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The Applecross Weekend
Fri 7th Jun 2013 to Sun 9th Jun 2013
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : 13
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Friday 7th - Sunday 9th June 2013

This is your chance to drive the world's best sportscar up Scotland's answer to the Alps as you take on the Bealach, probably one of the best driving roads in the UK.

Once we get down the other side to Applecross we have an opportunity to relax in the Applecross Hotel, a couple of beers and some of the best seafood in the land.  What more could you ask for?

After a brilliant two day event last year, we've decided to go one better and make it a full weekend event this year, leaving Inverness around 1800hrs on Friday evening.

If you can't manage the full timescale don't be put off as we plan several options depending on how much time you have to spare.


Details are still to be finalised but so far we have decided that it can be done as either a Saturday only, Sunday only, Fri/Sat with 1 overnight stay or the full blown Fri/Sat/Sun with 2 overnight stays!  Runs out of Applecross will be organised on the Saturday for those going over for the full weekend.

Don't say we don't give you choice with the Hi-5s!!

Wendy has again taken on the role of "organiser at Applecross".  This time round she has pre-booked the whole hotel for the entire weekend so let's not let her down. 

This is a very popular event so don't leave it too late to get your name down if you want to stay in the hotel - there are only 7 rooms.  Don't worry if you don't get in the hotel though as Wendy can arrange some more accommodation through Judy who owns the Applecross Inn.  Failing that there's always the campsite - although you may have to rough it if the Z4s turn up again this year.  A huge thank-you to Wendy for taking this on again.

Full details, timings, meals, etc., will follow shortly.  The main thing is to get your name on the list before it is too late.

We're already looking forward to a repeat of what was a fantastic trip.


On Friday 6th June, MX5s will leave from the DFS Carpark at two separate times. The first group is departing at 1430hrs.  The second group will leave, after completing an honest days work, at 1830hrs. Dinner is booked for 2030hrs at the Applecross Hotel.

If you can add a note below saying when and where you are departing from we will try and ensure we get everyone together - but we can't guarantee this will happen!

Map of route to Applecross - There's only one way to get to Applecross - that's UP the Bealach na Ba!

View Hi-5s - Applecross in a larger map

On Saturday 7th June, the group will depart the Applecross Hotel after a leisurely breakfast at around 1030hrs.  We will rendezvous at Strathcarron with Bob & Helen and Jimmy & Jill, and anyone else who fancies a run out on Saturday, at 1130hrs. There is a large carpark at Strathcarron Station and this is where we'll be!!

Our run on Saturday will go out via Dornie (38 mls).  to Shiel Bridge taking in Eilean Donan Castle and coffee. (7 mls)

Shiel Bridge to Glenelg for a look at the Pictish Brochs then lunch in the Glenelg Inn - probably somewhere between 13-1400hrs. (9 mls)

Glenelg to Kylerhea Ferry to Skye (£14)  (3 mls)

Kylerhea Ferry to Broadford Aerodrome (7 mls) with a stop off to see Broadford Landyachts

Broadford Aerodrome to Kyle of Lochalsh via Kyleakin. Fuel stop  (5 mls) Skye Bridge, Kyle of Lochalsh to Plockton for coffee. (7 mls)

Plockton back to Applecross (36mls) in time for another fine dinner at the Applecross Hotel!!!

View Dornie / Glenelg/ Plockton in a larger map

On Sunday 9th June a couple of us have to leave Applecross immediately after breakfast.  Those who have a bit more time are not planning leaving until around 1130hrs.  This should give enough time for Debbie & Bobby to get themselves over the Bealach and enjoy at least one coffee in Applecross before returning back down the Bealach and a leisurely journey homeward.

If anyone needs any more details please feel free to call me on 07977 283759.  Hope to see you there.

Hi-5s booked so far (13 cars):-
01 - Wendy            - overnight Fri & Sat - dinner - 1430
03 - Frankie and Brian - overnight Fri & Sat - dinner - 1830
05 - Phil & Sonya      - overnight Fri & Sat - dinner - 1830
07 - Douglas & Muriel  - overnight Fri & Sat - dinner - 1430
09 - Richard & Maureen - overnight Fri & Sat - dinner - 1830
11 - The ALS          - overnight Fri & Sat - dinner - 1430
12 - Campbell          - overnight Fri & Sat - dinner - 1430
14 - Bob & Helen      - Saturday run only
15 - Stuart Grampian  - overnight Fri & Sat - dinner - 1430
17 - Andy & Dorothy    - overnight Fri & Sat - dinner - 1430
19 - Jimmy & Jill      - overnight Saturday  - dinner
21 - Peter & Kerry    - overnight Fri & Sat - dinner Sat only
23 - Debbie & Bobby    - Saturday run only

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Your Comments
7th Jun 2013 17:58 :: Frankie
Sorry folks event hasn't started for us yet but according to this site it's now a PREVIOUS event  aaaarrrgggghhh! please add your comments here if you are joining, leaving etc over the weekend.

