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Falkirk Wheel & the Kelpies
Sat 25th Oct 2014 to Sun 26th Oct 2014
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : 10
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A Visit to the Falkirk Wheel and The Kelpies

We've booked the Falkirk Wheel boat trip for 20 people at 13:30 and were told we need to be there for approx 13:00 as they start boarding 20 minutes before sailing The trip is 50 minutes. The soup and sandwiches are booked for 14:20 as we come off the boat trip, we just need to sit down at our reserved table. Unfortunately the Kelpies have now switched to their winter timetable and tours stop at 14:30. However, we can still go and see them without the tour. The Kelpies are about 15 minutes from the Wheel.

Given we are all coming from different areas  that morning (Inverness, Dunblane, Aberdeen, Edinburgh), Stirling services would be the best meeting point for all. 

Our suggested timetable is:-

Depart Inverness        10:00
Meet Stirling          12:30
Arrive Falkirk Wheel    13:00
Boat Trip              13:30
Lunch                  14:20
Kelpies                15:30
Depart  Falkirk        16:30
Take back roads to Perth - rendezvous point at Dobbies before taking A9 to
Smiffy's, Aviemore      19:30         

Option 1 - Dunblane overnight stay.

Leave Inverness DFS Carpark at 11.00am on Sat 25th Oct, taking the scenic route south heading for Tomintoul first for coffee and then over the Lecht down to Blairgowrie or Dunkeld for lunch before arriving at Dunblane Hydro in plenty of time for a drink before dinner.
Anyone else who would like to join us would need to book their room at the Hotel. At time of writing there was still availability for DB&B for £129 per room on

Option 2 - 1 day trip.

Details are as above leaving Inverness at 10.00am etc.

Anyone else wishing to join us please put your name down asap in case Frankie needs to change the booking

Booked so far (10 cars:-

Charles & Gillian (Saturday depart, Dunblane stay)
Douglas & Muriel (Saturday depart, Dunblane Stay)
Andy & Dorothy (Saturday depart, Dunblane Stay)
Bobby & Debbie (Saturday depart, Dunblane Stay)
Peter (Sunday depart, meeting at Dunblane for breakfast)
Brian & Frankie (Sunday depart Edinburgh, meet Stirling Svs)
Jimmy & Jill ( Sunday depart Inverness, meet Stirling Svs)
Stuart & Helen (Sunday depart Abdn, meet Stirling Svs)
Malcolm & Marty (Sunday depart Abdn, meet Stirling Svs)
A.N. Other tbc.

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Your Comments
26th Oct 2014 23:21 :: stuboy
Thanks Brian/ Frankie for a brilliant route today & all the Hi 5's for excellent company  , alli in all did 356 miles for the Kelpie run , so the total for the weekend ( inc our Pancake run ) is just short of 500 , not a bad weekend oot!!

26th Oct 2014 23:34 :: liathach
I, too, would like to thank Frankie and Brian for a great run.  Been years since I have driven the Yetts of Muckart/Dunning roads.  very impressed with their smoothness!

27th Oct 2014 00:09 :: Douglas & Muriel
Super weekend with great company.. Thanks very much to Charles & Gillian,Brian & Frankie for organising the runs & to Dorothy & Andy for organising the accommodation on the Saturday night which was an excellent evening.

27th Oct 2014 00:43 :: Andy & Dorothy
An excellent feature packed weekend with great company food and laughter , highlights included .".ring around the roundabout..the blairgowrie triangle " there and everywere ..the Cul de sac TT challenge and many more.  Thank you Gillian & Charles for part one and to Frankie & Brian for the encore ..we,ll meet again dont know when ...dont know were see you all soon A & D

27th Oct 2014 16:07 :: Debbie & Bobby

we had a brilliant time with excellent friends (new & old) plenty of good food, drink and laughter .
Thanks to chuck and Gill for Saturday and Frankie and Brian for Sundays runs.
Thank you to Dorothy and Andy for Arranging our accommodation .
Looking forward to the next one ;0)

28th Oct 2014 21:47 :: Chuck & Gill
We drove, ate, drove again, then ate again, drove some more then had a few drinks before a great dinner. Then we had some more drinks with a lot of chat and laughter. We then synchronised watches before going to bed( and due to the clocks going back - not entirely sure when that was). Slept before a hearty breakfast, then drove again, before either shopping/playing. Drove some more, fuelled up, lost Bobby, found Bobby, met up. Drove more then went for a sail( Falkirk Wheel - not road conditions), ate again before driving some more, visited the Kelpies then drove again. Finished off with a chippie! Great weekend - big thanks to FAB for organising the Sunday run.

30th Oct 2014 13:59 :: J80 PPS
Awesome day out!

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