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Now The Jacobite Experience!
Sun 21st Apr 2013
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : 11
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North East Fishing Villages - AKA 'The Jacobite Experience' - by Greg and Jean

Sunday 21st April 2013
Commencing 0900hrs


A complete change of plan for this one. As you can see from the details below Greg has come up with a fantastic run...albeit in the opposite direction to the original run.

I know we have one or two new bods signed up to do the North East, I'm just hoping they will still want to join on this one.


(Moidart & Ardgour)

SUNDAY 21st APRIL 2013




          AVIEMORE  10-00am -  Meet in the car park next to the police station which is on the LHS of  road just after the first roundabout, approaching from the North (via Granish junction on A9), or A940/A939/A95 from Forres/Elgin.

          The drive will proceed south along the B9152 (old A9) as far as Newtonmore where the route bears right onto the A86 to Roy Bridge. A coffee stop is planned for the Stronlossit Inn on RHS with good parking, at the entrance to the village.

          The route then continues for a short distance on A86 to Spean Bridge where it bears left onto the A82 to Fort William and Ballachulish.                                                                 

          Approximately 9 miles South of Fort William we arrive at Corran ferry where we turn right into the car park and re-assemble before joining the ferry queue. The ferry cost is £7per car and it is requested that you should have the exact fare in order to speed up departure.

          For the benefit of those who may not have used this ferry before it is worth noting that the crossing is very short (about 5 minutes), the boat is modern with easy access and can carry about 32 cars as long as there are no timber wagons crossing. As the drive is taking place on a Sunday we should hopefully be free of large vehicles.

          On leaving the ferry the route turns left onto A861 which is a standard two lane carriageway for 12 miles, after which it becomes single lane with passing places for the next 18 miles.

However, after about 1 mile of single track road we arrive at The Strontian Hotel situated on the shore of Loch Sunart, where we stop for lunch. Once again it has adequate parking and good food.

        After lunch the drive continues on the single track road passing through Salen and Acharacle, returning to a standard two lane carriageway in a further 4 miles at the end of Loch Moidart from where we continue to Lochailort at the junction of A861 and A830.

        It is worth pointing out that while the route from Corran ferry to Lochailort is a great driving road, the single track section in particular, requires the drivers undivided attention because it is a series of blind crests and unpredictable sharp bends, but none the less great fun if you enjoy driving.
It is important on this section that cars are well spaced out because the passing bays will generally only accommodate two cars.

        On arrival at the Lochailort junction the route turns right onto A830 heading towards Fort William, but after about 10 miles we arrive at Glenfinnan where hopefully we can obtain a cup of coffee and then head for Fort William.

        From Fort William the return journey to Inverness is the choice of each driver, either A82 all the way, or A82 to Spean Bridge followed by A86/A9. For the remainder it is A82/A86/B9152 & A95 as far as Grantown and onwards to Forres or Elgin/Lossiemouth.

                Jean has booked The Rowan Tree Hotel for dinner for anyone wanting an evening meal on the route home. This is just south of Aviemore. Please let us know of you'd like to join in for dinner, so that Jean can let the hotel have some idea of numbers. Thank you.

If you are interested please sign up NOW!

Hi-5s booked so far (11 cars):-
02 - Frankie and Brian - S&S + Evening Meal
04 - Greg and Jean - S&S + Evening Meal
05 - Wendy - S&S + Evening Meal
06 - Lorraine - apologies
07 - Simon Heslop
09 - Dave & Val - S&S + Evening Meal
11 - The Als - S&S + Evening Meal
13 - Douglas & Muriel - S&S + Evening Meal
14 - Campbell - prov Evening Meal
15 - Stuart - No Evening Meal
16 - Jenni - possible lunch - No Evening Meal

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Your Comments
21st Apr 2013 21:45 :: Frankie
What a fantastic day! Report and photos to follow. Thank you once again to Greg and Jean for their organisation and to everyone for their excellent company.

22nd Apr 2013 12:49 :: Greg & Jean
Great day! Tremendous drive and super company! Weather was surprisingly kind to us even although we failed to get our top down - what a pair of wimps!        Sincere thanks to all who took part in it

22nd Apr 2013 13:27 :: The ALs
Can we also thank Greg & Jean and congratulate them for organising a fantastic day out: Superb roads, brilliant driving, good food and as usual great company.
Just one small point i'd like to make to Jean & Greg, on your typical MX5 (all Mks) you will find that the controls for the windscreen wipers are on the right of the steering wheel and the controls for the indicators are on the left. By just remembering these simple things you can save yourself from unnecessary and potentially embarrassing indicator flashing :-)

22nd Apr 2013 16:06 :: Greg & Jean
Sincere thanks to the The Als for their invaluable instructions! Could you also remind me on which wrist I wear my watch? That would be a great help!!

22nd Apr 2013 17:35 :: Douglas & Muriel
Thanks G&J for a great driving day out. How you arranged to miss the rain I don't know ! Great company, great food, let's do it again!!

24th Apr 2013 15:52 :: stuboy
Thanks to Greg & Jean for a great run & to all for brilliant company & a stoater of a run !! pics will follow

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