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The October Weekend
Sat 5th Oct 2013 to Sun 6th Oct 2013
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 13
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The October Weekend

Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October 2013

At the start of the year, the October weekend seemed far away and plenty of time to get things organised.  This was “our baptism by fire” so to speak, 1st run and an overnighter to boot.

The main difficulties experienced was arranging a hotel for the overnight stay based on unknown numbers & getting a “good deal”.
The Loch Fyne Hotel offered that for us and was very accommodating in the “numbers” such that we were unlikely to finalise until 1 month before.

The next hurdle was making a run for the 2 days and fitting in 2 lunch stops.  With maps, Autoroute & any other help, we came up with a few scenarios and in the summer, did a wee recce of most.

Day 1.

But October was here and  12 cars met at Loch Lomond Shores joined by one wee Suzuki Swift as Raymond was now stuck in Cyprus with no hope of making the date.
Jim and Maria very kindly took the mantle of lead car with Janet & Wattie bringing up the rear of the group.  Weather wasn’t the best but the hoods were down for leaving.

For a change we decided to head down the A82 to Dumbarton and then up on the A814 passing through Helensburgh & Faslane before cutting back over to Loch Lomond on the A817 Haul Rd.  A quick sprint up Loch Lomond too Inverbeg then it was up and over the Glen Douglas Road back to Loch Long.  There was a fantastic photo opportunity with a Heilan Coo who was not the least bit flummoxed to see us all there – I suppose if you can deal with Army intrusion, what have 12 MX’s got to offer.

Re-joining the A814 we headed up to Arrochar and onwards on the A83 passing the Rest and Be Thankful which we were glad to see hadn't been closed due to another landslide on Thursday.  With the top of the Loch Fyne soon ahead, we cut off onto the A815, then A886 then coastal on the B8000 to our lunch stop at Portavadie.  The B road is a long one with few passing places but scenic all the same as the convoy motored on.  Weather turned a bit damp and a brief stop got the hoods up for this last leg.  A bit of confusion on which was the road into the marina meant the rush for the “rest facilities” was delayed for some, with me, “tail end Suzzie” being first instead of last!

Despite the restaurant being informed of the numbers they were surprised at there being 26 for lunch and kept us waiting while they set extra places and sorted the meal requirements. The soup though disappointing was made up for by the sandwiches and lovely cakes.

Lunch at Portavadie Marina

After lunch it was back to the cars where we then headed over to the Holy Loch via A8003,A886 & B836 before rejoining the main A815 up by Loch Eck (great wee road by Eck!) and onwards to Inverary, arriving at the hotel around 4pm.  After checking in, some headed to the jacuzzi and hot tub, the sauna or the swimming pool, whilst others walked into town.  There were the few more weary that convened in the lounge for a few drinks before getting ready for dinner which was delicious. 
Returning to the lounge, Ally and Moira were on raffle ticket duty raising funds for our chosen charity and enabling quite a few of us to go home with a prize-or two!

After the raffle we had the quiz from that Master of Ceremonies Wattie ably assisted by the lovely Janet.  According to Wattie the questions were fairly straightforward, but then he had the answers!  Jim, Maria, Gordon and Moira were the winning team - Watties bestest pals funnily enough!  Marshall felt he was let down by his team members - not for the first time according to him!  There were a few queries about some of the answers but the quizmasters’ word is final so he told us!  Needless to say, a good night was had by all.

Day 2.

Sunday was Susan's birthday and to celebrate this she had the “birthday balloon” & a birthday cake, which she kindly shared with us all.
We headed off after breakfast minus Chick and Heather who needed to head home.  The weather had got better overnight but remained very misty so it was hoods down where possible.  Not something available to a Suzuki Swift but Marshall did offer the use of a tin opener – no thanks winter is coming!

Following the A819 up to Loch Awe, the A85 would take us to Oban for a refuelling stop before continuing onwards on the A816/B8025 for Crinan then lunch at the Cairnbaan Hotel on the canal itself. 

The cut off for the B8025 is easy to miss and 12 cars did!  However “tail end Suzzie” made it (just) and after some radio calls, I was somehow leading the run, albeit that I didn’t have anyone behind me as they were looking for a place to turn!  All back in convey mode, we turned right for Crinan itself, hoping to see some boats transit the locks but none were there.  A quick photo opportunity and stretch of the legs at Crinan, it was back into the cars and head east down to the Cairnbaan Hotel for lunch.

