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Karting at Lhanbryde
Sun 17th Feb 2013
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : 12
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Well, what more can we say?  Another brilliant day out with the Hi-5s.  The pleasure only heightened by the company of our friends from Grampian – thanks Stuart, Richard and Maureen.

When I asked Doug if he could arrange his Karting event for February I could tell that he thought I’d really gone mad.  Karting in February in the North of Scotland?  Yes, he was probably right!  But what is the saying about the sun shining on the righteous?

Four cars met up at our normal meeting point at DFS carpark in Inverness at 0930hrs.  Two out of four hoods were already down and believe it or not FAB actually got there on time.  The only reason Bob still had his hood up was because he had only recently bought this car and wasn’t sure how much persuasion he could exert on a sticky hood.  Two minutes later and he had his answer.  Shane had his daughter with him and she had just washed her hair so his hood stayed up till she was dropped off at Granny in Nairn.  (Yes, I did receive your email Shane – apologies)!

Now Doug planned this trip along with some help from Phil, his trackie!  We received a detailed printout of timings and mileages to Lhanbryde with stop off points along the way to pick up our compatriots (Don't think anyone printed out the print-outs)!!!. At 0932hrs we departed Inverness for a quick run through to Forres to meet up with Dave and Val.  The weather was spectacular!  There was a bit of a nip in the air but the sun was shining and the sky was blue.
Depart Forres 1020 to collect Phil at Hopeman at 1055 then a quick dash along the Moray coast to Lossiemouth to find Ally waiting in the beach car park - 1105. It really was a brilliant day and Lossie beach was already mobbed with people.

So keen were we to get down to some serious racing that we didn’t hang about long and actually arrived at the track 15 minutes ahead of schedule.  Just after we arrived Richard and Maureen pulled in from Aberdeen followed by Wendy and Brian from Grantown and Steve in something which didn’t quite resemble a 5!  All we needed was Stuart for a full house; luckily he turned up just as one of the marshals finished his safety briefing, so we all listened to it all over again.

The Course Marshal was as keen as we were to get racing so he soon had us all booted and suited.  Safety briefing and warnings in place and we were split into two heats, eight in the first and seven in the second.  The plan was to run two heats each then the computer would sort out the men from the boys for a Grand Final and a “Not So Grand Final”.  As it happened there were no boys and some of the girls made it through to the Grand Final!

Each race lasted ten minutes.  The time really did disappear but the way the adrenalin was pumping I for one came away from each heat shaking like a leaf!  There was some really spectacular racing going on out on the track.  Too many incidents to relate in detail but there were a couple worthy of mention.  First was watching Frankie shoot past a group of four who had all managed to get themselves tangled in a knot in a middle corner.  She then passed another two on the flat out first and second corners but all came adrift as she spun on one of the last corners.  The second was watching Wendy being shunted sideways down the track as Ally tried to pass her down the outside but didn’t quite make it.  There was some real neck to neck stuff going on and the determination on some of our faces would have outdone Vettel on a great day.

The first heat of Group A saw Phil coming all the way from the back of the grid to take the chequered flag followed extremely closely by Blueboy (Richard) who started from sixth and finished in second place.  Group B saw the same thing with Laundry (yours truly) again picking his way from the rear of the grid all the way to take the flag.  Doug finished a close second in this heat.

As the grids were reversed for the second heats this saw Phil in pole position but unfortunately Blueboy got passed him and he could only manage a second place.  In Group B Laundry managed to hold his lead all the way from start to finish.  Fortunately for him Doug started at the back this time but worked his way up to another second position.

This meant that the Grand final started with Laundry, Phil, Blueboy and Doug on the front two rows, the tension was mounting in the stands as the lights changed to green.  Laundry was fast off the line and managed to make it into the first corner ahead.  The others dropped in behind which is where they stayed until the chequered flag despite Phil literally knocking on the back door all the way round the last few laps and getting alongside in one particular corner on several occasions.  Phil finished second followed by Blueboy and Doug with less than a second between their fastest times.

Frankie managed to be the only girl to make it into the Grand Final having finished a credible third in both her heats.  Unfortunately she had a major spin on one of the last corners (again) and dropped down the leaderboard.
In the “Not so Grand Final” Twiggy (Maureen) started in second position behind Shane but managed a spectacular passing manoeuvre to leave him in her tracks and take the Chequered flag for the girls..  Helen who had started third then managed to put a pass on Shane as well to take second place with Bob in fourth.

