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Karting at Lhanbryde
Sun 17th Feb 2013
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : 12
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Hi-5s Burn Rubber

Update - Karting Grand Prix with 3 heats will cost £27.00. We have the option to add Laser Pigeon shooting to the package. To drive and shoot will cost £40.00 per head. When putting your name down please state what you want to try your hand at. We know that not everyone coming will having a go at please say what you want to do so that we can book numbers in.

Both karting and shooting take about an hour to complete.


It's time to sort out the Men from the Boys - and the Girls - as we go Karting at Lhanbryde F1 Speedway!!! on Sunday 17th February

Doug and Muriel have been on a scouting trip and have forwarded the following.  It sounds like a load of fun - whether you're crazy enough to race or just to encourage your favourite racer!

We went along to the racetrack yesterday and we have a provisional booking for Sunday 17th at 12:00.

The format will be Heat1 / Heat2 / Grand Final. We'll all be on the track at the same time, best times determine your position on the grid for the final. Reckon on 1.5 hour to complete.

(It seems we have a "race advisor", currently in Africa (Phil) - which makes us a lucky club!  Although the rumours are that Doug and Muriel are currently under out of season pre-training at a circuit near Barcelona).

The restaurant / bistro is much better than we had imagined and they are keen to have our business. They'll give us a table and are prepared to fit in the food whenever we want.

I think a 9:30 start at DFS doing a pick-up route as per joint Grampian day last year. The Grantown brigade may prefer to head there via Rothes direct.

Should weather, daylight and time allow we might consider a Speyside run home.

Please post a comment if you wish to book a place. (Prices will follow shortly - but hey, it's only money)!!

A big "Thank you" to Doug and Muriel for all the work so far - and it's not over yet!

Cars booked so far - 11

02 - Brian & Frankie - Karting x2
04 - Doug & Muriel -Karting x1
05 - Steve (his last appearance on home turf)!!!! - Karting
07 - Dave & Val - Karting x1
08 - Ally - Karting
10 - Jean & Greg - Karting x1
12 - Wendy & Brian - Karting x2 ...Shooting?
14 - Richard & Maureen - Karting x2
15 - Stu - Karting
17 - Bob & Helen - Karting x2?
18 - Phil - Karting
19 - Shane

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Your Comments
17th Feb 2013 19:02 :: stuboy
A great day out, thanks to Frankie , Brian & all the crew for a brilliant day Karting  with excellent company , will try harder next time !!

17th Feb 2013 21:45 :: FAB
Thanks for another great day everyone - report & photos submitted - sorry for the delay!  FAB (with a large "Glenlivet - seeing as how we came so close)!!

17th Feb 2013 22:06 :: Phil Marley
Fantastic day. Thoroughly enjoyed the karting, especially the final with some close racing against Brian.

17th Feb 2013 22:56 :: Wendy Haywood
Thanks guys for a great day Brian and I both had a great day  Ally no hard feelings for taking me out. Looking forward to the next outing, and will have to have another karting event before to long see you all in 2 weeks Wendy/Brian

18th Feb 2013 09:14 :: Bob
Thoroughly enjoyed our first trip out with you all! Thanks for a great day!

18th Feb 2013 13:26 :: Richard
What a super day out, great weather, great company, nice meal, fast and furious close racing, many thanks to all the Hi-5's for the warm welcome as always...when's the next karting!!!

18th Feb 2013 20:51 :: Douglas & Muriel
Great day out guys and gals, thanks to all. The first video is in the can, I'll bring it along on our next meet.

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