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Holland Zuyderzee Run
Thu 24th Mar 2005 to Mon 28th Mar 2005
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 5
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An invite to the Netherlands O.C.5th Anniversary Party.

Sorry this event is fully booked.

We have five cars representing Central Scotland at this event, we have arranged to meet up with the three cars from Tyne Tees Area who will be travelling with us from North Shields to Amsterdam.

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Your Comments
29th Mar 2005 17:40 :: Gavin
Wow. What a weekend. 662 miles. Top down for at least 655 of them. The weather was great apart from Monday morning, but we weren't driving in it. Our hosts were excellent. The Ferry trips were very good. Good entertainment going over. First time driving on the Continent and it won't be the last. Many thanks to Colin Cartledge from Tyne Tees for organising our travel arrangements.

29th Mar 2005 20:40 :: chic and heather
Excellent weekend with enjoyable runs and visits. Good company in our group made the trip even more enjoyable. Thanks to Douglas and Colin
Look forward to seeing some more photos of what Gavin describes as good entertainment going over - especiaalt those showing Gavin enjoying the entertainment

30th Mar 2005 07:49 :: Jenny Dorgan
Great weekend. Highlights for us were the ferry trip over, the excellent drives, scenery, the planning of the visit by our hosts, the bar in Holland & Gavin's dangly bits. Best of all was your company.

30th Mar 2005 19:20 :: Douglas
Fantastic long weekend which just flew in, exceptional company both from Central Scotland and Tyne Tees, enjoyed the ferry over too, my highlight was at long last being able to drive across the Ijsselmeer on the Afsluitddijk (closed dike)and the view from the tower halfway across was spectacular.

31st Mar 2005 12:09 :: Mark & Jenn
Great weekend.
Highlights: The ferry cabaret, the bar at Lilystad (\'nuff said!) The drives, the scenery and the company.
Thanks to everyone.

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