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The October Weekend
Sat 4th Oct 2014 to Sun 5th Oct 2014
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 14
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The October Weekend

Saturday 4th to Sunday 5th October 2014

It seemed such a long time since last Novembers’ Planning meeting when it was agreed that we would once again do a run to Argyll & overnight at the Loch Fyne Hotel.  But here we all are, meeting at ASDA Robroyston for the last run on the calendar this year.

Cars were fuelled up and the odd cuppa partaken in the Café as we congregated for the drive.  The clouds remained heavy but to the west, blue skies could be seen!

Briefing completed, we set off amongst the shoppers which soon split us up but a brief wait on the main road, we reformed 14 cars in a line.  Heading north for Lennoxtown to ascend up the Campsie hill road, we found signs indicating road closure so off west we headed in the diversion to Strathblane and onwards to Killearn then doubled back to Fintry (B818) to rejoin our route onwards to the northeast.  Weather was stable and by Strathblane, the tops were down & blue skies were above!  From Fintry we headed north on the B822 through Kippen to Thornhill.  Then it was A873/B826 towards Doune before turning west on B8032 & A81 briefly before arriving in Callander for a comfort break.

Unfortunately we lost one car at Doune in a wrong turning and despite attempts to get them back on track, they were soon out of comms range.  At Callander contact was made, but they were well on their way to the lunch stop ahead of us.  It was like summer in Callander, sun beating down and light winds, just “open top” weather we have got used to this year.

Suitably rested but slightly behind schedule for lunch, we set off turning right onto A84 to Kilmahog and the A821 Dukes Pass route…. and so did the coach tour in front!  At Loch Achray, the driver pulled in to a lay-by and off we went, opening up the throttles as we climbed the ascent, enjoying the twists and turns of the road with no cars in sight.  3 of us broke away from the group so we must have been giving it just that bit extra, but all to soon we started the descent towards Aberfoyle where all regrouped on the A81 heading for Port of Monteith, turning right (B8034) to Arnprior, then right on A811 through Buchlyvie.  2 miles further down most cut off on to the A875 to Balfron whilst others missed the turning and ended up at Balfron Station.  We could hear the chatter on the comms as we ran parallel heading for Drymen on different roads.  Strangely we all arrived at the Buchanan Arms Hotel at the same time where the car park was busy, a Piper playing as we pulled in but that was really or the wedding party.  Frank & Rosie had also turned up for lunch, disappointed at not being able to be with us for the weekend due to circumstances, but wishing us well.

Fed and watered, all cars regrouped, tops lowered, sun shining off we went towards Balloch to join the Loch Lomond traffic.  Numerous roundabouts were always going to be challenge and again we became split.  Turning off at the Arden roundabout for Helensburgh (B831) we continued through the next onto the single track road to Faslane.  Beautiful views as we descended looking over the loch and the ship-lift.  Turning right we followed the A814 to Arrochar, dropping the Glen Douglas detour in order to make up lost time for those that were looking forward to the Spa facilities.

The Loch Long road has seen some resurfacing work undertaken but unfortunately traffic slowed our progress, and then came the first shower of the day, one of these “loch showers” that had the hoods go up for the remainder of the run.

Turning on to the A83 we continued to the Loch Fyne hotel at a leisurely rate as we followed traffic.
Checking in, some disappeared to the Spa, others headed into town as by now the sun was out, whilst others congregated in the lounge.  The evening meal was enjoyable and the “after meal quiz” all that we had come to expect from our Quizz Master Wattie.  Was it easy, never is & some resorted to fraternisation with other residents in the lounge in an attempt to obtain the answers.  The raffle draw with prizes was held afterwards, the proceeds raised going to this year’s cause.

Day 2.

Breakfast consumed, check out completed, we departed the hotel on empty roads heading north (A819) up to the north end of Loch Awe tops down of course then left on to the A85, we continued at good pace towards Oban where the skies were greying.  Pulling into the Tesco Supermarket, we all fuelled up and had a brief leg stretch.  We said farewell to Chris who had another appointment that he had to make before our run would finish & we continued onwards heading south to Kilmartin before veering off for Crinan where we parked up for a photo opportunity, some who had never been there before.

Onwards following the canal along to Cairnbaan, we turned left for the lunch stop at the Horseshoe Inn at Bridgend.  After a lovely lunch we departed north until taking the B840 Loch Awe road passing through Ford & onwards to Cladich at a good pace, meeting the odd car, squirrel & pheasant.

