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Applecross Extravaganza!!
Fri 13th Jun 2014
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : 8
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Friday 13th - Sunday 15th June 2014

This is your chance to drive the world's best sportscar up Scotland's answer to the Alps as you take on the Bealach, probably one of the best driving roads in the UK.

Once we get down the other side to Applecross we have an opportunity to relax in the Applecross Hotel, a couple of beers and some of the best seafood in the land.  What more could you ask for?

This year we're planning a repeat of last years format.  We intend to make it a full weekend event again this year, leaving Inverness around 1800hrs on Friday evening. (Although the impatient ones, and those who can manage more time off, are planning leaving Friday afternoon).

If you can't manage the full timescale don't be put off as we plan several options depending on how much time you have to spare.


Details are still to be finalised but so far we have decided that it can be done as either a Saturday only, Sunday only, Fri/Sat with 1 overnight stay or the full blown Fri/Sat/Sun with 2 overnight stays!  Runs out of Applecross will be organised on the Saturday for those going over for the full weekend (Better start planning Doug)!

Don't say we don't give you choice with the Hi-5s!!

Wendy has again taken on the role of "organiser at Applecross".  She has again pre-booked the whole hotel for the entire weekend so let's not let her down (plus some more B&B). 

This is a very popular event so don't leave it too late to get your name down if you want to stay in the hotel - there are only 7 rooms, and they are already spoken for.  Don't worry though as Wendy can arrange some more accommodation through Judy who owns the Applecross Inn.  Failing that there's always the campsite - although you may have to rough it if the Z4s turn up again this year.  A huge thank-you to Wendy for taking this on again.

Please add your comment and Wendy will get something organised!!

Full details, timings, meals, etc., will follow shortly.  The main thing is to get your name on the list before it is too late.

We're already looking forward to a repeat of what was a fantastic trip.


On Friday 13th June, MX5s will leave from the DFS Carpark at two separate times. The first group is departing at 1430hrs.  The second group will leave, after completing an honest days work, at 1830hrs. Dinner is booked for 2030hrs at the Applecross Hotel.

If you can add a note below saying when and where you are departing from we will try and ensure we get everyone together - but we can't guarantee this will happen!

Map of route to Applecross - There's only one way to get to Applecross - that's UP the Bealach na Ba!

View Hi-5s - Applecross in a larger map

On Saturday 14th June, the group will depart the Applecross Hotel after a leisurely breakfast at around 1030hrs.  We will rendezvous at ******* with *********, and anyone else who fancies a run out on Saturday, at 1130hrs. There is a large carpark at ************** and this is where we'll be!!

Our run on Saturday will go blah, blah, blah......and back to Applecross (mls) in time for another fine dinner at the Applecross Hotel!!!

On Sunday 15th June ........................

If anyone needs any more details please feel free to call me on 07977 283759.  Hope to see you there.

Hi-5s booked so far (6 cars):-
01 - Wendy          - overnight Fri & Sat - dinner - 1430
03 - Frankie & Brian - overnight Fri & Sat - dinner - 1830
05 - Andy & Dorothy - overnight Fri & Sat - dinner - 1430
07 - Debbie & Bobby - overnight Fri & Sat - dinner - 1430
09 - Douglas & Muriel - overnight Fri & Sat - dinner - 1430
11 - Charles & Gillian- overnight Fri & Sat - dinner - 1430
13 - Richard &Maureen - overnight Fri & Sat - dinner -

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Your Comments
13th Jun 2014 12:14 :: Frankie
For info:-

Pre-run info can be found in the previous events pages and Doug's instructions for today are ...

Final heads up then folks.

4 leaving from Inverness DFS at 1430.

Andy Dorothy, Peter Kerry, Alistair Lynsey, and us. Chris now a maybe.

Meet Charles Gillian, Bobby Debbie at Maryburgh. Richard Maureen later for dinner. Stuboy later still, for beer. Even the weather is looking better now.

15th Jun 2014 18:36 :: Brian - part of FAB
Hi All - Many thanks to everyone for a brilliant weekend away.  Plenty good driving, good food and great company.  What an excellent tonic!  Thanks to Doug and Muriel for all the organisation - and of course the delegation.
Look forward to seeing you all at the Tech Day on 5th July.
Thanks again - Brian

