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Clarty Dubs - Dub Step 3
Sun 23rd Mar 2014
organised by Grampian Scotland

Car Count : 8
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Eight cars and occupants met at The Store for Coffee and Filled Rolls or enormous Scones! Once suitably breakfasted we followed Andy through an excellent selection of unclassified back roads taking in some of the best driving and scenic experiences of Buchan and the Moray coast. An early afternoon stop at the Boyndie Centre on the site of wartime Coastal Command airfield R.A.F. Banff allowed us to recharge the food stores and peruse the varied shopping options on offer. A blast over the top to Turiff saw us depart in various directions for home, an excellent day out!!

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23rd Mar 2014 20:43 :: Peter P Smith
Shame we had to do an emergency pit stop, because I couldn't work out where to catch up with you. Next time I will need to find out what time and when the stops are scheduled so I can let my bladder know. We went to Baxters for lunch then a long way home and managed to wash the car before my tea!

24th Mar 2014 21:59 :: Richard
Well done Andy, thoroughly enjoyed the drive, food and company. Peter pity about your stop...very impressed car washed before tea

28th Mar 2014 18:37 :: Laura
fantastic run... looking forward to more...

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