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North Run - Thurso Area
Sun 18th Aug 2013
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : 14
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Hi-5s visit Thurso and the North

Sunday 18th August 2013

Assemble in DFS car park in good time for a prompt 9.30am start!

This is our run to the North of Scotland to visit our several members living in that region.

Greg and Jean have volunteered, yet again, to arrange this drive for us.  You can bet then that the social stops will be frequent and fascinating!  Some tips are expected from Shane - who may or may not manage to join us on this one.

The basic plan is to head North by some circuitous route to arrive in Thurso-ish for some lunch then back down by another such route - obviously stopping for the odd cup of coffee and a chat whenever we can manage it.

Hopefully our northern members will meet up somewhere on the way North.

These are abbreviated route details, a full print out will be available on the day.


DFS Inverness (START)
7mls - Tore Roundabout        
6mls - Cromarty Bridge (North End)
5mls - Alness
16mls - Tain
8mls - Evelix (Dornoch)
8mls - The Mound
10mls - Brora
11mls - Helmsdale
19mls - Latheron
24mls - Thurso (via Cassiemire)
114mls TOTAL
Driving time  2hrs 51 mins


15mls - A836 / A897 Junction (Melvich)
21mls - Kinbrace
17mls - Helmsdale (Junction with A9)
11mls - Brora
10mls - The Mound
8mls - Evelix (Dornoch)
1ml - Clashmore (Junction)
11mls - Bonar Bridge
5mls - Wester Fearn STRUIE Junction
19mls - Alness/Evanton
4 mls - Cromarty Bridge (North End)
6mls - Tore Roundabout
7mls - Inverness (FINISH)
135mls TOTAL

Driving time 3hrs 31mins

Arrangements have been made for the following stops:-

Journey North - Helmsdale - La Mirage resturant for coffee / tea at approx. 11.00 - 11.30am

Thurso - The Park Hotel - for light lunch at approx 1.00 - 1.30pm

Journey South - Helmsdale  - if there is a general wish for a coffee / tea stop

Hi-5s booked so far (14 cars):-
01 - Frankie - Mk 2.5
02 - Brian (on the way back)
03 - Ally
04 - Campbell - although Struie may be a pass too far!!
06 - Greg and Jean
07 - Lorraine
09 - Andy and Dorothy
10 - Wendy
11 - Peter P Smith - where are you from Peter?
13 - Jimmy and Jill
15 - Gillian and Charles - welcome on your first Hi-5s run!
17 - Debbie and Bobby
18 - Shane
20 - Doug and Muriel

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Your Comments
18th Aug 2013 21:47 :: Douglas & Muriel
Shower dodging at its best, tops down all day !! Great drive with some unexpected treasures along the way. Good to meet our generous Northern cousin, thanks Al. Good company, good food, well done to the organisers.

18th Aug 2013 21:48 :: Andy
Many thanks to Jean , Greg and Shane for organising a great run, that coupled with great company and nice little  indroduction lunchtime jazz ..;0)

19th Aug 2013 11:37 :: Debbie &Bobby
Brilliant day brill company,Thank you to the organisers for giving us such a super day and tops down Weather.

19th Aug 2013 14:04 :: Frankie
Many thanks to Greg and Jean for their planning on this run and Shane for the extra add ons. It was a fantastic day, great top down weather and of course, as always, brilliant company. The live swing and jazz at lunchtime a groovy bonus to the event!

19th Aug 2013 19:22 :: Gillian & Charles
Many thanks  to the organisers and members for making us feel very welcome.We thoroughly enjoyed our first outing  with our fellow MX5ers. Looking forward to seeing you all again at the next event- Grantown Motor Mania.

19th Aug 2013 20:36 :: Greg & Jean
Great day, tremendous luck with the weather, who could have guessed we would have tops down all day. Sincere thanks to Alan for his generosity and his company and to Shane for guiding us down Straths Halladale & Kildonan. Great company as usual, new and old. See you all at Motor Mania.

21st Aug 2013 21:50 :: Shane
Great day and company, sorry i had to leave early at Bonar Bridge. Thanks to Greg and Jean for arranging. It gave a chance to drive on a road on which usually you are using simply to get from A to B and have a fun time. Achnavanich, Strath Halladale and the loop from  to Bonar and Struie to Evanton are good fun to drive. See you al again soon!

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