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Croick Church
Sun 20th Oct 2013 to Mon 21st Oct 2013
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : 9
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The morning of Sunday 20th October started grey and foggy as we headed to the meeting point at DFS when a miracle happened (or so I was reliably informed.) Both coordinators namely FAB arrived first.  Seemingly this is unheard off!
6 cars arrived by 10am so off we set tops down for Skiach Services, our first stop for breakfast, where another two cars would be joining us.

With everybody watered and  fed we mounted up and 8 cars headed over the Struy to Ardgay, fortunately the weather was starting to improve giving tantalising glimpses of the Kyle of Sutherland, Dornoch Bridge, etc.. With a quick stop at Ardgay to make sure we hadn't lost anyone, we headed up single track roads past Gledfield to our destination Croick Church where my sister was waiting with her trusty camera to take what I think are very good pictures, two off which have been entered for consideration in the club calendar. With  everybody having a look round and a read of the information boards and a wander outside, Wendy rang the church bell calling time !

So with the weather continuing to improve we headed for Rosehall  for lunch via single track twist and turn roads which took us past Culrain, Carbistale Castle and Inveroykle.

After a fine meal at the Achness Hotel and some lively and humorous discussion it was decided to head for The Storehouse for Coffee! This turned out to be a brilliant idea, so we headed off via Lairg, Rogart to the Mound and the A9 to Foulis Ferry, where after some coffee and cake and more of a blether we headed our separate ways.

From myself and Mandys point of view it was a thoroughly enjoyable day with fantastic company and best of all we all had the tops down all day!!  Report by Ali and Mandy

Note from FAB - Many thanks to Ali and Mandy for a great day out.  Not only was this their first go at organising a run, but it was their FIRST RUN!  A further first goes for the fact that they even wrote the run report.  You can definitely come again guys!!

Historical Note - Croick Church appeared in the spotlight during 1845 when the people of Glencalvie were evicted off the land their families had lived on for generations.  Of the 400 to 500 inhabitants cleared 90 or so people had nowhere to go and took shelter in the churchyard of Croick Kirk. Their plight was reported in the Times. 

There were twenty-three children in the churchyard, all under the age of ten, and seven of them were ill. There were also some young and unmarried men and women, but most of the refugees were over forty.  As a lasting testament to their misery they scratched messages in the East window of the church.  To me the most telling is "Glencalvie people the wicked generation Glencalvie." - Generations of trust, obedience and faith in their church and their chiefs had left the clansmen unable to believe that these were the very people had betrayed and deserted them.  Rather than blame their chiefs, the system, the church, all guilty, they felt that it must really be their faults.  They had sinned in someway and were now being punished.

Within a week of the report to the Times the Churchyard was empty.  Where the people went, to some southern industrial slum, or to face the perils of emigration to Nova Scotia or the like, is not known.  At least unlike some they left their story and a  memorial of sorts at Croick.  Thousands of others vanished from the face of the highlands, some reappearing in Canada, America, Australia, and New Zealand.  Many just disappeared.

If you visit Croick you may feel that there is more than just a few scratched messages left behind !!

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Your Comments
20th Oct 2013 17:38 :: Brian - part of FAB
Many thanks to Ali & Mandy for an excellent run today - and everyone else for coming along!  Brilliant!!  FAB

20th Oct 2013 19:12 :: Andy & Dorothy
A really enjoyable day thoughtout , many thanks to Ali & Mandy

20th Oct 2013 20:07 :: Debbie@ Bobby
Big thanks to Ali & Mandy for a excellent run tops down all day and of course  excellent company!!!

20th Oct 2013 20:39 :: wendy
Thanks Al and Mandy for a great run it was great to be back out with you all. should it be thanks for the food stops all we do is eat Great!!!!

20th Oct 2013 21:59 :: Douglas & Muriel
Fantastic run with great company. Many thanks Al and Mandy

20th Oct 2013 22:06 :: Chuck & Gill
Thanks to Ali & Mandy for a good day out. Only our third run but looking forward to many more.

21st Oct 2013 14:09 :: Ali@Mandy
Thanks everybody that turned up for the Croick Church run .
With it being both our first run and our first organising a run we felt a fair bit of trepidation sunday morning.But it seems all enjoyed the day
So thank you all for your comments!

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