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End of Season Run
Sun 25th Nov 2012
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : Unknown
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Six brave souls and there passengers made the drive "ower the water" into the Fife car park at the end of Tay Bridge and very soon thon twa fifer's Kenny and Fiona were there too.
  The day was driech but, after a short natter we were of on our run through Fife on A then B roads avoiding the sometimes huge puddles ( so much for me washing the car LOL !!)
  We soon arrived at our eaterie "The Walk Inn" in East Wemyss as reccomened by the Kenny and Fiona.
  What a lovely wee place, premises were spotless, food great and staff very helpfull. We will return, as i will be adding it to our places to visit for a run again next year !!
When we came out Alex and I had the roofs down as it is easy for us with ours being electic !! others had hard tops fitted !!
We said our good byes to Kenny and Fiona as they are only 2 minutes drive home for them.
  As we left east Wemyss Gavin took the lead to take back to Dundee and despite a wee detour around Pitscottie where road closed due flooding we were soon back in Dundee where we all split up to go our seperate ways to our homes.
  A great day out had by all and many thanks from Jen and I to all who took the time and made the effort to come out in this dull and damp day.
  thanks again.
    Tom & Jen

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Your Comments
25th Nov 2012 21:48 :: Kenny & Fiona
HI Folks,
Thanks for making the effort, and coming out on a manky day.  Nice wee run, nice grub and good company too. It was great to meet you all and hope to see you again soon. 
regards Kenny & Fiona

25th Nov 2012 23:17 :: gavin
Cheers for the great company, me and Tracy had fun, nice meeting new faces,thats what its all about. didnt mind leading on way back i know Fife pretty well from a previous job.

26th Nov 2012 18:33 :: Alex
An enjoyable run despite the weather, although as Tom says, we did manage to get the tops down on the return journey. Nice to meet some new faces, hope you enjoyed the run and see you again on the "First run of the Season" next year. Good venue for lunch as well, I can foresee a return there on a future run. Didn't realise there were so many clarty roads in Fife, car was fair mockit when I got home ;)

26th Nov 2012 18:47 :: robert
me and Martha had a good first run in our mx5 although the weather was dreich .good to meet new faces too,nice eatery as well

Robert n Martha

26th Nov 2012 19:15 :: Peter & Denise
Thanks for the fun day out.....who cares about the rain when you are driving the best car some money can buy! Thanks to our lead cars we explored parts of Fife Peter had never seen before even though he's fae Fife. Lovely to meet some new folk too. Who needs to wait for summer! Get some winter tyres and pack the tent - Fiona reckons it's great fun camping in the snow........and We think she might be right. See you all soon.

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