15th Jun 2014 22:37 :: Douglas & Muriel
Applecross revisited 2014

The story so far – our FAB co-ordinators are out of action and the rest of the flock are rushing around avoiding responsibility but the run to Applecross is very much still ON.
‘Why didn’t  F of FAB give you the MX flag to take with us then?’ said M
‘Too much on her mind’ I suggested.
Grey but bright when we met in Inverness but the forecast did suggest we would be driving into sunshine. 4 cars set off, 2 Hi5s and 2 Grampian, isn’t it always the way. Tops down and heading west to pick up 1 more car en route when all but one put the tops back on again, leading by example we pressed on determined to keep the speed over 50 and keep dry. It worked until Lochcarron when gravity won and all tops were up. Grey and drizzle meant ‘nothing to see here’, move on and the Beallach na Ba loomed. It was an interesting ascent, fog, lights on but no lack on right foot enthusiusm. The summit was gained, again nothing to see here, move on so we continued over the top to Applecross. Things were looking brighter, maybe there was a good weekend in prospect. Turn left at the foot of the hill along to the hotel car park and there was a sight for sore Hi5 eyes, MX5 4 FAB parked up with the previously mentioned flag flying above, the sun didn’t matter any more,
Brian and Frankie were there to greet us, great news. A few beers then with a couple of late arrivals we were all set to start the weekend in the usual style. Food was great, beer was good and the company were in fine form.
Saturday dawned foggy but no rain at Applecross and our run to Skye was on. A 10 am departure up over the pass gave a descent into a cauldron of cloud, eerie but different, still tops down so things weren’t too bad. We headed for Portree for lunch but realising we would be there too early pulled off for a coffee break after Broadford where we managed to lose our last car, our most illustrious leaders. Peter instantly offered to chase them down in his now stripped down lightweight Mk3.75, no luck. Coffee over we met FAB in Portree and had a good lunch in Marmalade. Time was then against us so we shortened the trip to do a loop to Dunvegan and back south from there which worked out really well, not too busy and a great driving road. A compulsory break at Plockton for ice cream in which it turns out our Bobbie is a bit of an expert, it rounded out a fine day. The real cream on top was another blast over the Beallach to Applecross. Tops down all day, west coast roads, life doesn’t get much better, if you’re driving an MX5 that is. Dinner that night was as usual, noisy, hilarious and with the added entertainment from Bobbie on how to do a reverse somersault from a dinner table – 9.5 from the judges.
Sunday morning another fine day in prospect we made a lazy departure to head to Gairloch for lunch. This road is one of the best, although single track it opens out here and there to give you a distant view of a clear road and so a bit of welly is in order. Photo stops, coffee break at Torridon while  the temperature was climbing ever higher. Unfortunately Alistair and Lynsey had to leave us here while the main group headed still further north. We’d had a bad call at the Old Mill in Gairloch last year but as it’s first on the route we called in and what a transformation, good on all fronts and everyone enjoyed the break. Onwards and upwards stopping at the usual photo shoots whilst watching with awe the size of the camper vans or trucks that now patrol our roads from the continent, huge isn’t a big enough word. Water falling down a gorge at £2 per person, not per car at the Corrieshalloch Gorge was enough to encourage us all to carry on to Strathpeffer where Bobby suggested the best ice-cream in the country lay. As always a good fast trip down to Garve then off left at Contin and Bobby wasn’t wrong, ice cream so good and he paid for it all, thanks Bob.
Goodbyes said, promises made for next year and with the delegation force now working well within the club, my job is done.
Thanks to you all Andy and Dorothy, Alistair and Lynsey, Peter and Kerry, Charles and Gillian, Bobby and Debbie, Stuart and not least Brian and Frankie for a tremendous weekend and great company. Being in front means a clean windscreen and the power to delegate.

16th Jun 2014 09:55 :: Debbie & Bobby
WOW what a weekend,
Thanks to Doug & Muriel for organizing it the food was excellent  the company brilliant as always,and the icing on the cake was to arrive to find Frankie & Brian had made it to .
Roll on the next one !!!

16th Jun 2014 14:18 :: Liathach
Good to see that Frankie & Brian are out and about again. Keep making progress Brian.

16th Jun 2014 17:37 :: Andy & Dorothy
Yet another  one for our  history books ..a fantastic weekend , some great routes .good food and of course the company, great to see FAB greeting us upon our arrival .., Bobby's Triple Salto ( yes that old chestnut) and the cooling ice cream before our final departures  thanks Bobby.
A final thanks the Doug & Muriel for making  this  possible  and delegating in fine style.. Triumph Over Adversity :)
See  you all soon A&D


16th Jun 2014 18:10 :: Chuck & Gill
Great weekend, thoroughly enjoyed the company,food,driving and the craic.
Lovely to see FAB, with Brian looking so well. Special thanks to "Doug the Delegater" for all the arrangements and to Noreen,Doreen,Maureen and finally Muriel -how many names can one woman have-Bobby!!!
See you all soon.
Chuck & Gill

17th Jun 2014 17:02 :: The ALS
Well looks like you all had a wonderful time, really dissapointed that we missed it this year but I\'m sure that our deep mahogany tans will compensate. Well done Brian on your recovery, well done Doug for stepping into the fray and as always well done Wendy for organising all the accommodation again.
Hope to see you all soon
The ALs

18th Jun 2014 12:23 :: Peter P Smith (J80PPS)
The weekend was truly fantastic. The run home was something else too and that was one of the few times I wish Britney wasn’t lowered as she scraped her bottom several times on the bumps. The best / worst time left a trail of sparks just as the sun was going down (awesome and terrifying at the same time).

Anyway, I can’t say much that others haven’t already said, but the company was as good as always and it was great to meet new members and old friends.

Last year Applecross was my first drive with the club and it still hasn’t lost any appeal. There is something special about driving in a convoy of MX-5’s (even if just from restaurant to restaurant) and the banter at mealtimes never gets boring.

I would like to add for the next time when the date is agreed we would really appreciate getting one of the few rooms (for both nights) in the inn. I don’t fancy doing the camping hut again and was rather frustrating that there were actually rooms available this time. Although this time it was offset by the pretty girls in Hut 13, as I saw no action there, the inn would have been much better.

Peter and Kerry
(Except for the comment about pretty ladies in Hut 13 – that is all Peter)

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