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Spittal of Glenshee
Sun 17th Oct 2004
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : 23
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If anyone had asked me what colour Autumn was, I would have said brown. The drive from Perth to the Spittal of Glenshee proved me wrong. Or, if not wrong, then inaccurate.
23 cars turned up to the Caithness Glass Visitor Centre, just outside Perth, for the projected 10.30 start (which, of course, happened at 10.50). A call to the restaurant to confirm numbers and a quick briefing from Douglas and we were off. Unusually, there were no bonnets lifted at Perth. In fact we were a long way into the run before that happened for the first time.
We headed up the A9 for a few miles before turning off onto some gorgeous smaller roads, framed by the trees turning for winter. Instead of just brown there was every colour from lemon yellow through to the brown I was expecting, but also every shade of red and in amongst all that the shades of green of those trees either yet to turn or that were evergreen. Incidentally, trees store their waste all year then feed it up to the leaves where it kills them and they fall off. So next time you're kicking the leaves around with your loved one, try not to think about it as the tree poo that it is.
We are so fortunate here in Central Scotland with our quiet roads, it was not untill I really thought about one of the instructions Douglas was relaying to the rest of the convoy, "Car coming the other way" was his occasional call through the radio, even forty miles into the run, we had still not encountered another car in front of us, this is definitely God's MX-5 country.
Every turn opened a new view of the Autumn valleys and hillsides as the cars snaked though, so much so that at Lunch someone commented how it was a pleasure to drive behind the normally much maligned Racing Bronze colour of car and that same person wished they could have stopped many times to take pictures.
Lunch was once again an excellent affair at the Spittal of Glenshee Hotel, it also gave us the chance to catch up with our friends from the North Scotland Area and view their six cars. Our raffle was boosted with some extra prizes as we had expected a good turn out for this run and once again new members won a couple of prizes. After lunch we arranged the cars for the group pictures and then the bonnets went up for the usual techie talk.
After setting off from the Hotel it was a leisurely drive through Glen Isla and Alyth, pausing at Dunkeld where we could really have ended the run but rather than using the boring A9 we pushed on across country passing the awesome Meiklour Beech Hedge on the return leg to Perth.


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