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Kincraig Run
Sun 28th Apr 2013
organised by Grampian Scotland

Car Count : Unknown
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Organised by Malcolm Lamont, details to follow.

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Your Comments
28th Apr 2013 19:02 :: Tom & Jen
Hi, many thanks to Malcolm for this run today, went over some roads I had never been on.
The bacon & egg at Tomintoul was fab and Jake liked his portion of bacon too !!
The stop at the "Potting Shed" was great, the cakes to die for, ask Jen she had two piece's !! does not happen very often has she has celiac and has a wheat intolerance and the cakes here were gluten free !! happy bunny !!
Said our goodbye's to Grampian members at Granton on Spey and the 6 tay5liders drove down via the Lecht to Braemar and onto Cairnwell ski lodge for another cuppa and a bite to eat.
Did over 200 miles mostly with the roof down,had a fab day out. cheers

28th Apr 2013 19:39 :: liathach
Many thanks to all who came on the run to Kincraig today, especially the six cars from Tayside who outnumbered the four (ventually) five Grampian memvers - fortunately there was no real rivalry!
I will hopefully suss out how to put photos up shortly but, in the meantime, if anyone else has photos, please post them.
Again, thanks to everyone for their company - a grand day out!
All in all, very lucky with the weather

28th Apr 2013 20:16 :: Alex
Brilliant day out on some new roads (for me at least), though I was concerned about Malcolm’s propensity for taking us towards the dark clouds (I cannot tell a lie, he blamed Marty as navigator). That said, not even the weather could dampen the day, superb from beginning to end…good roads, good food and good crack with our Grampian hosts. Must do it again sometime.

28th Apr 2013 20:54 :: stroma
enjoyed todays run, met a few more owners ,learned a new road ,found a new cake stop ,what more can you ask for great

28th Apr 2013 21:05 :: Laverda 3ce
Just like to thank Malcolm for planning and routing todays event and everybody who attended for making us feel welcome.
That's our club run cherry popped so hoping to meet up with those there today again and others in the future.
Sandy n Mgt. 

28th Apr 2013 21:22 :: gavin
Thanks to  the Grampian brigade for the rout and company, enjoyed it all very much, the highlight though was Glenshee on the way back, my car was spot on for that road.

28th Apr 2013 22:23 :: liathach
When will I remember to upload photos in reverse order?!

28th Apr 2013 23:43 :: liathach
OK, OK, OK - it's a Chaffinch, not a Blue Tit!  And it wasn't at all cold in the Potting Sh
ed tearoom! 

29th Apr 2013 10:18 :: tom
Hi Malcolm and Alex, nice photographs of our day oot !!
Any chance that yo can email me copies of them o I can add them to Taysides "Run folder" thanks in advance

29th Apr 2013 12:51 :: liathach
Tom, do you want full size files or reduced size?

29th Apr 2013 13:54 :: Rugger
Excellent day oot and a great choice of roads (cheers Malc). The cake was up to it's usual high standards. Nice to have the Taysiders along...but the secret of the cake shop is now Now to wash the car for Forres next weekend.

29th Apr 2013 20:12 :: tom
Hi Malcolm,big is best !! cheers,

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