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Pub Meet Kilsyth
Thu 6th Nov 2014
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : Unknown
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Thursday Pub Meet

The Boathouse,
Auchinstarry Marina,
G65 9SG

Thursday 6th November 2014

Google Maps Link to the venue


As the days leading up to the Pub night the numbers of this event were steadily rising.  25 new and older [well some of us are] members enjoyed a great meal, we were even given our own room. Maybe they had heard that we were a noisy lot. Many of us agreed that it was one of the best pub food that we have had in the past.

It was good to meet Lindsay, Sheena and Stan, Shaun, Ed, Isabell and Bruce. Thanks to Dave for popping in from his travelling home via the Airport. Thanks to everyone else for making the night so enjoyable.

Hope to see you all soon.
Report by; Maria

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Your Comments
8th Nov 2014 10:49 :: Marcia & Raymond
Another nice get together for dinner and a chat, with some new members also braving the weather.

8th Nov 2014 11:59 :: stan+sheena
had a pleasant evening,nice meal,good company,could get used to this.only one complaint NAE BROON SAUCE.

8th Nov 2014 12:33 :: Susan
Nice venue for this one, once found haha! Good to meet some new members and hopefully we'll see them again soon. Wee mini run with Shaun and Ed on the way back to the motorway :-)

8th Nov 2014 21:53 :: Jim and Maria
Enjoyed this new venue. Good to meet quite a few new members and always good to meet up with friends.

10th Nov 2014 17:37 :: Wattie97
Another good pup night and even more newbies. Nice to see we are continuing to attract new members. Smashing venue and lovely food. Well done Fordies great venue.

11th Nov 2014 12:41 :: Margaret & David
Good food and good company, nice to see everyone again and all the new members

13th Nov 2014 00:59 :: Ed
It was nice to meet everyone. I had a really good night and found out that my full beams are more useful as searchlights for aircraft than being able to see the road in front of me.

I don't normally brake in the middle of corners Susan, honest. I just didn't know there was a corner until I was in the middle of it.

14th Nov 2014 13:43 :: Susan
Ed - I'd just put it down to possibly unfamiliar roads, and dodgy driving conditions ;-)

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