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Karting at Lhanbryde
Sun 23rd Feb 2014
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : 1
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Sunday 23rd February 2014

Hi5s Karting

Daybreak in Inverness gave us leaden skies and heavy rain to look out at and although the Raceway says ‘The wetter the better’ things did not seem promising. Through steamy windscreens the 4 cars were counted in and we headed East to Forres and better weather. The rain had eased to slight and with 3 more cars we headed yet further East to Hopeman, nodding a salute to the empty lay-by where Phil had waited yesterday- sorry Phil. Onwards to Lossiemouth where the sun was almost out but The Als were very definitely still in – in bed that is.
The Racetrack was reached on schedule and the Club’s weather luck was on form again, sunshine! We were hustled into pre-race briefings but numbers were low, Grampian were playing the ‘Last minute card again’. Yes, they did turn up and we were signed in and split up into two groups of 8, two heats each then the best times into the Grand Final and the next best times into the Not so Grand Final. Techniques were many and varied but the usual right foot to the floor and forget the brake seemed to be the favoured one. Mary had a new style for the event which allowed her to wave to the crowd as she drove past the pits. Jimmy decided that more precise braking was to be had by placing his left shoe against the wheel – he was smoking! Brian and Richard, Frankie and Maureen were prominent in the carnage all favouring the first method above. Stuart deserves a mention for the straightest furrow ploughed, off the track, we’ll really have to get a prize for that next time. After all that we had our winners with Richard in the Grand Final and Chuck in the Not so Grand Final. Chuck was really keen to get back to Inverness and visit Bobby, who is unfortunately in hospital having appendix problems sorted, but where he is apparently not safe from some full on gloating and trophy waving to help him get better.  Get well soon Bob, from all of us. 

We adjourned to the Bistro for lunch where the post race analysis continued apace which is more than can be said for the service, a nice restaurant but what a wait. The speed categories were sorted out and with the presentation of Super Sochi sized gold medals, Richard and Maureen were crowned the Dick Dastardly and Penelope Pitstop for 2014.
There is a threat that Grampian will host the event next year which will mean some sneaky ‘risk assessment’ trips to the track at Lochter for us Hi5’s.

Tops down for the drive back to Grantown with Wendy leading on what I thought would be a repeat of last year, never mind, it ended well. Thanks all for turning up and making the day another event to remember.  -  Doug

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Your Comments
23rd Feb 2014 18:48 :: Andy & Dororthy
What a fantastic day , lots white of white knuckle racing with a few bone crunching moments  thrown in for good measure , great company as alweays ,inc the Grampian winners :).A & D

get well soon bobby !

25th Feb 2014 15:13 :: Richard and Maureen
Big thanks to Doug and Muriel for organising and the Hi5's for the warm welcome as always. Good weather (I don't know how you manage to organise weather like that in February) good enthusiastic racing, good food (even though we had to wait a bit) but best of all the good company. What a hoot, bring on next year, if the invite is there again!!!

26th Feb 2014 07:56 :: Brian - part of FAB
Many thanks to Doug and Murtiel for organising a brilliant day out.  Report now posted!!

26th Feb 2014 17:33 :: Douglas & Muriel
Great day out folks, many thanks. Our weather Gods are good to us.

27th Feb 2014 10:13 :: Greg
Another really good day; weather was kind to us and karting was great fun although I could certainly do with a bit more practice. excellent meal, pity about the long wait. Sincere thanks to Doug and Muriel for a well organised and enjoyable day.

27th Feb 2014 20:43 :: Chuck & Gill
We really thought we were nuts as we sat amongst the puddles in Inverness, but little did we know Doug & Muriel had it all planned out for the sun to shine down on us whilst karting! Really enjoyed the day and the company of all involved.

Just to confirm that we have booked the room for Wendy for the North run over Easter weekend.

Also just to let everybody know that Bobby got home yesterday and is on the mend.

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