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Falkirk Wheel & the Kelpies
Sat 25th Oct 2014 to Sun 26th Oct 2014
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : 10
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Your Comments
26th Oct 2014 23:21 :: stuboy
Thanks Brian/ Frankie for a brilliant route today & all the Hi 5's for excellent company  , alli in all did 356 miles for the Kelpie run , so the total for the weekend ( inc our Pancake run ) is just short of 500 , not a bad weekend oot!!

26th Oct 2014 23:34 :: liathach
I, too, would like to thank Frankie and Brian for a great run.  Been years since I have driven the Yetts of Muckart/Dunning roads.  very impressed with their smoothness!

27th Oct 2014 00:09 :: Douglas & Muriel
Super weekend with great company.. Thanks very much to Charles & Gillian,Brian & Frankie for organising the runs & to Dorothy & Andy for organising the accommodation on the Saturday night which was an excellent evening.

27th Oct 2014 00:43 :: Andy & Dorothy
An excellent feature packed weekend with great company food and laughter , highlights included .".ring around the roundabout..the blairgowrie triangle " there and everywere ..the Cul de sac TT challenge and many more.  Thank you Gillian & Charles for part one and to Frankie & Brian for the encore ..we,ll meet again dont know when ...dont know were see you all soon A & D

27th Oct 2014 16:07 :: Debbie & Bobby

we had a brilliant time with excellent friends (new & old) plenty of good food, drink and laughter .
Thanks to chuck and Gill for Saturday and Frankie and Brian for Sundays runs.
Thank you to Dorothy and Andy for Arranging our accommodation .
Looking forward to the next one ;0)

28th Oct 2014 21:47 :: Chuck & Gill
We drove, ate, drove again, then ate again, drove some more then had a few drinks before a great dinner. Then we had some more drinks with a lot of chat and laughter. We then synchronised watches before going to bed( and due to the clocks going back - not entirely sure when that was). Slept before a hearty breakfast, then drove again, before either shopping/playing. Drove some more, fuelled up, lost Bobby, found Bobby, met up. Drove more then went for a sail( Falkirk Wheel - not road conditions), ate again before driving some more, visited the Kelpies then drove again. Finished off with a chippie! Great weekend - big thanks to FAB for organising the Sunday run.

30th Oct 2014 13:59 :: J80 PPS
Awesome day out!

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