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Tech Day & BBQ
Sat 5th Jul 2014 to Sat 5th Jul 2014
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : 8
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Hi-5s BBQ & Tech Day with FAB

Saturday 5th July 2014

Hi-5s BBQ & Tech Day with FAB

Hi-5s Route and Times

Tech Day my foot!!!

All aboard the barbie....cook time of approximately 5pm. We will purchase the meats and will get a contribution from you all on the day. All we need from you is some prepared salad (not too much) and whatever you happen to be drinking.

Hi-5s (and tickets)booked so far (8 cars):-
02 - Frankie and Brian - Mk 2.5
04 - Chuck and Gill
06 - Andy and Dorothy
08 - Duncan M
10 - Doug and Muriel
12 - Jimmy and Jill
14 - Greg and Jean
16 - Bobby and Debbie

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Your Comments
6th Jul 2014 11:44 :: Brian - part of FAB
A huge thank you to everyone who turned up and made this the best Tech Day and BBQ yet! a special thank you to the ladies who tidied everything up afterwards (where's the ketchup)?? and to the guys for emptying so many bottles of beer.  Another great Hi-5s day out with all the usual ingredients, good company, good craic and lots of laughter.  And not forgetting of course our traditional visitor from another area - this time Duncan from Central who is probably driving back down the A9 even as we speak and wondering what  he'd let himself in for!
Thanks again all - Frankie and Brian FAB

6th Jul 2014 11:48 :: Brian - part of FAB
Oops - forgot to mention one of our key ingredients - the good food!  And we still have a fridge full of leftovers so if anyone is passing please drop in for a coffee, a recycled sausage and a piece of millionaires shortbread which Gillian brought to feed the five thousand.

6th Jul 2014 14:07 :: Debbie & Bobby
A huge thanks to Frankie & Brian for
Hosting such a brilliant Tech and BBQ day,I think we laughed so much I must have missed the Tech\'y bit.
And as always supper company,weather and !!! food !!!

6th Jul 2014 16:52 :: Duncan from central
First of all thanks to Frankie and Brian for such a great 'Tech' day.  Thanks to you all for making me feel so welcome.  My run back to the central belt was fantastic via Granton on spey, tomintoul, braemar then onto Perth.  The weather and traffic to Perth was fantastic with the hood down, exactly what the five's are built for.  Passed a silver mk 1 at Braemar...

Anyway thanks again Frankie and Brian, hopefully I will see you again soon.

6th Jul 2014 19:39 :: Chuck & Gill
Many thanks for a lovely evening. Not only were we given good food to eat but plenty food for thought. As usual excellent company and craic. See you all next time.

6th Jul 2014 20:08 :: Douglas & Muriel
Great technical day everyone, now we all know where the fridge is and more importantly where the bottle opener is kept. Sorry we failed to empty the fridge FAB but many thanks for your hospitality, a night to remember. Right for Cruachan and left for Croatia if I remember. 

6th Jul 2014 20:42 :: Andy & Dorothy
"When Smoke gets in your eyes"........another wonderful event with great company and food.  Now we know the full capacity of the BBQ Hut, that Doug can score a 9.9 for his triple salko and the real reason why Bobby doesnt have a passport!
Great night!!

7th Jul 2014 10:01 :: Greg &Jean
Thanks to Frankie and Brian and everyone else for another great evening. Think Bobby should give up building and become a full time entertainer. But don't let the Canadian or New Zealand authorities know he's now thinking of getting a passport!!

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