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Grantown Motormania
Sun 7th Sep 2014 to Sun 7th Sep 2014
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : 8
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Hi-5s at Grantown Motor Mania - For the Third Year in a Row!!

Sunday 7th September 2014

A second return visit to Grantown Motor Mania - which was one of our best attended events last year.

This event is becoming extremely popular and as such extremely busy.  It has been suggested that the MX5 is not a "true classic" in the eyes of the purist "vintage car specialist".  As such we don't want to get in the way with too many MX5s, so we are looking into the possibility of only actually entering one car of each Mk. and doing a bit of a history lesson on the development of the car.  This could be more interesting for the visitor and could help the organisers with their limited space.

The proposal is that the rest of the club would still attend, with runs down and a run afterwards before our customary pub meet and dinner.

Final details are as follows:
First rendevous is at 10.00am at DFS Inverness, then we will head to Cawdor, with a second rendezvous for those wishing in the layby in Ferness at 11.00am. On to Lochindorb then Carrbridge to come into Grantown from the West side. We then plan to park all the cars at or near to Wendy's house before visiting the show.

We plan to leave the show at 3.30pm and head on a run to Ruthven Barracks organised by Wendy before returning to Boat of Garten for supper at 6.30pm at the Boat Hotel.

Anyone from Tayside or Grampian please feel free to join us for the runs or dinner, just let us know.

Hi-5s booked so far (8 cars):-
02 - Frankie & Brian - eating
05 - Charles & Ben & Gillian - eating
08 - Bobby & Shane & Debbie - eating
09 - Wendy - eating
11 - Douglas & Muriel - eating
12 - Ali - eating
14 - Peter & Kerry - eating
16 - Ally and Al

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Your Comments
8th Sep 2014 20:08 :: The Little Lost Sheep (J80 PPS
Well as always it was a fantastic trip out with the Hi-5\'s and I was so pleased that despite what was actually said, I really appreciated how people felt and it is great to belong to such a great group of friends, old and new. It helped to be able to spread some parts of Britney around, I just wished there was more of her to share. I certainly won\'t be far away and will continue as before, attending as many Hi-5 events as possible and for as long as I am welcome.

Looking forward to the next time when I get to introduce the new love of my life (name TBC)

Kerry says how good a day it was, how glad she is that we are still welcome and that its nice that parts of Britney are still around.

Kerry and the little lost sheep.

8th Sep 2014 23:27 :: Gavin
Great day despite the wet start, nice to meet some new faces and a few i met at last years event. great food at the Boat, then a spirited run home led by Richard, home by 11pm !

9th Sep 2014 08:55 :: Douglas & Muriel
Another interesting day out despite the morning weather and thanks Wendy for your hospitality. The added theme of Peter having a boot sale was a winner and for my part the transplant of Britneys heart was successfully completed on Monday at 10.00 am, roof up, roof down and no stopping. Operation a great success, thanks Peter, thanks Britney.

11th Sep 2014 13:05 :: Richard and Maureen
It was indeed a super day out with all. From the drive up to meeting up with the Hi 5's and the drive back (smiles all round...Tracy???). Well done Wendy for organising the sun to come out just in time for the pleasant drive around the countryside in lead and well done  for organising the hotel with so many unexpected guests. Guess that's what happens when the Hi5's put on a party. And last but not least that little lost sheep gone but not forgotten, good show for taking all that ribbing on the chin. Hope to see you around Pete.

11th Sep 2014 14:15 :: Brian & Frankie
Really enjoyed an excellent day out. Thanks everyone for the card and kind words - Frankie and I really appreciate it.  We look forward to our next outing - which I believe we are organising!!!  You too Pete & Kerry, hope to see you at Falkirk.  FAB

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