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Autumn Leaves Run
Sun 20th Oct 2013
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : 8
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Autumn Leaves Run

Sunday 20th October 2013

As the weather changes and the tree's change there colour it's time for our "Autumn Leaves Run".

So time for a change, we have been to Glamis and West Wemyss before so if anyone has a nice place that they can recommend then now is the time, put your thinking caps on and let me know what you have so i can post it here on the forum.

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Your Comments
20th Oct 2013 18:26 :: stroma
enjoyed todays run through glenshee good to see all who turned out ,top down all the way, good meal at the boat inn

20th Oct 2013 19:31 :: Peter + Denise
Thanks for the lovely run today Tom and Jen. Good to see everyone and what a lovely lunch. Got a feelin' there's something wrong with Tom's break light, cause we didn't see them come on for the whole trip! Hopefully the winter won't be too long and we can all get together again soon.

21st Oct 2013 23:37 :: Gavin
Great run, that must be my 1st MX5 year in the 1st run i did was the autmn leaves run last year. A great year.

24th Oct 2013 20:20 :: tom
Hi Peter, checked my brake lights, all ok !! Maybe just cause I am old school driver, look ahead, observe, use correct  gears,
Also helps that I know the roads that we were on too !!

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