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East Lothian Run
Sun 9th Oct 2005
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 20
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This seems to be the year for themed runs and although the 'Da Vinci code' part of today?s sub titled East Lothian excursion was somewhat tenuous, true in part that we were only a stone's throw from Roslyn Chapel, however it was not only an eye catching title but very much in fashion, as the Hollywood entourage had just departed Roslyn, thus allowing the roads we would be using to return to normal. The second part of the run title gave promise to a view of Concorde and this was indeed to be the main attraction of today?s events.
Jon and Iain joined forces for this production and shared the directors chair in leading us through East Lothian, unfortunately half the cast of Twenty cars lost the plot along the way and before the interval experienced what could only be described as a 'Groundhog Day' moment.
A regroup at Gifford and we were back on track, over the Lammermuir hills to Duns and back again through Longformacus, lots of little twisty roads led us around East Linton to our lunch venue at Whitekirk Golf Club.
After an excellent carvery lunch we made the short trip to the Museum of Flight where we were able to tour the newly openened Concorde exhibition. Iain and Jon had managed to arrange some discounted tickets to the museum and passes to board Concorde, everyone seemed to enjoy the experience although it would have been great if we could have got the cars parked around the plane, some of us had the chance to see the other exhibits at the Museum before we headed for home.
Many thanks to Jon and Iain for organising this event.



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Your Comments
9th Oct 2005 21:09 :: rob and margaret
Thanks Ian and Jon, we thoroughly enjoyed our first run (even Jon's extra excursions). It was nice to meet you all and we look forward to the next one.

9th Oct 2005 21:29 :: GORDON M.
cheers for the fun day out!, excellent meal, enjoyable visit to museum of flight and great company, see you all soon.

9th Oct 2005 21:40 :: Richard & Eileen
Thanks for a different run. Tesco  was very entertaining Jon. When we said a quick run in a circle and back to Tesco we where not serious.

Good venue for lunch

can we please keep off the badly potholed roads in future? I am sure shuan will echo this!

9th Oct 2005 22:40 :: Iain & Anne
Unfortunately the state of East Lothian roads is an ongoing problem that is frequently commented on in the East Lothian Courier and other local publications.  In order to avoid potholed roads we would have to avoid East Lothian altogether and that would be a shame.

10th Oct 2005 13:51 :: Douglas
Thanks to Jon and Iain for organising yesterday,s run and a big thanks to Anne for her crystal clear directions through the two way radio's. Got the impression John S was pleased when he won the bottle of whisky in the raffle, thanks again to all who donated prizes.

10th Oct 2005 15:13 :: lochpark
Thanks guys, interesting day out.

I think though that roads like this go some way to answering the question posed last week on radio Scotland about why the number of 4x4's on the roads is growing faster than any other type of car.

It wasn't the 14 hours or the 384 mile round trip that put the damper on the day but the two wrecked alloys.

On average I cover 35 - 40 thousand business miles a year and thought I had seem my fair share of poor roads, would have to say that these are among the worst I've seen and this means that unless East Lothian spent some money on upgrades this will almost certainly be my first and last run through the East Lothian countyside.

Special thanks to John & Heather for their help trying to sort it out and making sure we got home ok.

10th Oct 2005 18:04 :: Ian & Jacqueline
Many thanks for yet another brilliant day with great people and fantastic cars. Looking forward to even more adventures in 2006.
PS Thank you John, in the 3 months I've owned the car I never noticed my number plate read "Slow Sucks", it's just brilliant so look out for the new plates I fitted today.

10th Oct 2005 22:34 :: June
Thanks for a fab day out! Paul & I had a great time (and he won me a bottle of wine - yipee!) Will defo go back to East Fortune again and see the bits I missed!

11th Oct 2005 20:46 :: Lesley & Andrew
Thanks for a really enjoyable run on Sunday. We thought that the scenery, and the route in general, really good.  Fantastic place for lunch, sorry we passed on the museum. The photographs of Concorde look impressive.  Hope to meet up again soon.

Les & Andrew.

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