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Hi-5s Xmas Do
Sat 14th Dec 2013
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : 9
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'Bring a Party to a Party'
The Ramnee Hotel, Forres
Saturday 14th December

Christmas Dinner and entertainment!!

Beautiful Christmas Fare menu with a Hi-calorie dessert! 
The menu can be accessed on the Ramnee Hotel website Xmas menu

Price £29.75 per head.  A £10 deposit is required before the end of the month (3rd November meeting sounds about right)

Tea and Toast in the early hours to finish off the evening and soak up the alcohol before going to bed!

Rooms for overnight stay are £55/double, ... single occupancy is £50 ...and breakfast is included.

Eight rooms were booked - 9 have gone already - that leaves 0 rooms free, but don't worry they still have a few rooms left if you're quick!  (Info correct as of 22:30hrs on the 3rd Nov but I haven't provisionally booked any more rooms)

Get your name down fast!  This will be our last Hi-5s event of the year.

Please post a comment if you wish to book a place.

Please also note that the hotel cancellation policy is 2pm the day before.  If you call off without cancelling direct with the hotel then you will still be responsible for the full cost of room and meal/s.

Thank you

Cars booked so far - 9

02 - Brian & Frankie - room booked - deposit paid
04 - Doug & Muriel - room booked - deposit paid
06 - Wendy + one - room booked - deposit paid
08 - The ALS - room booked - deposit paid (see Wendy)
10 - Bobby & Debbie - room booked - deposit paid
12 - Andy & Dorothy - room booked - deposit paid
14 - Jimmy and Jill - room booked - deposit paid
16 - Chuck & Gill - room booked - deposit paid
18 - Patti & Peter - room booked - deposit paid

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Your Comments
14th Dec 2013 15:06 :: Phil Marley
Hope you all have a great time this evening. Sorry I can't be there. 
I am sure you plan all the best events for when I am away :-/

15th Dec 2013 13:17 :: Douglas & Muriel
Super night with great company. Congratulations to Brian and Frankie on their engagement and also to Al and Ally. Have a good Christmas and New Year. See you all in 2014

15th Dec 2013 18:03 :: Chuck & Gill
Great night, great company, great food- need we say more, apart from thank you to our Secret Santa for our lovely pressies and also congrats to newly engaged couples and happy birthday to Debbie. Merry Christmas to all and see you next year.

15th Dec 2013 18:10 :: Peter & Patti
Thanks to Brian & Frankie for as ever an amazing night, thoroughly enjoyed, also congratulations on the 2 engagements. Christmas wishes to all and see you in the new year.

15th Dec 2013 20:31 :: Andy & Dorothy
A wonderful evening a perfect end to the 2013 calender ,echoing congrats to happy couples wishing everyone all best for 2014,

16th Dec 2013 11:58 :: Debbie & Bobby
Wow what a supper evening what moor can' I say it's all been Said but to wish you all a happy Xmas and a happy new year all the best for 2014 .

17th Dec 2013 20:41 :: Frankie And Brian
Thank you to everyone for making our xmas do such a fantastic success! Brilliant company as always - the Hi-5s know how to enjoy themselves :-)

We wish you all, the very best of Christmases and a Happy New Year when it comes. xx

21st Dec 2013 00:38 :: ali@mandy
Congratulations are in order for our wonderfull pair of coordinators.  Frankie and Brian on there engagement. Well done guys!

21st Dec 2013 21:30 :: FaB
Thank you Ali, all this celebrating could become a habit....could think of worse things to occupy out time with!! :-) xx

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