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First run of the year
Sun 16th Mar 2014
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : 12
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Please note peeps, this run will be leaving from the Tay Bridge car park at the Fife end of the bridge.
At 10.30am

If weather is kind to us (like last year) hopefully we will manage to have a run over the water into Fife.

Will check with our members over there as to a route and a location to go to for a bite to eat.

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Your Comments
16th Mar 2014 20:47 :: Robert craig
Fantastic day out with the taysiders, hope to meet up again some time.
Robert central

16th Mar 2014 20:48 :: Tom & Jen
Good day, great crowd, good food, fantastic roads.New couple (welcome) a couple of cars from Central in the mix.
  Many thanks to Sandy and Margaret for arranging the run and the weather, hoods down all day !! Fab !!

16th Mar 2014 22:00 :: stroma
enjoyed todays run ,good to see everyone, thanks to Sandy and Margaret for planning the run

16th Mar 2014 22:29 :: George Stuart
Had a great day out,  Met some very nice people who made us most welcome. Hope to meet up again.  Thanks Sandy and Margaret for all the arrangements.  Loved wee Jake.  Will have hard top off next time.

George and Lilias Stuart

17th Mar 2014 01:33 :: Gavin
had a great day, didnt get home till 7.20 top was still down !

17th Mar 2014 13:57 :: Richard and Maureen
Well done Sandy and Margaret, super day out on roads I never new existed, great company as always

17th Mar 2014 23:14 :: Peter + Denise
Great first run of the season. Thanks Sandy for a grand tour of Fife. Some fantastic views throughout the day .....and that was just the cars! Hope to see you all again soon. Ta for now.

18th Mar 2014 08:27 :: Sandy
Hi peeps
I'm glad the comments are positive for my first bash at organising a run, it makes it worthwhile for me. Welcome, to the run newbies and good to see the usual suspects again.
Roofs down all day for everybody (time to remove the hardtop George) even in the strong cold wind. Aren't MX5 heaters great. A total of 160 mls for us with a few stops for pics and scran. The service at Baxters was slow at one of the tables but, they got there.
Parking is always an issue at the Crusoe but we managed. I'm glad we decided to miss out the coastal part of the route due to event at Crail as it was getting dark at 18.30 when we arrived back at the bridge. The nights are drawing out now though.
If anybody that has pics of the day could send some to me, especially convoy on the move and group shots it would be appreciated, as I'm writing up a report for the magazine.
Til the next time folks
Sandy n Margaret

20th Mar 2014 22:20 :: Shirley+Graeme
Great day out, with some fantastic roads
Many thanks to Sandy and Margaret for arranging the run:-)
And of course the company .

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