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Track Night
Fri 27th May 2005
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : Unknown
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Mx-5 Scotland's first Track night.
Want to take your car on track with(mostly)similar powered cars, contact me for details.

Time on track is 6.00-8.00

Plenty of room for spectators, why not come along to watch.

Rollcall for Knockhill:-

Doug (me)
Gavin R
Dave Makein
Paul DS
Alex Boyd
Richard N
Gavin N
Kevin Hamilton
Robert (Dixie)
John Sim
David Horne
Allan Phillips
Dave MR2
Steve (levenhowe)
Sue Duncan (Mx-5)
Ivor (Mx-5)
Fergus Duncan (ziplockk)(Elise)
John Huffer (Mx-5)
Lazy Donkey Vx220
Dinnur (Mx-5)
Jamie Allason (S2 Exige)
Colin Adams (Elise 111R)
James Smith (Escort)
Neil McKean (Elise)
Fraser Johnston (Elan)


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Your Comments
28th May 2005 09:49 :: Graeme Babbs
I'm afraid the digital technology available to me is waaaaay below what is necessary to get racing action photos. I deleted twice as many as these. The delay between pressing the shutter and getting your picture is just pants. By the time I got the shot of the vx, hypothermia was setting in anyway!

28th May 2005 13:42 :: lochpark
Like Greame, styruggled getting action shpots, even at the hairpin. Did get a few useable mpegs though.

All in all a good night despite the bitter cold and rain.

Maybe take mine on next time ?

28th May 2005 16:29 :: dixie
Thanks you got a good one of me It was probably because I was so slow

30th May 2005 00:50 :: Mino Manekshaw
Thanks Douglas - a great evening and my first time on a wet track..... ?8O(

30th May 2005 17:08 :: Allan Phillips
Thanks Douglas for all the effort of organising this.  Really appreciated the pace car and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The rain really didn't spoil things at all.

30th May 2005 17:47 :: Caroline Makein
As a Knockhill virgin, (well you know what I mean!) I enjoyed being given the opportunity to drive round the track behind the pace car. It gave me sufficient confidence to have another go later on while the track was quiet and the rain still light. It was great. I thoroughly enjoyed it. So, many thanks to Douglas for organising it so well.

31st May 2005 19:54 :: Stella & Nigel
We braved the cold cold weather to go up and stayed for a wee while watching the cars go round the track.  The spinning was pretty cool by the Exiges, and the MX-5's exhaust notes were lovely to hear.  Who has the red MX with twin exhaust, one either side - we want one please!  Where did you get it please? 

31st May 2005 20:02 :: Douglas
Mk1 red with twin pipes was Mino's, Mk2.5 with twin pipes belonged to Lazza from London, you can read more about his car in this month's (July edition)EVO magazine.

2nd Jun 2005 20:38 :: Stella & Nigel
Thanks Douglas, hubby's just bought the EVO mag, having a look now. Will speak to Mino when we next meet up.

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