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The Lindisfarne Run
Sun 17th Aug 2014
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 19
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The Lindisfarne Run

Sunday 17th August 2014


Meet at 10:00 for a 10:30 departure.
Tesco Eskbank,
Bonnyrigg Road,
EH22 3PP

Google Maps Link to Tesco Eskbank

Once again our friends from the Tyne Tees Area have challenged us to another game of (non compulsory) rounders at Lindisfarne Island. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet up with our English friends and enjoy all the marvels of this interesting island with all the fun and banter that goes hand in hand with this ever popular event. Plus we also have the chance to drive on some fantastic border roads.

England v Scotland in 2013

The 10:30 departure from Tesco Eskbank will give us a leisurely run down to Lindisfarne. Remember that once we're in the car park you will need to purchase a parking ticket for the day.


  • Flags and banners flying for our grand entrance to Lindisfarne.

  • BBQ (Bring your own food to cook)

  • BBQ's are provided by the club

  • Rounders (Scotland v England)

  • The causeway will be open from 11:35 to 19:00 on this date so it will give us plenty of time to have a BBQ and rounders bash afterwards.

    Members Attending:

    02 - Sandi & David
    04 - Ali & Drew
    06 - Susan & Michelle
    08 - Heather & Marshall
    10 - Rosie & Alan
    12 - Marcia & Raymond
    14 - Maria & Jim
    16 - Deborah & Chris
    17 - Robert
    18 - David
    20 - Gill & Allan (Joining at Carfraemill)
    22 - Fiona & Rodney (Joining at Carfraemill)
    23 - Jim
    25 - Carol & Evan (Joining at Lindisfarne)
    27 - Jacqueline & Ian
    29 - Janet & Wattie
    30 - Ross
    31 - Liam
    32 - Bill

    If you wish to attend this event, please read the Drive Guide then post in the comment box below.


    NOTE: The route to Lindisfarne does NOT pass through Jedburgh.

    1 - Right click here to Download TomTom Sat Nav Itinerary. Click here for instructions on how to download this file to your TomTom.

    2 - Click here for Google map of route.

    3 - Click on the link to download the Microsoft Word route.


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    Your Comments
    17th Aug 2014 21:36 :: Marshall
    What a fab day, only just finished cleaning the car, think I brought home half the beach, but it was worth it to beat the English on there own turf. Heather is being put to bed  to much champers ,Rosie!!!! Would be great if you could have a return match on home soil just to beat them again, bill you are a legend and Scottish hero you will be remembered in history with the likes of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce , although I must admit my efforts were rubbish, see you's all soon .hope you all had a safe journey home

    17th Aug 2014 21:37 :: Ai & Drew
    Great day - and Scotland won!!!
    Thanks team and everyone who turned up  to make it an enjoyable trip.

    17th Aug 2014 21:45 :: Marshall
    Just had a slap for her indoors for not mentioning Liam's rounders performance, only kept my trap shut so he doesn't get big headed

    17th Aug 2014 22:48 :: Jim and Maria
    Great day out, thanks to Ian and Jacqueline for leading the convoy and to all the members who turned out, especially those rounders players.Also good to see our friends from Tyne Tees again.

    18th Aug 2014 10:22 :: Susan
    Fab day yesterday - despite the weather trying it's worst! Proud to have been part of the historic Team Scotland victory :-) Well done to Bill & Liam for the winning runs! Thanks to everyone with a hand in organising.

    18th Aug 2014 12:08 :: Carol &Evan
    Great day, just finished cleaning underside of car for second time!Congratulations to Rounders team especially Bill & Liam, also to event organisers. The brisk run to Peebles from Lindisfarne was most enjoyable.

    18th Aug 2014 15:29 :: Bill Fisken
    Thanks to all for another great day at Lindisfarne. I'm proud to have contributed to a small victory over our English friends. Go Team Scotland!

    18th Aug 2014 15:57 :: Raymond & Marcia
    A great day with a great run  topped off with our rounders team & their fantastic win.

    18th Aug 2014 18:10 :: Wattie97
    Another great day out well done to all. A fab victory at the rounders a great team effort. The run back to Peebles was super. Thanks to everyone who organised this super day out.

    18th Aug 2014 19:29 :: alan & rosie
    Thanks to everyone for a great day. and well done to our scotland team

    18th Aug 2014 20:07 :: Jacqueline & Ian
    Not since 2007 have the Scottish team won the rounders at Lindisfarne, well done to our fantastic team. Yet another brilliant day out in spite of the weather. The win was the icing on the cake:-)

    18th Aug 2014 20:11 :: Robert craig
    Great day yesterday, well done team Scotland.  As Marshall said we should play them on our own turf, would suggest my own turf Bannockburn but we have already beat them there.
    Robert !!!!!!!

    18th Aug 2014 21:16 :: Sandi & David
    Another great day out. Despite the wind and tide we had a fun day. We have just managed to get the salt off our bottom-oops meant car bottom. Don`t know about you guys but I can hardly move today. Old age doesn`t come itself.
    Well done everyone.

    20th Aug 2014 20:25 :: Patricia -Tyne Tees
    Thanks to all the Scotland team for making the trip to Holy Island to give us English a jolly good thrashing!  Let's make sure we book a date next year WITHOUT a hurricane!!

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