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The Kagyu Samye Ling Run
Sun 21st Apr 2013
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 12
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The Kagyu Samye Ling Run

Sunday 21st April

In these modern times, with constant demands on our time and the fast paced way of life, those of us in the MX-5 club like to de-stress by zipping around our glorious country roads in our brilliant little cars. Always putting our members wellbeing first and to try and address these stressed, we thought we would slow the pace down a little and introduce some quiet tranquillity, calmness and meditation into this event. So where could we find such a thing? How about a Buddhist monastery, “yeh right in Scotland your halving a laugh” I hear you say. Well we found what we were looking for at Kagyu Samye Ling in the Scottish borders.

But first we had to get there. The weather report for the day showed heavy rain and perhaps some sunshine as 21 members in 12 cars assembled at the start point at Innerleithen. Undaunted by the weather we set off, a few of our hardy (or crazy) members even had the roofs open.

The first part of the run took us over to Mountbenger and Crosslee on the B709, we had planned to take B711 past Alemoor Reservoir unfortunately this road was closed. A quick look at the map and a diversion through Ettrickbridge and Ashkirk soon had us on the A7 south to Hawick where we managed to get back onto the original route. We then drove down the brilliant B6399 to Newcastleton on the English Border. After a quick toilet stop we were on our way again on the scenic single track road to Langholm. We then took the winding B709 past the Castle O’er Forest to Kagyu Samye Ling situated on the edge of the Ettrick Forrest Park.

Once the cars were all safely parked up we walked into the monastery complex. Welcoming you is Nagarjuna, a fantastic statue of the Buddhist master in the lake with a snake rising above it. There were prayer flags, prayer wheels, the cloutie tree and most impressive of all, the Tibetan temple. But in true MX-5 tradition before taking in all these marvellous spectacles we first headed to the Tibetan Tea Room for some well-earned sustenance.

Once our basic need for food was satisfied with tasty soup, toasties, cake and coffee etc. we went in search of the peace and tranquillity we had come for.

With the prayer wheels being spun (hopefully for the sun to come out) and chanting’s listened to it was time to head for home. The visit must have had some life changing effect as all that could be heard over the radios was “Mmm Sunday, Mmm Sunday, Mmm Sunday” I wonder what the chanting would have been if we had visited on a Saturday?

The last leg of the run took us north on the B709 to St Marys Loch. As there had been a collapse of the road at the Grey Mares Tail the section to Moffat was closed. This did mean that the normally busy A708 road was empty allowing us to have a bit of a blast before turning of onto the scenic Megget and Talla reservoir road.

After braving the elements on flooded and rutted roads the run finally ended at Lanark Loch. Yet other brilliant days driving on some of the very best roads Scotland has to offer. And we had the added bonus of enjoying it all with our now calm and tranquil club members.

Report By: Ian Ness


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Your Comments
21st Apr 2013 18:35 :: Jim Ford
A big thank you to Ian for organising this run. It was a great day out with superb roads and a very interesting lunch venue, think I will have to take Maria back. Maria says thank you to all the people who were asking after her.

21st Apr 2013 20:27 :: alan and rosie
Thanks to Ian for a great day. shame about the weather in the morning, but at least we got the hoods down after lunch.

22nd Apr 2013 06:38 :: Angus
Great day out on new roads

22nd Apr 2013 07:22 :: Richardn
Thanks to Ian for this one, made a nice change to get out with you all again. Hood down before and after lunch!!

22nd Apr 2013 08:45 :: Gavin
Good to see the B709 being used again. Top Gear used to use this road when they came up north. We used it on previous runs to the borders years ago. Not many members  left who will remember those runs.
Weather always used to be pretty drench around Eskdalemuir.

22nd Apr 2013 17:16 :: Evan & Carol
Many thanks to Ian for an interesting & enjoyable run. Suberb roads and countryside, slightly spoilt by rain in the morning.Nice to see Richard again.

23rd Apr 2013 15:03 :: wattie97
A big thanks and a well done to Ian for organising this day out.A great run on super roads and an interesting lunch venue.I still feel quite calm.
    Wattie & Janet.

23rd Apr 2013 19:28 :: Marcia & Raymond
Thanks to Iain for an interesting run & day out incorporating detours due to the road closures. Good comms highlighting the "road imperfections", hopefully all emerged unscathed.

24th Apr 2013 07:54 :: chic and heather
Enjoyable run on interesting roads - even the detour was scenic.  Unusual but peaceful lunch venue. Good to have Richard along again.
Thanks to ian for organising and keeping us warned of the potholes

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