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Ayrshire Treasure
Sun 17th Apr 2005 to Sun 17th Apr 2005
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 20
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When Phil first volunteered to put together a Treasure Hunt, in the quiet rural back roads of Ayrshire, I guess we all wondered what we were letting our selves in for and as it happened ? we all had a wonderful surprise, a Treasure Hunt on three levels: 1) Facts we had to find as we drove the route; 2) General knowledge of the Highway Code and; 3) a list of bits and pieces that, if collected, could be presented for bonus points! 

But when is a Treasure Hunt not a Treasure Hunt? I guess when half the twenty cars that turned up are hungry for Treasure and the other half just want a nice drive through the Ayrshire countryside.... A win-win you might think until the confusion gremlin stepped in ? and half the ones that simply turned up for a drive tacked themselves onto the stream of cars that followed Phil down the treasure trail, leaving four cars (which later became six) to follow Douglas in the second group of non pirates.   

The first part of the Treasure Hunt was meant to be straightforward ? Phil would simply lead the posse along the predefined route and so it should only have fallen to observation to spot the answers to the various clues as we drove past! But here again, the confusion?gremlin had the last laugh as many assumed that the clues were in route order and Phil decided to inadvertently skip a bit of the route.

It therefore fell to Mino and Dinaz ? proceeding independently, miles behind the pack and arriving at the Malin Court Hotel long after the Starters were served, to clinch the laurels. Phil, whose other passion is wood turning, had hand-made a range of prizes ranging from key rings to ball-pens to letter-openers that were very much appreciated by all those lucky enough to receive them. 

Lunch was indeed a grand affair, the function room was set up posh and with a lovely four-course meal all for a Tenner! Well done again Phil on fixing that one! And then after lunch, the customary raffle followed by the marking of the treasure hunt and the prize giving. Chris from Broughty Ferry won the prize for the most travelled 5, having covered 101 miles to get to the start point in Lugton, only 10 miles more than Mike & Di from Blairgowrie.

They say that what happens twice happens thrice and so our grand getaway ? the thirty-odd miles back to Galston and the formal end of the run ? got more than a little disrupted! Some folk, breaking off after lunch to head home, were mistaken for run leaders with the result that the car park rapidly emptied leaving Douglas, Phil and Mino along with John & Heather and Stevie standing there, open mouthed..... Such is life ? some lessons learnt for next time included the need for a proper briefing in the morning and the afternoon.

All that said, it was a great day out with many new faces and some breath-taking roads for which Phil (backed up by Douglas) deserve a great deal of credit and thanks.



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Your Comments
17th Apr 2005 18:40 :: lochpark
Just a pity the weather was not a little better, but on the whole a good day out, excellent menu and the "treasure hunt" added to the day.

Well done Phil !

17th Apr 2005 19:25 :: Douglas
Another great one and pleased to see so many Ayrshire and Renfrewshire members turn out.Nice to meet all the new faces hope to see you again.Thanks again to Phil for organising the run and for making the prizes (wood turning) given out to the Treasure Hunt winners.

17th Apr 2005 19:38 :: Phil
By the time I got back to Largs the rain was really heavy.  It had been like that from 11:00am so we were quite fortunate.

17th Apr 2005 20:21 :: John & Heather
Excellent day out - many thanks Phil for planning the route and the meal, great to see such a large turnout

17th Apr 2005 21:48 :: Kristoff
Well worth the journey through. Lovely meal, great run and thanks Phil for the presentation of the wee globe. I've just doubled my lifetime awards :-)

17th Apr 2005 21:52 :: Fee
Well done Phil for organising a great run.  Hope you all had a lovely lunch and managed to get the second part dry, if not a little "fresh" with the roof down.

17th Apr 2005 22:31 :: chic and heather
Good day out Phil with fine roads and excellent meal - thanks to yourself and Douglas for organising

17th Apr 2005 22:39 :: Gordon & Janice
As first timers on a club run we had a great day out, thanks to Phil for all the hard work and thanks to all of you for making us so welcome. It certainly was a bracing day for a run with the top down!

17th Apr 2005 22:47 :: Dave Scott
Great run, thanks Phil and all who helped. Who was in charge of the weather though eh?

I've uploaded some pictures, I'll try linking to one here, but I'll post some links on the forum.

See you at the next one.


17th Apr 2005 23:33 :: Mino
Many thanks Phil for another  great event to add to our list of achievements and thanks too for the lovely prizes. 

18th Apr 2005 00:41 :: Hardtrack
Great meal,was worth the drive for that alone!.....wasn't on the run,but thanx to Phil and Douglas for a great choice.........I hope you 2 weren't testing the water of your next possible house move....seeing as you are getting on in the years :P.

18th Apr 2005 10:11 :: Phil
Steady on, we haven't got bus passes yet!!!!!

It might be a case in the future of MX-5, sponsored by Voltaren Gel !!!!

18th Apr 2005 22:56 :: Mike & Di
Well done Phil, weather ok compared to the rest of the country and what a meal.
Why can't they give you that at a wedding for the same price ?..
Nice to meet everyone.

18th Apr 2005 23:05 :: Steve & Julie
Nice run, Great lunch,Brrrrrr it was cold !!! A good day was had by all

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