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Max 5 Series
Sat 4th Jun 2005 to Sun 5th Jun 2005
organised by Central Scotland

Car Count : 17
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Saturday...Four cars met up at the Milk Bar including our new friends from the Forum:- Stella & Nigel and Andy, weather had been not too bad at this point and as we drove up to Knockhill we could see the black clouds over the Racetrack just waiting to burst. The Max 5 series was the race we were waiting for and thankfully weren't disappointed. Those Mx-5's sounded terrific as they set off round the track, even bunching together round the bends, which apart from the narrow bodied Legends is normally unheard of at Knockhill. By now that black cloud had decided to drop its contents and the commentator at this point could hardly contain himself with excitement as the battle for lead position was being fought out on a track now becoming greasier by the minute, then with only a few laps to go- mayhem, race leader lost control and was shunted by another two following cars, soon there were cars all over the place many suffering bodywork damage, everyone was thankfully ok as the red flag went up and the race finished.
Part of the day was spent talking to some of the drivers who were very friendly and pleased to see the owners club at the event, the rest of the time we watched the other races although a lot of heats were delayed and some even cancelled due to the torrential rain.

Sunday...A brighter start to the day as some of our keener members were trackside at 8.45 ready to watch the qualifying round of the Max Five series.
The others arrived in time to watch the main championship round at 1pm. What a difference from yesterday, this time the sky was overcast but the track was dry, although the kerb edges were pretty muddy where the grass had been churned up in the rain.
Once again the race itself was exciting stuff with a few spins and minor shunts, not quite as spectacular as Saturday's round but at the end of the day those drivers really impressed the Knockhill crowd, who were witnessing their first Mx-5 racing event in Scotland.
We stayed on and watched the other races and were most impressed by the Mini Cooper and XR2 events.
A good turnout from Central Scotland Members with 17 different Owners turning up over the two days, we now just have to hope that the Max 5 series returns to Knockhill and Scotland next year.

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Your Comments
4th Jun 2005 18:36 :: kevham
What a great race the MAX5 guys put on.  These guys are really competitive - it was by far the best race of  the Saturday (despite the red flag incident shown in my piccies!)

4th Jun 2005 20:42 :: MaX5 Webmaster
If anybody is going to Knockhill tomorrow.
Car 21 needs a new clutch plate to be able to race. We desperately need clutch for a 1600 19991-1999
If you can help could you please contact Alyn Robson on 07802 360477 phone or text

I\'m down in Yorkshire so I can\'t get one up there for the morning

4th Jun 2005 21:10 :: Graeme Babbs
Called Richard but he doesn't have one.

5th Jun 2005 09:14 :: robbie
All you 5 owners should get your wellies and waterproofs on and get to K/hill to see the Max-5 race today.
I am a season ticket holder and go to K/hill frequently. Yesterday's Max-5 race was one of the best and most exciting races I've seen for a long time.

5th Jun 2005 19:09 :: Stella & Nigel
Just come home after an exciting weekend's watching at Knockhill. The MAX5 race was very close and really good to watch.  Just a reminder Douglas, please could you send your pictures to for their website, as their photographer couldn't make it.  Thanks to everyone.

5th Jun 2005 21:32 :: kevham
Just posted some photos from Sunday's racing.  Again, very competitive stuff and the most entertaining race I saw (but I'm biased).  I might have to try and catch the MaX5 series later in the season down south.  Hope they come back next year!

5th Jun 2005 22:06 :: Gordon & Janice
What a fun day out that was. Sorry we didn't get down to the chicane to say hello, too busy watching the mayhem at the hairpin.

Tasty donuts too :-)

6th Jun 2005 21:51 :: Si
Brilliant photos guys!!  Disappointed I couldn't make it :-(

7th Jun 2005 20:31 :: andy g
thanks for saturday glad I met up with you all really looking forward to lindisfarne run on sunday if I want to join club how do I go about it

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