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Visit to Angel Wax
Sat 10th Aug 2013
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 12
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Visit to Angel Wax

Saturday 10th August 2013

We set off at 8.00 am thinking it would take us an hour to get to Braehead. Well it only took us 40 minutes due to the lack of traffic. We were enjoying our breakfast at The Lord of the Isles as the others began to arrived. By 10.00am everyone had arrived except our Hosts. The girls then set off to the Braehead Shopping Centre. We were welcoming a few non-members who had arrived to join us as Matt from Angle Wax arrived. After the introductions 14 MX5 enthusiasts followed in a convoy to the Angel Wax factory.

Angel wax are a small group of industrial chemists who have worked together for over 25 years in the chemical industry. Over the past few years they have been researching, developing and designing an entire range of detailing products for the automotive industry with results that can only be described as awe inspiring. Their products are made in small batches by hand and then stringently tested to ensure that only the finest quality detailing products leave their premises to adorn our vehicle.


David's car was chosen as our test vehicle (nothing to do with it being dirty of course). Matt and Donald then proceeded to carry out a makeover using products from Angel Wax. It was a very enjoyable, humorous and instructive event and it was evident that everyone enjoyed their day at the Factory. If anyone in the club requires detailing products I would strongly recommend popping into the factory where the guys will be only too happy to sell to you direct.                                                                                                             
By the looks of all the shopping bags the girls had a good day too. A  big thanks to Ramsay for organising the event.

Report by: Jim Ford

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Your Comments
10th Aug 2013 17:18 :: David
Must be the best event yet! :-)  Not often that the car comes back cleaner than it went out.  Thanks to Ramsay for organising, and to Matt and Donald for all their efforts.

10th Aug 2013 22:09 :: Campbell
Well done to all organisers for an event full of excellent demonstration banter and products

10th Aug 2013 23:09 :: Jim and Maria
Another totally different event but a really good one. Thanks to Ramsay for organising and Matt and Donald for their demonstrations and expert advice. By all accounts the ladies enjoyed their day out at the shops. If you are needing any car care products it is definately worthwhile going to Angel Wax at their factory unit.

11th Aug 2013 08:32 :: Marcia & Raymond
Very educational event with the experts of Matt & Donald giving David's car the makeover using their products. Thanks to Ramsey for organising this demo for us. Thanks to all for making my son welcome to the event, he enjoyed the day out with the MX'rs and like a lot of us, indulged in the cleaning product offers from Matt.

11th Aug 2013 12:54 :: Ali & Drew
Enjoyable visit. Tried out Angel valeting products this morning.God didn't listen to angels as he started crying  - should have waxed first - rain would have run right off.

12th Aug 2013 17:43 :: wattie97
Enjoyable day out and learned a few things. Now know how to use my buffer.Thanks to Ramsay for organising the event.
Janet also had a good time shopping.

14th Aug 2013 19:18 :: David
Great day, thanks to Ramsey for organising, hopefully Angel Wax products will allow emulate Matt & Donald

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