunday 16th November 2014

Slight change of plan so instead of visiting a dam we are going to go to Fochabers for pancakes instead.

As all good plans evolve over time so has this one. First we lost the dam and now we have lost the chippie. But never fear Douglas has found, and I quote an "interesting" road for us to try out instead.

Details are as follows:-

Leave DFS Carpark Inverness at 10.00am.
Arriving Forres (James Jones Car park) at 10.30

Lunch at 12:00 roughly, they will accommodate us as a group.
Leave Fochabers at 2:00 (ish) and depending on weather, time etc head for the Portgordon/ Buckie loop or just head for Speyside. We can decide over lunch.
I've found two forecasts without rain in them ! Dance Bobby .... Dance !
Now the not so good news. Not only is it a No Dam trip, it's now a No Chippy trip. The Happy Haggis is closed for the rest of November, oh boy, I'm going to get some flak for this one. However,  the Cairngorm Hotel in Aviemore will take us, good value in there and they do a good fish and chips. Look on it as an up market chippy.

If you are interested in joining us on this one please enter your details.

Hi-5s booked so far (12 cars):-

Doug & Muriel (Inverness)
Charles & Gillian (Inverness)
Bobby & Debbie (Inverness)
Peter (Inverness)
Wendy (Inverness)
Greg & Jean (Forres)
Jimmy & Jill (Forres)
Phil (Forres)
Maria & Jaime (Fochabers)
Stuart (Fochabers)
Al & Ally
Brian & Frankie (Inverness)

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Your Comments
16th Nov 2014 21:58 :: stuboy
Hi Gang , Thanks for more great routes today Douglas, a brilliant day out although Bobby had his wrong dancing shoes on before this morning!!
Excellent day with great company , see you all soon on another outing .....

16th Nov 2014 22:48 :: Liathach
Looks like a great turnout of cars today. We were off partaking in our other sport - eating!!

17th Nov 2014 07:59 :: Peter P Smith (J80PPS)
The Highs and the Lows (you choose which is which)

6am start for a long wet drive up the A96.

Stuffing my face at Elgin Mcd’s

Washing Chloe at Tesco Jet wash in Inverness at 9am (with assistance from T Shirt No.1) in the cold

First to arrive at the DFS car park and have to wait 40 minutes cause I am so punctual

Not having the option to take the roof down.

Stuffing my face with a giant pancake with ice cream and toffee sauce at Baxter’s.

Jumping from puddle to puddle on more roads I have never experienced before, including some roads only just wide enough for a car.

Successfully completed the TTS turning challenge (junction beside bridge)

Struggling to demonstrate a TTS trick

Eventually being able to demonstrate a TTS trick

Failed to completed the TTS turning challenge (bottom of Cairngorm)

Not seeing the £300 welly’s

Forgetting my jacket and having to walk to the hotel in only a T Shirt

Getting the chance to show off MX-5 T Shirt No.3

Stuffing myself once more with the fantastic Cairngorm Hotel scallops then fish and chips.

Meeting new members

Meeting old friends

Looooooong lonely drive from Grantown on Spey to Fordoun (only joking, it was brilliant)

All things considered, there aren’t many better ways to spend a Sunday - Roll on the next one!!!

17th Nov 2014 11:14 :: Phil
@Peter  And don't forget someone told you that you are fat.......

17th Nov 2014 12:09 :: Chuck & Gill
Fantastic turnout on a dirty day and great to have all models represented as the ‘Dirty Dozen’ left Fochabers for the ‘Ordequish stage’. Especially nice to meet new members Maria & Jamie – whom I hope we will see again soon. Many thanks to Douglas & Muriel for a great route. Santa needs to bring Bobby some new dancing shoes for Christmas, and the ‘Where’s Kerry?’ conspiracy deepens!

17th Nov 2014 12:31 :: FaB
Liatach...check out Pete's post...we managed to combine both sports ;-)

Another great day out. Good to find new roads in the usual excellent company, brilliant banter and way toooooo much eaten!

Thanks Doug and Muriel

17th Nov 2014 14:17 :: Debbie & Bobby
What a brill day meeting up with old friends and meeting new.
I think we all need to have our suspension reinforced with all this
Watering holes we keep stoping at :0)
Big Thank you to Doug & Muriel what brilliant water ways..... sorry I ment roads ;0)

17th Nov 2014 14:30 :: liathach
I noticed that Frankie!!!  Shame about the weather but I guess it is November and we have been lucky so far.

17th Nov 2014 20:53 :: Greg & Jean
Great driving roads, good food and company thank you Doug and Muriel. Think we should have a whip round at the next meeting to send Bobby to dancing classes.

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