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Rannoch Station Run
Sun 22nd May 2005 to Sun 22nd May 2005
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 18
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Please meet at 09.45 for 10.00 sharp departure.

Run Organiser...Gavin (& Mino)

Lunch at the restaurant at the end of the universe? Unlikely much before the launch of the MX-5 Mk10 but in the meantime - something nearly as good - lunch at the Rannoch Station Hotel - at an isolated cul-de-sac in the midle of absolutely nowhere save the most breath-taking scenery......

Join us on a spectacular run through some of Scotland's finest Glens. The run starts at Stirling Services with an 85-mile cruise to Rannoch Station. After lunch sees a 55-mile drive along the north bank of Loch Rannoch, the south bank of Loch Tummel and down the west bank of the river, past Pitlochry and down to end the run in Dunkeld.

As for the menu.......

Large bowl of Homemade Soup served with a warm roll 3.75
Garlic Bread smothered with melted Scottish cheddar 3.25

Steak Pie @ ?9.95
Succulent Steak with a secret ingredient in a rich Gravy topped with a feather light Puff Pastry. Served with Seasoned Wedges and seasonal Vegetables.

Haddock & Onion Fishcakes @ ?7.95
Smoked Haddock & Spring Onion Fishcakes served with Chilli Sauce and Seasoned Wedges

Mediterranean Tartlet @ ?9.95
Shortcut Pastry case filled with Tomato Sauce topped with Peppers & Courgettes, Roasted in Olive oil and Herbs, Served with  Salad Bowl and Seasoned Wedges

Moor of Rannoch Ham Salad @ ?8.95
Our own Roasted Ham cooked with Mustard and Scottish Whiskey. Served with our own chutney and A Fresh green Salad

There will also be a Homemade Sweet Trolley on the Day


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Your Comments
22nd May 2005 21:25 :: Graeme Babbs
A long, but fun day. Good to be able to put the hood down for a while. The drive home was good fun too! Thanks to Gavin & Mino for their hard work.

22nd May 2005 21:54 :: Richard & Eileen
Great day, thanks to Gavin and Mino. As for the delay our troubles where minor, found this

Man dies in rapids canoe tragedy 
A man, 35, died in rapids after his canoe overturned on the River Gaur at the eastern end of Loch Eigheach, near Rannoch, in Perthshire.
A second man in the canoe was able to scramble to safety and raise the alarm but his companion, from Sheffield, was trapped underwater.

Firefighters used ladders and ropes to recover the victim, who has not yet been named by police.

He was dead before being airlifted to Belford Hospital in Fort William.

22nd May 2005 22:15 :: Simon
The non-urgency of the emergency services suggested something more sinister had happened :-( 

Thanks Gav/Mino for a great run!!  Was nice to see some old faces again :-)


22nd May 2005 22:56 :: Douglas
Thanks Gavin & Mino, another brilliant run which we must do again.
Thanks to Dave & Caroline for donating a raffle prize.

23rd May 2005 08:47 :: Iain Stewart
Thanks Gavin & Mino for an enjoyable run. The day finished ih East Lothian just as it started pouring rain, well at least the bit in between was great fun.That Hotel kitchen should get Gordon Ramsay in to show them what seasonal veg is!....tinned peas!

23rd May 2005 09:11 :: fee
Sorry I missed it, but had a rather sore head after a Eurovision Party the night before!!

23rd May 2005 09:35 :: John & Heather
Thanks Gavin & Mino for an excellent run, will have to do it again at a more leisurely pace to admire the scenery

23rd May 2005 09:46 :: John & Heather
Thanks Gavin & Mino for an excellent run, will have to do it again at a more leisurely pace to admire the scenery

23rd May 2005 18:04 :: Gordon & Janice
Congratulations to Mino and Gavin for their excellent organisation and for finding some superb roads.

We had a great day out and will certainly enjoy the wine from the raffle.

23rd May 2005 21:20 :: Phil
Thanks to Gavin & Mino for organising the run, thoroughly enjoyed it.

23rd May 2005 21:35 :: Tom & Barbara
Fantastic first run for us, well organised thanks to Gavin & Mino. Everyone so friendly, hope to attend much more.

23rd May 2005 22:58 :: Dave Makein
Could you please delete my tiny photo.I read the instructions incorrectly first time!

24th May 2005 21:11 :: Liz & Don
Thanks Gavin /Mino,

What a great run, lots of nice fast bits on some fantastic roads.


25th May 2005 08:36 :: Si
Dave, tiny photo removed :-)

25th May 2005 18:38 :: madmortons
Thanks to Gavin and Mino that was a great day out.PIP  .

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