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Cruachan Powerstation
Sun 20th Jul 2014 to Sun 20th Jul 2014
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : 5
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Cruachan Power Station Run a report by Ali & Mandy

After a night of heavy rain Sunday the 20th turned into a reasonably bright and warm day, 9.45 and 3 cars had turned up at the starting point but no Frankie and Brian!

Little did we know that "ROXY" was to make her grand debut in the shape of a brand new straight out of the wrapper MX5! Now we were 4!

So a little behind schedule off we headed roofs down to Fort Augustus where we stopped at the newly reopened "Scots Kitchen" for tea and coffee. At this point we decided we would stop at the "Commando Memorial" at Spean bridge where a few photos were taken as I got on Google maps to check time and distance to Cruachan power station.  We were booked for 2pm, the time now was 12.30pm and google maps was telling me we were 1hr 39min away. Oh dear, somewhere I had obviously screwed up the timings.

But of course we were driving MX5s so we left and got the hustle on.

We were doing a brilliant job of making up the time until Fort William when disaster struck in the guise of a Farmfoods 35mph rolling road block and no way to get safely past and of course it didn't have the courtesy of pulling in and letting the half a mile tailback pass . All the way to the Ballachulish roundabout we had to endure this. By this point it became blatantly obvious we would not make the 2pm tour, so it was with fingers crossed that Mandy phoned Cruachan in the hope that we could be booked on a later Tour. Thankfully they were able to accommodate us. So, after a slightly more leisurely drive through the west Highland scenery we arrived at Cruachan, tea and coffee ensued before our very informative tour.

This power station is a remarkable feat of engineering and the scale of the construction is just staggering!
Time for photo opportunities, we lined the 5s outside the visitor centre and our resident David Bailey, Bobby, clicked away to his heartís content!

The next leg of our Journey was down to Tyndrum, up to Rannoch Moor and on through the spectacular scenery of Glencoe this was a brilliant run it stayed dry and warm the whole way, unfortunately time did not allow us to visit the Glencoe Visitors Centre so we just proceeded to the Ballachulish Hotel for pre-dinner drinks instead.

After dinner Peter and Kerry left us to head home returning back through Glencoe for what would be a fair trek home to Stonehaven!

As for the rest of us we headed back up to Inverness to say our goodbyes back where we started 250 miles previous.

All in all, a Great day. Great company and off course great cars

Roll on the next run!

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Your Comments
20th Jul 2014 22:25 :: Peter P Smith
What a fantastic weekend once again, If I do ever replace the MX-5 I would be lost without these drives, the routes and attractions are always fantastic and the company couldn't be better. A special mention has to go to Bobby for his support in my thoughts on the new car! Pete (& Kerry)

23rd Jul 2014 23:59 :: Frankie
Once again we ate and drank our way round a fantastic route in good, roof down weather with the obligatory great company. Many thanks to Ali & Mandy for their organisation of this brilliant run!

Now if we can just halt all this talk of Audis!!!


25th Jul 2014 08:12 :: Bobby
What else can one say as it's all been said excellent !!!
Photos to follow as soon as the old compute decide to give in and up load them for me lol.

25th Jul 2014 17:37 :: Frankie
Pity you can't comment on individual photos....but you'll know which one I mean when I say you are a Bad Boy Peter P!

Other than that they're good pics :-)

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