The official prize giving followed with trophies being presented to Laundry as overall winner and Twiggy winner of final 2.  Over lunch Doug presented a couple of additional medals to Frankie and Phil for the fastest male and female laps!

We didn’t have enough prizes for everyone but when you go through the printouts then everyone deserves a prize.  There were only 7 seconds between the first and last place and the top eight places were split by 1.5 seconds.  Watch out Jenson we’re gunning for your seat!

As the dust settled and the adrenalin slowly ebbed, with everyone still grinning from ear to ear, we headed to the greasy spoon for a burger roll and a mug of tea – or at least that’s what several of us expected.  How wrong we were!  The catering facilities, including full bar and table service in a beautiful converted steading, are first class.  They served up a full three course lunch followed by coffees all for a very reasonable price.  The chat and laughter around the table were testament to the brilliant time we had all had and it was somewhere around 1600hrs before we decided to make a move for home.

Again Doug had arranged a wee bit extra for us.  Instead of a boring drive back along the A96 towards Inverness he had planned a route back along Speyside towards Grantown then over the Dava Moor and home.  This was a great end to another perfect Hi-5s day as it meant we could remain in the company of our Grampian friends as far as Craigellachie.  Wendy, being from Grantown led off the convoy and we waved our farewells to Richard, Maureen and Stuart as we turned east towards Archiestown along the north side of the Spey.  An absolutely superb single track road in some spectacularly beautiful countryside accentuated by the golden sun setting over the mountains to the west.

Our final stop was just outside Grantown where the Hi-5s said farewell to each other and we headed off our separate ways – until the next time.

From FAB – a thousand thanks – to Doug, Muriel and Phil for all the arrangements – another top notch event – in the middle of February (hope that’s not Summer 2013 gone)!!  To Grampian members for their company, hope to see you soon.  To Bob and Helen – we hope you enjoyed your first outing with us!  And to all the rest of the gang – simply thanks for another great day.

Postscript - Frankie and I arrived home just after 1900hrs, in the dark but with a clear starlit sky above us.  The top had been down for ten great, non-stop, fun&sun-filled hours.  We sat in the car for a couple of minutes with the engine off, reflecting.  Then wheeled Connie into the garage and to bed.

For the Petrol-heads amongst us:

Grand Final Results
1. Laundry (AKA Brian FAB) Fastest Lap 36.507
2. Phil F/L 36.011
3. Blueboy (AKA Richard) F/L 36.719
4. Doug F/L 36.769
5. Treeny F/L 37.429
6. Steve F/L 37.076
7. Stuart F/L 37/422
8. Frankie F/L 37.468

Not So Grand Final
1. Twiggy (AKA Maureen) F/L 37.946
2. Helen F/L 37.677
3. Shane F/L 39.124
4. Bob F/L 38.966
5. Brian F/L 39.081
6. Ally F/L 40.268
7. Wendy F/L 43.530

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Your Comments
17th Feb 2013 19:02 :: stuboy
A great day out, thanks to Frankie , Brian & all the crew for a brilliant day Karting  with excellent company , will try harder next time !!

17th Feb 2013 21:45 :: FAB
Thanks for another great day everyone - report & photos submitted - sorry for the delay!  FAB (with a large "Glenlivet - seeing as how we came so close)!!

17th Feb 2013 22:06 :: Phil Marley
Fantastic day. Thoroughly enjoyed the karting, especially the final with some close racing against Brian.

17th Feb 2013 22:56 :: Wendy Haywood
Thanks guys for a great day Brian and I both had a great day  Ally no hard feelings for taking me out. Looking forward to the next outing, and will have to have another karting event before to long see you all in 2 weeks Wendy/Brian

18th Feb 2013 09:14 :: Bob
Thoroughly enjoyed our first trip out with you all! Thanks for a great day!

18th Feb 2013 13:26 :: Richard
What a super day out, great weather, great company, nice meal, fast and furious close racing, many thanks to all the Hi-5's for the warm welcome as always...when's the next karting!!!

18th Feb 2013 20:51 :: Douglas & Muriel
Great day out guys and gals, thanks to all. The first video is in the can, I'll bring it along on our next meet.

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