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Autumn Leaves Run
Sun 21st Oct 2012
organised by Tayside Scotland

Car Count : 11
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Hi to all, it's that time of the year again, the wind is blowing, leaves are falling a perfect time for our third "Autumn Leaves Run"

This year i intend to take us in and around Fife on some A & B roads will have to talk with some of the locals to find a suitable place to stop for some refreshments en route.

This maybe the last run of the year (i hope not as last year we had later runs !!)

Hope to see lots of smiling happy faces and cars on the day.

Had a talk with Alex and we might head north and inland going, stop at Strathcathro service for a bite to eat and return via Montrose the back roads to Dundee.

Those attending can decide on the day. !!

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Your Comments
21st Oct 2012 17:15 :: Eddie and Joan
Thanks to Tom and Alex for arranging the weather. It was just magic going through the Angus countryside in the warm and golden autumn sunlight.

Good crack at the Stracathro stop. Started with around 6 tayslider cars and four grampian cars and another tayslider joined on the outskirts of Dundee.

Thanks again Tom and Alex

21st Oct 2012 18:54 :: Tom and Jen
Hi and many thanks who took the time to come to Dundee for our run out today. As Eddie has said what a cracking day, brill,reasoably quite B roads,in out tye sunshine,mud and water !! had to keep your eye on the road !
  Will post some photo's once i have sussed out how to download them from my new fone lol !!

21st Oct 2012 20:19 :: Alex
Another superb outing in very acceptable weather...not a bad record considering the summer we've had. As you say Eddie, good crack at Stracathro. Great to see some Grampian cousins join us for the run as well as John, Alec and also Gavin on his first trip. More of the same please...and yes Thomas, I'm still smiling,

21st Oct 2012 21:07 :: liathach
Great day out today. Thanks to Tom and Alex for organising.  Weather excellent - just hope it\'s as good next Sunday when we head for Fochabers.  Many thanks to David the painter for feeding the dogs in our absence!!!

22nd Oct 2012 00:18 :: JOHN
Splendid and saw many autumn leaves --good convoy control!!
Could organise another Angus one re railway history but probably best left to the spring now rather than another Angus run  soon---some discussion re insurance -SAGA IS GOOD FOR US 116-- fully comp husband/wife 5000mls per annum -worth a try if you are paying hundreds. 

22nd Oct 2012 08:36 :: WSBen
John, just got my latest insurance renewal for my MK3 MX5 from SAGA, been with them for the past 9 years with both cars, fully comp, never had a claim, full 60% protected NCB, 5000 miles per annum same as you...486!!!....I have been with SAGA since we bought our first MX5....We are with them no longer!! I changed to Aviva, fully comp, 7000 miles per annum full 60% NCB and various other things thrown in 127....

22nd Oct 2012 13:48 :: Steve Saunders
Hi All. I'm an ex MX-5 owner, traded in my sunlight silver mk2.5 for a new Focus ST 4 years ago. I was out on the bicycle on Sunday morning (up the back of Wellbank on my way to Glamis/Alyth) and was passed by 10+ mk3 MX-5's most of which had the top down, which was good to see. Brought back memories, and I wish I still had mine... Just wanted to say, nice looking motors and a big thank-you to all for giving me plenty room when you overtook, much appreciated.

22nd Oct 2012 15:53 :: Alex
Couldn't have been us then Steve...we're not that considerate ;) By the way, the credit for yesterday was all Toms', I just turned up for the run.

22nd Oct 2012 18:17 :: stuboy
Echoing the comments from my Grampian colleagues , a brill day out & cracking roads / weather , a great route planned ( but adapted on the day ), thanks again to Tom & crew for a great day

22nd Oct 2012 21:16 :: Peter & denise
Soooo sorry we couldn't make this- ourMX5 is still stuck off road.Should be able to get it out this weekend. Hope we can get some blue sky's in Nov' so we can come out and play!

23rd Oct 2012 00:46 :: gavin
Thanks for the warm welcome, enjoyed the run and the company. will be at some future events im sure.

23rd Oct 2012 13:41 :: Richard & Maureen (Grampian)
Tom & Alex plus Tay5liders on the run, big thanks for another great day out

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