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Callander Classics Weekend
Sat 27th Aug 2005 to Sun 28th Aug 2005
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 22
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Saturday..I arrived at Ben Ledi park, just after 10:00, thinking I would be first on site, alas no...our resident early birds; Tom and Barbara had once again beat me to it, I never got the chance to look, but I had my suspicions they were hiding a tent in the boot. A few more arrived and in no time we had the gazebo in position. This year we were given a pitch with a crop circle, this was to be an area where we could display six cars, so before long we had our six red cars all pointing outwards from the circle, a fine view for the spectators just entering the field from the car park. Although the Saturday is normally a quiet day, we seemed to have far more people asking about the Cars and the Club today. It was soon time for our Trossachs Lunch Run and we were joined by new Member Luke and existing, but first Club event member Frank, this took the convoy up to fifteen cars. Once again the Lion & the Unicorn hotel in Thornhill did us proud, the food was excellent and service superb. After lunch our usual Trossachs route was taken and at times at a somewhat slow pace, mainly due to the holiday traffic. Not long after arriving back at base we were joined by Pauline and Gordon, with Gordon looking resplendent in his 'Mx-5 Tartan' Kilt.
After a little bit of car cleaning, we packed up for the day and headed back to our various hotels, time to spruce up for the party at Richard & Eileen?s.
Richard had once again pulled out all the stops and managed to get hold of a Marquee for the evening?s barbeque. A great time was had by all as we were entertained by the Guitar trio of Sandy, Charles and James.
Sunday arrived and so did the rain, although a few cars never showed up, we still managed to have at one point eighteen cars on display, only this time our crop circle was made up of two cars from each mark. Despite the diabolical weather conditions the public still kept on coming and although some of the events were cancelled a few of the team challenge events did take place and were quite entertaining. It was perhaps wishful thinking on my behalf, but I was only repeating what I had heard when I half heartedly assured members that the rain would go off after lunch and of course that just didn't happen. By this time some of our members had started heading for home but the others stayed on and were probably quite relieved when at three o clock I suggested we call it a day, down came the soaking wet gazebo and quickly packed away to be dried out later.
Once again a Callander Classics weekend of two half?s, the second half spoiled by the elements, at least we can say we had an enjoyable first half and can only hope for third time lucky next year.


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Your Comments
28th Aug 2005 20:14 :: graeme
Another wet Callander Classic - that's 3 our of the 4 I've been to. Not even the Gavin-esque super cool hat could keep me dry. We need a gazebo with sides!

28th Aug 2005 20:38 :: Richard Nicol
You meen a marquee, a Gayzeebo would be too small or blow away!

28th Aug 2005 21:03 :: John & Heather
Home and Dry - hehehe

Great weekend, hope all those that went enjoyed themselves despite the weather - thanks to Douglas for the planning and special thanks to Richard and Eileen for the barbie also the usual suspects for the entertainment


28th Aug 2005 22:56 :: June
Nice seeing everyone
again and some new faces (new to me that is!) Shame the weather was bloody awful! Was still good despite this! Heres to the next one AND no more rain!

28th Aug 2005 23:09 :: Douglas
Thanks to everyone for turning out over the two days and helping with the GAYZEEBO.Sorry about the weather today, but at least we had it fine yesterday. We signed up 9 new members over the two days, which can't be bad.
A big big thanks to Richard and Eileen for their hospitality and your giant was excellent.
It was great to see Pauline and Gordon (Grouse) over the two days.

29th Aug 2005 10:22 :: Douglas
Monday..and of course its dry today, gazebo is drying out nicely outside this morning. Did a recount it was 10 new memberships.

29th Aug 2005 17:10 :: Tom & Barbara
Great weekend despite the weather on sunday.

Great company, cars, barbeque, music, scalectrics, wellie shopping, ....etc. What more could you want.
Hope everyone is well and not suffering with a cold.


29th Aug 2005 20:06 :: Dot and Chas
It was another great weekend despite the downpour!At least we were not in New Orleans,I reckon our gazebo would have taken off for sure,along with a few cars!!!Thanks to Douglas for organising the stand,gazebo etc.Also to Richard and Eileen for the usual great hospitality.How's the Chocolate cake?We can't be unlucky again next year but at least us girlies have our wellies!!!
Great to see Grouse and Pauline and hope he lets Pauline drive him at more runs in the future.
See you all in September
Dot and Chas

29th Aug 2005 20:49 :: Nigel & Stella
And yes it rained all day at Knockhill on Sunday too!  Wet down to the undies! (That is due to external water not internal!!!).  Again, many thanks Douglas for all the arranging and thanks to Eileen and whats-is-name for the loan of the BBQ - excellent.

30th Aug 2005 20:27 :: Bill Bennett
Hi all, just picked this up from the other side of the Atlantic. Just wanted to say how pleased I am that Gordon (Grouse) and Pauline attended the Callander Classic. Sorry we could not make it this year.

30th Aug 2005 21:23 :: Richard & Eileen
Well that's the Marquee dried out and packed away on the trailer, just a 450 mile trip to return it. Thanks to James for his assistance

30th Aug 2005 21:52 :: chic and heather
Just read the reports of the weekend at Callander - sounds like a great weekend again and nice to see Gordon and Pauline with the club again - sorry we missed out but had to make a rushed trip to NZ

1st Sep 2005 09:33 :: grouse
Gordon and I had a great weekend - thanks to all of you for welcoming us back so warmly. A special thanks to Douglas for putting a picture of Gordons car in the programme - anyone silly enough to vist us this week has had it thrust under their nose.... Also to Richard and Eileen for organising the bbq and especially for my "pint of wine"!!! I really enjoyed driving the Mx5 and intend to come to as many meets as we can in the future. Once again a HUGE thank you. P.

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