At the Crinan Canal

The sun had made an appearance and a lovely lunch in the conservatory was had.  Afterwards we ventured over to the locks & had a girls & guys photo at the lock gate.
Only thing left was to head for home on the last leg of the run, confined mainly to the main roads we would head back to Inverary & Cairndow before turning right for a wee planned detour on the B839 Loch Goil roads before rejoining at the Rest and Be Thankful.
Heading to Arrochar, we took in the Loch Long road fully this time before heading over Haul Rd for a 2nd time and the end of the run at Balloch, where farewells were said & everyone headed their separate ways.

We hope you all enjoyed the weekend away & thank you for making it memorable for all.

Report by: Marcia.

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Your Comments
6th Oct 2013 20:11 :: rosie and alan
we have had a fabulous weekend away and would like to thank the following.
well done marcia for organising such a great weekend. a big thanks to jim and maria for leading the run and being such great coordinators. and finally walter for being such a hilarious quizmaster

6th Oct 2013 20:35 :: Chic and heather
Thanks to Marcia for organising another enjoyable weekend - good roads, hotel and lunch venue . Apparently Marcia is going to thank Raymond personally for his part in the organising but thanks to Raymond anyway
Thanks also to Wattie for an entertaining quiz and ensuring his bestest buddy won !!
Happy birthday to Susan - hope you enjoyed sharing it with us all and of course thanks to Jim and Maria

6th Oct 2013 21:04 :: Carol & Evan
Great Weekend, Thanks to Marcia & Raymond for organising the run & venues.The run covered many of my favourite motorbike runs of yesteryear, and gave much enjoyment. Many thanks to jim &  maria for leading the run & to wattie for an entertaining quiz, and to everyone else for making this another great weekend.

7th Oct 2013 09:04 :: Susan
Thanks to everyone involved in organising a fantastic weekend from start to finish. Great roads, venues (don't mention the broth!) and entertainment. Special thanks for my cake and kind thoughts for my birthday. Couldn't have had a better one!

7th Oct 2013 10:31 :: Ali & Drew
We reiterate what everyone has said already - a marvellous weekend, - thanks all, you know who you are.
Wattie - have I spelled reiterate correctly? I\'m off now to get some venison loin, hope I can do it justice like the Loch Fyne hotel chef, yum yum.

7th Oct 2013 15:20 :: Gordon & Moira
Toatallie agrea wiv evrifink wot haz bean sed abuv, meny fanks two awl konserned. Special thanks to Wattie for asking spelling questions we could answer to secure a win for team bestest buddy(s)!a

7th Oct 2013 15:43 :: watttie97
Another super weekend with the club. Congratulations to Marcie and Raymond the run, lunch and hotel were great.Thanks to Jim and Maria for leading the run and thanks to all who took part in the quiz.Looking forward to next year for more of the same.
Wattie & Janet

7th Oct 2013 22:11 :: Ian and Irene
Great weekend, great runs, great accommodation and food, most of all great company.  Thanks to all.

7th Oct 2013 22:27 :: Marshall and heather
Superb runs down roads I've never travelled , well done to Marcia and the absent but not forgotten Raymond the hotel meal was the best I've ever had .laughed all weekend mostly at wattie as usual (yer just down right mad auld yin) great to catch up with you all, well done Jim and Maria , honest we never noticed you'd got us lost just added a mile or two to the run lol. And of course happy birthday to wee Susan another year older but not showing yer age ,see you all soon

7th Oct 2013 23:43 :: Jim and Maria
Well done Marcia and Raymond in not only organising your first run but also a weekend stay thrown in as well. Superb weekend and all the congratulations are deserved. Thanks also to Wattie for keeping us entertained all weekend and to everyone else who made it such a great two days.

8th Oct 2013 21:38 :: Margaret & David
Thanks to Marcia & Raymond great route and locations.  Thanks to Maria & Jim excellent leaders as usual and "best buddy" Wattie for the entertaining quiz. Great to meet everyone again, see you soon.

9th Oct 2013 21:07 :: Gavin
What can you add to what has been written already. This is what mx5 Scotland is all about. We loved it. Roads, food and above all, the company.
Let's get it all planned for next year. I will be at the planning meeting this time. Honest.

10th Oct 2013 18:54 :: Marcia & Raymond
Many thanks to Maria & Jim for their great job of stepping in & leading our run, we both really appreciated it. A special thanks to Janet & Wattie for their wonderful quiz, the highlight of the weekend & also for slowing down on the run so that I could keep up & not get lost.
Lastly a big thank you too all for going on our 1st ever run; it isn't just about the driving, there is also the social aspect to it & without you all there it would have been a quiet weekend.
Thank you all for making it a great weekend.

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