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Pub Meet
Thu 14th Jul 2005
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 7
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I know what your we go another Pub Meet report, same as the last one:-meet in Pub, have a few soft drinks, talk about the last Club Run, leave Pub and drive home, wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong, well apart from the soft drinks. Perhaps these meetings should be retitled 'Pub Car Park Meet' or 'Tech Day without the tools', I hope by now you can see where I'm coming from, because no one can call these nights boring, even the journey home turns into a top down mini convoy in the dark.
Another pleasing aspect of the Pub Meets is the number of new (prospective) members that come along and get to meet some of us before attending their first ever run or event, such was the case last night when Ian and Jackie joined us, although they were probably bored stiff and perhaps it was insensitive of us to subject them to all our maintenance talk, considering their lovely brand new 2.5 Artic was sitting outside in the car park.
On a funnier note Tom was so pleased to see Shaun at the meeting because this meant he would not be last minute bidding against him on e-bay, for the lexus style rear lights. (he later won)


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15th Jul 2005 12:55 :: lochpark
Nice to see a couple of new faces, good evening with plenty of good humoured banter.

Thumbs up to Stevie for the demonstration of how a boot should be kept and happy new Lexus light to Tom.

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