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Hi-5s Together with Grampian!
Sun 28th Oct 2012 to Mon 29th Oct 2012
organised by Highland Scotland

Car Count : 6
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A really excellent day out!  Only two cars left Inverness and headed East - Doug and Muriel and Brian and Frankie.  We just missed a message from Shane which could have made it three - but never mind - next time!!

At Forres we met up with Wendy and Elspeth and Dave and Val - no time to hang about we were running slightly late.  Onwards to Hopeman with Dave leading the charge to pick up Philip and Sonya.  We only blocked the main street for a couple of minutes then off again to Lossie to rendezvous with the ALs.  We couldn't believe there were some nutters actually surfing in the North Sea in October. (Luckily they didn't spot the other bunch of nutters driving about in convertibles in the rain)!!

We arrived in Fochabers just minutes before our friends from Grampian and managed to park all six cars together in a row along one side of an empty area of the carpark.  Grampian arrived minutes later and lined up directly opposite us - oops, didn't look too good a start!!  Fortunately within seconds of meeting in the middle of the carpark there was laughter ringing out!!  Off for the pancakes!! (3 in 9 mins - who's kidding who?!?!)  Even one single one couldn't be finished in a lot more than 9 minutes!!!

After a sortie through the various shops it was back into the cars and off along the North-East coastline.  Our first stop - literally, but not scheduled - was at Portgordon.  Obviously a GPS glitch!!

We drove on through a rather dull day with an ever heavy sky, passing all these wonderful sounding places along the coast, Buckie, Findochty, Portnockie, Cullen and Portsoy, before pulling into the Harbour Carpark at Whitehills.  It was great to be greeted by the harbour-master who on spotting the approaching hoarde of 5s grabbed his IPad and started filming us as we parked up.  Have you ever seen a NE harbour-master resplendent in his wellies and oilskins filming with an IPad!  Classic!!

There were another couple of nutters carrying a mast through the carpark - they had been out sailing in this miserable weather!  The lead chap, an older guy complete with pony-tail suggested to his mate, on seeing 13 5s with their tops down, "now that's not just madness, that's a cry for help"!!

One of the other lads came over and told us all about his mate who had a Jasper Conran SE for sale at the other end of the village, Frankie wouldn't let me get his number!?!?

We said our goodbyes after having decided that as several of us had never visited this part of the world before that the next stop should be at Pennan, the location of the 1980s film Local Hero. The road down into the village was something else.  A very tight and twisty single track heading virtually straight down a cliff.  (A house on the hairpin was very aptly named "The Bend")!  We parked up in an, almost, straight line at the carpark at the far end of the village - one single line of houses tightly hugging the narrow shoreline below the foreboding dark red sandstone cliffs.  A really beautiful, if somewhat eerie location.  A walk along to the other end of the village , the harbour and a photo of the world famous telephone box and it was back to the cars and our farewells to our (new) friends and neighbours from Grampian.

(Just as we were about to leave, a bright yellow Porsche, which everyone had admired at the other end of the village, drove up to where we were parked.  Out jumped the lady owner and dragged a black bin bag out of the car to deposit in the communal wheelie bins which were stored beside us.  Now that's Pennan class)!

Grampian, the chippie experts of the universe, recommended the Chipper in Cullen as a good place to stop on the way back home.  We arrived there at 1630, a bit early normally for dinner but as the clocks had only been put back the night before our body clocks were telling us it was time for fish and chips - the beautiful aroma probably helped!  The young lad that served us suggested we might like the tables re-arranging so we could all sit together.  We thought this was an excellent idea as we settled in to a fine fish supper and a review of another brilliant day out.

By the time we left the cafe it was already dark so we decided that we would all make our own way home.  We said our goodbyes and looked forward to the next HI-5s day out together.

Safe and fun motoring.

Frankie & Brian - Now that's FAB!!

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Your Comments
28th Oct 2012 21:59 :: IanH
Great to meet you guys, glad you made the Cullen MX-5 chip association...

Nice pics, particularly like the single car with the hotel roof and the sea in the background!

Looking forward to the next meet up!

28th Oct 2012 23:11 :: Phil and Sonya
We had a great day out even if it was a bit damp.
Looking forward to the next outing.


29th Oct 2012 11:06 :: Douglas & Muriel
Batter and banter, rain - what rain?
Great day out, thanks everyone.
The pony tail of Whitehills was Marc Ellington, local eccentric and success story. Try Google. :-o

29th Oct 2012 11:21 :: Wendy Haywood
Had a fantastic day really good fun, when the Grampian MX5\'s arrived thought it was going to be custers last stand but really agreat bunch hope we can all meet up again soon 

29th Oct 2012 11:41 :: liathach
Ah, Marc Ellington.  I thought the face was familiar.  Many years ago, we were with a group which had a private showing around his home, Towie Barclay Castle near Fyvie.

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