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Cowal Peninsula Run
Sun 24th Jul 2005
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 29
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?Oh no not another one,? were the words uttered from my lips and embarrassingly overheard by one of our members, of course I meant it in the best possible way and was more an exclamation of shock as the twenty-eighth car rolled into Loch Lomond Shores car park, it is truly an achievement to attract so many cars and although I knew the route was of the type where due to the nature of the roads, theoretically it would be easy to keep the convoy together, that aside my main concern was with the complicated lunch menu and the small car park beside the hotel. So parked up were twenty-eight Mx-5?s and one Volvo estate with the letters ?POLICE? written on the side, strangely the same Volvo estate that turns up to see us off every time we meet at Loch Lomond Shores and even stranger as it only appears when we have two Mk-1 Yellow California?s in our midst, no Richard?s not been up to any dark deeds!! simple explanation is that one of the boys in blue is a member of Harry and Betty?s family and also has a genuine interest in the cars.
Lunch orders took a little longer than expected partly due to the numbers involved but more so because; after phoning ahead our orders, shamefully the seafood restaurant (on the shores of Loch Fyne) had no Mussels.
After splitting the convoy into two and enlisting the help of Richard N, Jon and Richard D, we were off. The first four miles were on the busy A82 before turning off and onto the interesting military road which has some spectacular hills that resemble ski jumps, up the side of Loch Long where the second convoy caught up with the first, mainly due to a BMW M5; that seemed to think the limit on that road was 30mph. After Arrochar and the Rest-and?be thankful we were joined by Mike & Di, car number twenty-nine. When approaching Strachur on the A815 we were passed by another Mx-5 heading in the opposite direction and after responding to my wave his arm must have been sore after acknowledging every other car, however at least he waved?I suppose he had to really. We all managed to keep together at the Otter Ferry turn off which pleased me no end as the road sign for this single track unclassified road was well hidden. When Linda and I recced the run we met traffic coming the other way and had been a bit difficult due to lack of passing places, thankfully on the day, lady luck smiled on us and the narrow twisty road was enjoyed by all, uninterrupted.
Before long we arrived at the Oystercatcher Inn, where we shoehorned the cars into our reserved car park. The restaurant had erected a kind of triple gazebo on the lawn for us and although the weather had been mainly overcast up until now, the sun had decided to come out and made for a pleasant atmosphere. The restaurant service and quality of food received mixed reviews and my punishment of the day was having to collect the lunch money from everyone, as the restaurant more or less refused to do so due to lack of staff, so with help from Linda and Anne we reluctantly carried out this duty, it reminded me of being back at primary school when as class dinner monitor I had to collect a Shilling from twenty fellow pupils and here I am, a few years on (ok quite a few) collecting hundreds of pounds from fifty four big kids.
After lunch it was raffle time and good to see a few new faces winning some of the prizes, a quick look round other members cars and modifications then it was time to be off. The return road took us through Tignabruaich and shortly after stopped at the viewpoint to see the impressive Kyles of Bute, it was at this stage (pre-arranged) where Fiona & Craig kindly offered to charge ahead of the pack and purchase the Ferry tickets.
This plan worked perfectly and when we arrived at the Ferry terminal the tickets were waiting for us. Although we all got on the same boat, due to the loading of the cars the order of leaving was somewhat erratic and was just a case of following the printed route through Greenock to Newark Castle in Port Glasgow where the run was to end. This technically was where car number thirty joined us, yes complete strangers happened to be driving past and saw all the cars going into the castle grounds, decided to join us and after chatting for a while took away a membership leaflet declaring they would see us at the next run. 
My thanks to everyone that helped to make the day a success; a great time was had by all. With breathtaking scenery and great weather, a loch side lunch and a Ferry crossing, are we lucky living in this beautiful country of ours, with all those quiet roads just made for our cars?you bet we are.



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Your Comments
24th Jul 2005 18:51 :: Fee
Big thanks to Douglas for organising another excellent run, well done.  It was great to put even more faces to names.


24th Jul 2005 20:07 :: stratos_blue
Just like to echo Fee's comments , thanks Douglas for an excellent route . Alison and I had a great time . It was nice to meet everyone in person and we hope to do it again soon . Cheers to all !

