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The Lindisfarne Run
Sun 14th Jul 2013
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 11
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The Lindisfarne Run

Sunday 14th July 2013

Sunday 8am check time; Tent, Flag, BBQs, 2 seats, food and drink, cups, plates and cutlery, suntan cream and 5 litre of water to put out the BBQs, sorted.

At 9am we set off with the sun shining and roof down, I could hardly move as I was surrounded by equipment. [It is hard being an A.C.] We met up with our MX5 friends at Tesco Eskbank, where I was rescued and freed of bags in the passenger seat. After our usual greetings we welcomed Morag as it was her first run. We set off on a leisurely run down to the sand dunes of Lindisfarne Island where we stopped to display our Scottish Flags.  From a distance we could see that the car park was very busy, no need to worry as our Tyne Tees friends had arrived at 10am to set out the Rounders pitch and coned off a section for us to park. We even had our own car park attendant curtsy of a member of Tyne Tees who guided us to our designated section. [Loved the special treatment, thanks guys]

After a warm welcome from all our new and old Tyne Tees friends, we got to work at putting up the tent and lighting the BBQs. After we were all fed and watered it was time for the big match England V Scotland.

Everyone limbered up and had a few practice hits before the game began. One injury before the game, she landed on her wrist, I hope she is fine now. We all had such a great time cheering on everyone. Scotland finished with 6 rounds in the first half. Second half started with a few of our members struggling with shall I say men injuries [no names mentioned but you know who you are]. England got up to 6 rounds and the dogs were sent in as a deterrent [yes dogs, they wanted the balls to play with, it was hilarious watching Jim bowl as the dogs were at the feet of the batsman, Jim had to fool the dogs for the game to finish. England won by one round but it did not matter what the outcome was we all had a fantastic time.

England v Scotland

After the game we all sat together and had a good chat, some of the guys were drooling over Roberts car and the new one which was just bought a few days before and others went to explore the Island. After 4pm it was time to disassemble the tents and water the BBQs. After our goodbyes we all headed off the Island, for us it was to travel round some more fabulous Border roads. Unfortunately the Police stopped us and diverted us off route [discovered today that a motor cyclist had been killed our thoughts go out to his family] Well Tom Tom took over and we ended up going through a Hospital Car park but we finally were back on our route and safely arrived at Peebles. We said goodbye to some of our friends and the rest of us needed a cool drink. [soft drinks]

What a fantastic day. Thank you to everyone who joined us as competitors and cheer leaders, it was one of our longest days of the year but one of the best. We met some lovely friends from the south and hope that we meet up again soon. A big thanks goes to Dave from Tyne Tees and Jim for organising the event. Last but not least, thanks go to Ian, for organising the route.

Hope to see you all soon Maria.


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Your Comments
14th Jul 2013 21:33 :: alan
what a brilliant day, thanks to everyone who organised it.

14th Jul 2013 22:11 :: Ali & Drew
Thanks to -
Maria &Jim - for organising
Ian - for route
Tyne Tees  - for venue
And all who came along to make it a great day, pity Scotland lost yet another sport to the auld enemy. Still we are forever hopeful that one day we will overcome.

14th Jul 2013 22:27 :: Robert Craig
Thanks for a brilliant day, great fun and great roads. Cracking photo of car. See you all soon
Robert and craig

14th Jul 2013 23:15 :: Dave Land
Many thanks to all of you who made today so good. Hope you got home OK.
I didn't really mean to cheat, it's just that I missed to ball I was after, and just happened to have another im=n my hand at the time.
Wishing you all the best, and hope to see you all in the furure.

15th Jul 2013 08:07 :: Angus
Great day out.

15th Jul 2013 14:34 :: bill fisken
Many thanks to all for a great day.Morag and I are a little sore after the game of rounders,but wine and Ibuprofen seems to help. Already looking forward to next run.Bill and Morag

15th Jul 2013 16:50 :: Susan
Great company, fun and weather yesterday, only marred by the score lol Thanks to all who played their part in organising it.

15th Jul 2013 18:48 :: Jim and Maria
Thanks to our friends from Tyne Tees for reserving our spaces and setting up our area. Thanks to Ian for planning the route and all our members for making it another superb day out.

15th Jul 2013 20:27 :: Evan & Carol
Another great day out.Thanks to all who organised it.

15th Jul 2013 22:33 :: Marcia &Raymond
A big thanks to all who at a hand in organising this event and run. It was a great day out and the weather couldn't have been better. Never been there before so perhaps need to return someday and take in the sights! Will add my pics later in the week.

19th Jul 2013 21:25 :: Robert craig
Scotland the brave
Cheers Ian just found my new screen saver

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