9th Jun 2013 14:28 :: Phil
Absolutely brilliant weekend.
Great weather, great roads, great food, great company.

Big thanks to Wendy for arranging it.  Big thanks to Doug for the run on Saturday :)

9th Jun 2013 20:29 :: andy & dorothy
Super duper ..the best so far..ticketyboo....keep them coming

9th Jun 2013 21:46 :: Douglas & Muriel
Fantastic weekend. Special thanks to Wendy for organising it and thanks to everyone for your company. Weather was the best and food was great. Hope everyone got home safely :)

9th Jun 2013 22:08 :: Peter P Smith
Amazing Weekend, thanks everyone. Looking forward to the next one. For those of you on Facebook, I have put up some photos. Find me with J80PPS or Peter P Smith

10th Jun 2013 01:11 :: stuboy
Absolutely super weekend , thanks to Wendy for organising & Doug for the run on Saturday.
Great weather, run & company, roll on the next one!!!!.....

10th Jun 2013 09:25 :: Wendy
What a great weekend the weather ,food and most of all the company really good fun and Douglas, for the run absolutely great we are a good team and welcome to the new members, Jimmy and Jill are now official members !!!! 

10th Jun 2013 12:08 :: Brian - part of FAB
Sitting here in Norway trying to believe that we were basking in the sun on the West coast of Scotland just yesterday.  What an absolutely fantastic weekend! The driving was great, the roads and scenery spectacular. The food was out of this world and the company second to none.  The best bit of course was that it was all organised by our members!!!  A million thanks to Wendy and Doug for the organisation and the brilliant route and the rest of you for turning up and enjoying it!  See you on the next one.  - PS remember to go to "future events" and log on for the next runs.  xox Brian

11th Jun 2013 13:26 :: Richard and Maureen
Echoing the comments and sentiments of all; super, great, amazing, brilliant, fantastic, best, spectacular...what a memorable weekend...good weather, roads, scenery, hotel, food and wine but above all it was the very best of company. Big thanks to Wendy for organizing, Doug for the run on Saturday and to all for the speed of removing the **** from the car in Plockton ...well done the Hi-5's!!!!!!!!!!!! Making the most of the weather, Maureen and I extended Sunday to take in dinner at  Kylesku. Turning down the A838 for a blast down to Lairg...eventually got home  after mid-night....PS Hi-5 report could make for an interesting read

11th Jun 2013 16:04 :: Phil
You didn't mention your unplanned paddle at Plockton!!

11th Jun 2013 16:48 :: Frankie
Well what can I add....the weekend was SUPERB!!! Sunshine, routes, food, scenery all spectacular, but best of all was the company! Thank you to Wendy and Doug for their organising.

Now, in order for the report to be full and correct, how about each of you dropping us an email with your highlights from the weekend? Just so that nothing gets overlooked of course ;-) . 'til the next time....

12th Jun 2013 08:40 :: Debbie@Bobby
Hi,Just to say thank you for the brilliant time we had on our first run with the Hi-5s and friends it was excellent.
looking forward to the next one.
But not so excellent on the way home had a run in with a deer my wee black beauty is having to go in for a new wing and some cosmetic work on Monday. 

13th Jun 2013 00:04 :: Frankie
Glad to hear you both enjoyed the weekend Debbie. I hope you are both OK after the deer incident and that wee black beauty is back in fine shape.

13th Jun 2013 20:26 :: The ALs
There isn't really anything that we can add to all the other comments. Like everyone else we had a really wonderful time and are already looking forward to next year (i wonder how we can make it bigger and better)
On a personal note: Phil, thank you so much for the wonderful night-caps, next time the malts are on me :-)

PS is it just me or does anyone else think that Richard and Maureen's car looks better with the HI-5s badges

13th Jun 2013 20:37 :: The ALs
Meant to say.........have you all noted that a HI-5 car adorns the front cover of the latest Soft Top Hardtop Magazine.
Obviously modesty prevents me from saying whose car it is :-)

14th Jun 2013 09:05 :: Phil
The night caps were good :)
I am glad I didn't have more though, getting home might have been a struggle!

14th Jun 2013 12:49 :: Richard and Maureen
Al...since it was a Hi-5 run with a desire to attend next year and I guess discretion being the better part of as I was saying... the car looked bloody fabulous with the Hi-5 decals!!! Is my Hi-5 invite in the post?

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