24th Jul 2005 20:18 :: Ian & Jacqueline
Many thanks to Douglas and his team for organising such a great day. Jacqueline and I really enjoyed our first run in the company of such a friendly bunch of enthusiasts, now looking forward to the next one.

24th Jul 2005 20:24 :: Ian & Jacqueline
Many thanks to Douglas and his team for organising such a great day. Jacqueline and I really enjoyed our first run in the company of such a friendly bunch of enthusiasts, now looking forward to the next one.

24th Jul 2005 21:44 :: Phil
Great day out, excellent route, good lunch, even the weather was lovely.

24th Jul 2005 22:06 :: Richard & Emmy
what a great day!  thanks Douglas.  Good turnout, great roads and fab weather - what more could you want?

24th Jul 2005 22:10 :: bobby g
my mate and i had a great day out;it was magic right from the off;i will deffo be on another one;thnx 2 dougie 4 making us welcome.

24th Jul 2005 22:36 :: Mike & Di
Thanks Douglas, super day and a superb route.
Well done

24th Jul 2005 22:50 :: Douglas
Yes indeed a great day and blessed by superb weather, those cars just kept on arriving at Loch Lomond Shores. My thanks to Richard N, Jon and Richard D for helping hold the convoy together.
Thanks to Phil for selling the raffle tickets and a BIG BIG thanks to Fiona and Craig for organising the Ferry tickets. Great to see all the new people, hope you'll come back.

25th Jul 2005 08:52 :: Iain & Anne ....Purr
Well arrived home @ 8.30 with just under 300 miles on the trip clock (still with the flat tyre)...What a great run, they just keep getting better. Thanks Douglas, I dont know how you find the time to organise all this. Great meeting many new members, see you soon.

25th Jul 2005 09:26 :: Jon
Fantastic Day! Big thanks to Douglas for everything, such a good route. Nice to meet the newer members, as well as the 'old timers'! I didnt even sneeze once even though I hadnt taken and hayfever tablets. Hope to see all again soon.

25th Jul 2005 10:53 :: ronnie
Douglas, Eleanor and I had a great time. Driving in the convoy was just fantastic. I kinda felt as if I was in an old fashioned road race. (all within legal speed limits of course) Some of the cars were really well turned out especially that red one with the twin exhausts. Whose is that ? Thanks to all for making us very welcome. A perfect day.

25th Jul 2005 11:13 :: kristoff
Fantastic day out and great company as usual. Well done Douglas for the usual hard work, collecting the money for the meals didn't look easy! Also to Fee for organising the ferry tickets.

25th Jul 2005 12:58 :: Gordon & Janice
Again, big pat on the back to Douglas for his superb organisation and planning and well done to Fiona for sorting out the ferry tickets. Another memorable club run.

25th Jul 2005 20:01 :: Iain & Anne
Sorry having problems resizing photos but I have downloaded 34 to this web site, best viewed using the "Slide show" setting (I hate computers) Click HERE for pics

26th Jul 2005 15:53 :: John
Looks like I missed a cracker! - Heather and Gemma really enjoyed themselves and asked me to thank Douglas and Fiona(tickets)for organising such a great day.

26th Jul 2005 20:56 :: Stella & Nige
Now that our PC's back on line, we can add our thanks to Douglas for a superb day out on Sunday. Great company, good weather, and even a calm ferry crossing.  The Good Lord was certainly smiling on the Club! Ours was the Mark 1 with the twin exhausts, the quiet one!!

28th Jul 2005 23:30 :: redhot5
Thanks Douglas for making Sunday a special day, Rachel & I both enjoyed it, it was great to meet some new faces!.
and the sight of those 28 mx5's made it all worth it. Hope to see you at THE CLASSICS, Let me know we you need the info on the cars.

29th Jul 2005 16:04 :: dixie
Thanks Douglas,great day out,we really enjoyed our first run and hope to be at many more
Robert& Monica

2nd Aug 2005 23:46 :: June
Iain & Anne - great photos!
Can't believe I had to work that day and missed it!

3rd Aug 2005 10:30 :: red hot 5
douglas could we not squeeze in another run the same in the near future as the scenery was awesome and can u imagine even more cars than before if everyone would be up for it could we get some feed back

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