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Grantown Motormania
Sun 7th Sep 2014 to Sun 7th Sep 2014
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : 8
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Grantown Motormania 2014 - (Britney’s Last Hurrah!)

It was a pretty ‘driech’ start to the day as five cars assembled in DFS car park on Sunday morning. Most of us look forward to these events, but for one of our number the day started with a bit of trepidation as it would be his last outing with his beloved Britney. Fear not this was not some breakup of the physical kind (at least – I hope not) merely that Peter was parting company with his beloved (or so we thought!!) white MX-5 and going across to the “dark side”. In an effort to reduce the impact of this decision he had pre-empted this announcement by a few texts in the previous few days. Part of his nervousness on this grey Sunday morning was probably down to some of the responses received to this announcement including the words “dismay”, “disappointment” and a few others not suitable for printing.
However he was presented with a Britney face mask – which he promptly attached to the front of his car for the run. Britney obviously does not want to leave us as what then followed set a theme for the day as parts of Britney then started to transfer onto and into other members’ cars. Before we had even left the car park her K&N air filter found its way into our new co-ordinators car!
Despite the weather we set off with hoods down on a great route devised by Douglas & Muriel, which took us through Culloden and Cawdor to our next rendezvous at Ferness. We even crossed a traditional ford which was actually drier than many of the unofficial ones. There was a lot of standing water about, and the weather was deteriorating so at Ferness the hoods went back up as we waited for Tom. He had just bought a car this week and was coming along to see what we get up to. So when another MX-5 drew up alongside us we assumed it was him – but no this was Hugh, another non-member who had seen our link on the Motormania website and as he was heading down anyway he decided to join us for the day. Then Tom did arrive – so our convoy of seven cars headed across the Dava moor for a spin around Lochindorb before heading into Grantown.
This spin across Lochindorb was fairly spirited despite the deteriorating weather. I think it is fair to say that Brian’s recovery is well underway as he often disappeared away into the distance – putting his new car through its paces!!!  It was very impressive the way in which he managed to brake from full throttle to avoid some sheep on the road – and still get his hazard lights on in time to warn the rest of us of the hazard.
Arriving in Grantown we headed to Wendy’s house where we managed to squeeze all he cars onto her drive- an impressive sight. Peter’s boot sale continued and his quick release mechanism for tin tops and a stubby rear aerial managed to find new homes. Wendy was the perfect host supplying us with much appreciated coffee, tea and biscuits, helping to warm us all up before our walk down to the show.
The Motormania event is an excellent show organised in the main High Street and Square in Grantown-On Spey. There were some fantastic cars on display and it was great to be able to chat to the owners. Even in poor weather it is easy to get about and unlike most motor shows you don’t have to walk in a muddy field to see the cars. Apart from the cars there were a number of trade stands, and it was probably no coincidence that a number of us found ourselves at “The Wheel Specialist “ stand, (Mazda really don’t make good wheels.They seemed keen on doing us a deal as a club – this could be something to look into.
We also caught up with Ali who was the only Hi-5 actually exhibiting his car this year – and many of us thought it was the best MK1 on show.  There were a few other MX-5s on show – but not as a block as in previous years. Perhaps we should approach the organisers and see if there is anything that can be done for next year.
Following a good look around the cars and stands we all met up at the designated time along with some other club members from Grampian and Tayside to start the run out to Ruthven Barracks that Wendy had organised for us,she had even managed to organise a change in the weather. It would have been an impressive sight to see our convoy of fourteen MX-5s heading out of Grantown and enjoying the back roads on their way to Ruthven Barracks.
The sun was well and truly out now as we explored this fine historical building, and yes Peter continued the boot sale with an, almost new, set of custom MX-5 suitcases finding a new home.
We then said our goodbyes to Tom, who hopefully enjoyed his day with us and will join us again soon, and headed back to Boat of Garten through Feshiebridge and Inchsriach, we even managed to include an impromptu – who can make their tyres scream the loudest competition? – at Rothiemurcas.
We arrived at the Boat Hotel and despite only booking for 14 they were able to accommodate our now swelled numbers of 23.  After dinner Brian and Frankie received a “Thank You” card from the Hi-5s to mark all their excellent work on co-ordinating the Hi-5s and getting the group to where it is today. This was endorsed by some of our friends from Grampian and Tayside. It was dark as we all headed home on our separate ways – but a great day was had by all.
Hopefully we will see both Tom and Hugh back again as members.
Many thanks to Douglas for organising the route down to Grantown, and to Wendy for her hospitality, arranging dinner and a cracking drive out to Ruthven Barracks,
Final word to Peter. Britney will never leave the Hi-5s. Many of her “bits” are now on our cars anyway! You will always be welcome to join us –whatever you drive. We know that it won’t be long before you are back where you belong – in an MX-5!
Until the next time.
Chuck and Gill

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Your Comments
8th Sep 2014 20:08 :: The Little Lost Sheep (J80 PPS
Well as always it was a fantastic trip out with the Hi-5\'s and I was so pleased that despite what was actually said, I really appreciated how people felt and it is great to belong to such a great group of friends, old and new. It helped to be able to spread some parts of Britney around, I just wished there was more of her to share. I certainly won\'t be far away and will continue as before, attending as many Hi-5 events as possible and for as long as I am welcome.

Looking forward to the next time when I get to introduce the new love of my life (name TBC)

Kerry says how good a day it was, how glad she is that we are still welcome and that its nice that parts of Britney are still around.

Kerry and the little lost sheep.

8th Sep 2014 23:27 :: Gavin
Great day despite the wet start, nice to meet some new faces and a few i met at last years event. great food at the Boat, then a spirited run home led by Richard, home by 11pm !

9th Sep 2014 08:55 :: Douglas & Muriel
Another interesting day out despite the morning weather and thanks Wendy for your hospitality. The added theme of Peter having a boot sale was a winner and for my part the transplant of Britneys heart was successfully completed on Monday at 10.00 am, roof up, roof down and no stopping. Operation a great success, thanks Peter, thanks Britney.

11th Sep 2014 13:05 :: Richard and Maureen
It was indeed a super day out with all. From the drive up to meeting up with the Hi 5's and the drive back (smiles all round...Tracy???). Well done Wendy for organising the sun to come out just in time for the pleasant drive around the countryside in lead and well done  for organising the hotel with so many unexpected guests. Guess that's what happens when the Hi5's put on a party. And last but not least that little lost sheep gone but not forgotten, good show for taking all that ribbing on the chin. Hope to see you around Pete.

11th Sep 2014 14:15 :: Brian & Frankie
Really enjoyed an excellent day out. Thanks everyone for the card and kind words - Frankie and I really appreciate it.  We look forward to our next outing - which I believe we are organising!!!  You too Pete & Kerry, hope to see you at Falkirk.  FAB

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