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Chris's Border Run
Sun 7th Sep 2014
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 12
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Chris's Border Run

Sunday 7th September 2014


Put me down for organising a run in 2014 !!!!
That sounded like a good idea way back at the planning meeting last November.

Fast forward to a sunny Sunday morning in September, 12 cars worth of club members, including some very welcome first timers, Carol, Stan & Sheena and Steven & Dawn, converged on Abington services to take part in the inaugural Chris’s Border run.
After the brief briefing was made (did anyone dream up a “handle” for Steven using the radio ????) we headed out with Chris in front and Angus tail gunning the back markers.
A quick blast along the “old M74” led us to the first proper MX5 road, heading down through Crawfordjohn towards the A76 at Sanquhar. As the lead cars joined the 76, for the first (and not for the last) time that day, the immortal words were spoken over the radio from the back……”still stuck at the traffic lights”. A quick pause to regroup and we were on our way again. The run wound its way up through the Mennock Pass with its fantastic scenery and tight twisty road, passing the gold prospectors panning away in the stream, all the way up through Wanlockhead to the old mining village of Leadhills. Turning right, we headed along Elvanfoot road to …..Elvanfoot, where we joined the A702 after a short pause to regroup again.
After dipping under the M74, we headed along the “old road” with a “sprightly” run towards Beattock and Moffat (but not quite that far). Turning up to Greenhillstairs (no sign of a village but well signposted) we joined the Moffat to Edinburgh A701 road.
From here the group wound its way through the Devil’s Beeftub (so called because of the legend that cattle rustlers stored their prizes from across the border there) behind a smoky Transit van, and onwards (with interruptions from a white Toyota who thought nothing better of playing at MX5 dodging) to the hamlet of Tweedsmuir.
Turning off the main road at Tweedsmuir and onto the Talla road, we heard it again…… (still stuck at the lights…). Heading along past the Talla dam and up along the side of the reservoir, we encountered a like-minded individual going the other way. He seemed a bit confused by the sentiment when Susan pointed it out to him. Turns out it was Dylan. (thanks for stunning photo of MX5 and motorbike overlooking Talla).
We then meandered up the 1 in 5 climb at the end of the loch and onwards, continuing on some excellent MX5 roads, stopping briefly to offer some stern words on road safety to a sheep which wasn’t in any hurry to move over, to the Megget dam where we stopped for a quick photo-shoot. 10 minutes later we were at our “technical” stop in amidst the bikers at the tearoom at St Mary’s loch. We squeezed through the narrow, steep gap into the car park for a quick leg stretch.
Legs stretched and it was time to head for the lunch town.
After carefully negotiating the car park exit (rumours of lovely scraping sounds from Evan’s lowered body shell are so far unconfirmed….) we headed on along the banks of St Mary’s loch.
Turning left at the pub, we were back on some good roads towards Traquair, where we turned off towards Cardrona, this part of the run mostly through a leafy canopy.
A couple of deserters were dropped off for their lunch at Kailzie Gardens while the rest of us went onwards to Peebles and parked up for lunch. As people were left to their own devices regarding food, we haven’t added the customary lunch report. Although Susan and Carol have recommended the steak pie at the County Inn (after researching numerous other establishments in the process).
The Balmoral chicken and the fish and chips from the same place got the thumbs up from Chris and Alan.
Meeting back up at the car park we headed out through Peebles and promptly got stuck behind a supermarket lorry for the next 8 miles (post run note, this road is far better when there’s no lorry in front of you).
With the lorry finally dispatched down a side road, we got along a bit more sprightly towards the village of Skirling before we made it to the town of Biggar. Again at a couple of sets of road works, the radios chimed to the sound of….”I’m stuck at the lights..” Was it a recording ??????
After Biggar it was on past Tinto Hill and over the Hyndford Bridge (including the now obligatory getting stuck at the lights) before the convoy wound its way to the destination of Lanark Loch.

Many thanks to all who came along and made this a great day out.
Who knows, I might put my hand up for next year again.

Report By: Chris Kelly

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Your Comments
7th Sep 2014 20:38 :: Ian and Irene
What a great day. Thanks Chris for organising the run today, fab weather and super roads and scenery.

7th Sep 2014 20:47 :: Irene
Sorry having a problem submitting photos from iPad. Will try to correct.

7th Sep 2014 20:55 :: Carol & Evan
Great run, great weather, great roads, some I have never been on , but will go again. Fantastic first run Chris and looking forward to more in the future!

7th Sep 2014 21:26 :: Steven & Dawn
Chris we would like to say a big thank you for a superb driving route for our first run out today. The route was brilliant. We are both still smiling. We would also like to say a BIG thank you to all the members that attended today & made us feel very welcome as newbies.

7th Sep 2014 22:16 :: Ali & Drew
Ali and I repeat what others have said  - a great day out, well done Chris for planning route. Welcome to newbies Stan, Sheena, Steven, Dawn and Carol- I hope you enjoyed it and we will see you all again.

8th Sep 2014 06:51 :: Angus
Great day out  over some great roads

8th Sep 2014 10:39 :: Dylan
I was in the MX-5 travelling the wrong way at the Talla reservoir! First time I've driven that part of the country, brilliant little road.

8th Sep 2014 18:47 :: Susan
Fab day out on great fun roads. Thanks Chris! Carol will defo be back next year ;-) Lovely to see some new buddies out. Well done keeping up with me Steven haha! Dylan - hopefully we looked like the kinda crowd you want to race round the countryside with - safely of course! ;-)

8th Sep 2014 19:57 :: Robert craig
Fab day, great to meet some newbies and the old ones.
Robert and lesley
Thanks chris

8th Sep 2014 20:45 :: John
Nice one Chris, great run, on some new roads for me.

8th Sep 2014 21:52 :: chris k
Many thanks to all of you who came along and made this a great day out. Was good to meet the newbies too
Hope you all had as much fun as I did.

Chris K

10th Sep 2014 16:25 :: Dave
Thanks for a great run.  Pity about that HGV out of Peebles seemed like a fun road.

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