Turning back down the A819 for Inveraray for a comfort break, the first shower of the day saw the hoods go up for a brief period as we ran down into the car park.  Leaving Inveraray (tops down), the group was split due to traffic and road works.  A UHF malfunction on the tail car had them incommunicado for a bit but by Arrochar, back on line.

The weather looked dubious, again the grey clouds of the Loch beckoned but with an empty road ahead how could we not entertain a spirited drive down the A814 once again.  Continuing on up the familiar Haul Road for Loch Lomond, we ended the run in the car park at Lomond Shores, saying farewells to all who had attended.

We both hope you all enjoyed the outing, the mix of roads, the venues and most of all the company & banter which makes these runs such a great social event.  Our thanks to Quiz Master Wattie for all his hard work in putting the quiz together for us all to enjoy, very much appreciated.  Also our thanks go to Jim & Maria, Drew & Ali for taking the last car position in the convoys over the 2 days.

Roll on 2015!

Report by: Marcia & Raymond

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Your Comments
5th Oct 2014 18:49 :: alan & Rosie
What a brilliant weekend.a huge thanks to Marcia  and Raymond for doing such a great job of organising it  And a big thanks to our brilliant quizmaster walter who kept us entertained all evening. and finally  can you believe it the hoods down nearly all weekend and sun shining thanks again to all who work in the background.ALAN & ROSIE

5th Oct 2014 19:27 :: Drew & Ali
Great weekend and super company. Thanks everyone for rounding off a super 2014 run season in style. Special thanks to Marcia, Raymond and Wattie for arrangements.

5th Oct 2014 19:33 :: Dave
Thanks for a great weekend, and well done for arranging the weather....rained when I left home and rained when I got back home....but in between mostly blue sky's.

5th Oct 2014 21:26 :: Jacqueline & Ian
Great weekend and company. Thanks Marcia and Raymond. Jaws were aching from laughing so much at Wattie's brilliant Quiz.We really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks to everyone involved, even down to ensuring top down weather :-)

6th Oct 2014 07:08 :: Gavin & Eileen
Another successful October weekend. Thanks to Raymond and Marcia for their organisation skills.  Rain? What rain?  Hardly any.  So much for the weather forecaster. I hope you get your money back guys.

6th Oct 2014 14:25 :: Jim and Maria
A big thanks to Raymond and Marcia for their hard work to make the weekend the success it was. Well done to our quiz master; Wattie,great evening entertainment. Lastly, a thank you to all the members whose company make these weekends so enjoyable.

6th Oct 2014 16:18 :: Wattie97
Well done Raymond and Marcia  another super weekend. A  great time was had by all. Enjoyed the roads the food and the company. Thanks for organising it all.
  Wattie & Janet.

6th Oct 2014 20:14 :: Carol &Evan
Another great weekend,with brilliant company.Many thanks to Marcia & Raymond for all the work they put in organising the run,hotel and lunch stops.Many thanks to Wattie for the evenings entertainment.

7th Oct 2014 01:17 :: Eddie & Sandra
Superb weekend and loads of gratitude to Marcia & Raymond for all their input into making the weekend so memorable. At the end of the day though it takes a team effort to make things so pleasurable. We had a great drive - a super hot tub & swim - great food - a modicum of drink and gallons of friendship.  Who knows, as newcomers, we might even start to get all the names of the gang right in due course!!!!!

7th Oct 2014 18:04 :: Margaret & David
Thanks to Marcia and Raymond for all the organisation; Wattie for another "easy" quiz and everyone else for making it a great enjoyable weekend.

7th Oct 2014 22:20 :: Susan
Massive thanks to Marcia & Raymond for organising a fab weekend, and to Wattie for fun and games in the evening. I'll definitely  be back on that Loch Awe road! Great way to start my birthday celebrations early - amongst good friends :-)

12th Oct 2014 19:48 :: allan in gala
pics look great guys glad you all had a good time sorry we missed it as we had our sons wedding and happy beleated birthday susan hope all youe drinke wer big ones see you all soon

13th Oct 2014 11:52 :: Ian
Report now posted.

13th Oct 2014 13:29 :: Heather & Chic
Great weekend, good company, food and roads, special thanks to Marcia and Raymond for all their organising.  Also thank you to those who donated pants and bras for "Smalls for All".

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